Chris Difford's 1999 U.S.Tour Notes 

The following entries were written during the 1999 What's Wrong With This Picture? tour of the US. While Glenn and the band toured the US, Chris remained home. Here are his thoughts as his comrades made their way around America.


    The tour dates arrived the same day the band played in San Francisco, I looked through the pages and my mouth began to water, it all seemed like a juicy fruit. I imagined the stage and the back stage, the climb on to the bus, the warm faces and the long drives, my passion was returning, at least on paper.

    Here at home my studio is busy with a band recording an album, The Catherine Wheel are loud and very serious about what they do, it's hard to raise a smile from them. They are in my garden and in the studio for the next three months and the invasion is edged with responsibility, the studio is running well and they seem to be happy with what they are recording.

    I turn the pages again and find the chaps are in LA, Glenn calls me on the phone and we chat for 20 minutes about things, and it was great to hear from him. I did an interview with a LA newspaper, a strange feeling talking about a tour you're not on, it went well and I was happy to share my thoughts with the world in LA. The reports of the show over the internet are that things are going well and as per usual Glenn is giving 100% at every show, I take my hat and underpants off at him, he is a natural performer with 100% talent, the people who come to see the show can feel very lucky to see him in such fine form.

    It's Monday night and I'm in Sheffield doing a Radio 2 show with Jools, it's crusty and brassy, it's very Jools. Back stage the horn players tune up around the deli trays, Paul Carrack shows up to sing a song, the back stage is a busy place like a market square. I leap on stage for Cool For Cats and then return to London in my car. My head is filled with touring thoughts and why am I doing this for everyone else but not for me. Where is ME in all of this. It's all worth thinking about.

    Over the other side of the pond and the chaps are now in Las Vegas. How warm it must be there right now, as I look out over a frosty green lawn littered with kids toys.

    I collected my emails from people kind enough to say that they miss me on the tour, 38 of them today, it's nice to read all that stuff. Squeeze is a little community of very nice people who care about good music and us the members of the band, what could be better than that.

    Tuesday and I'm in London singing on a record for Graham Gouldman, a song we wrote together three years ago. The studio is above the railway track where 40 people died today on their way into London, the blue sky and crisp air could never reflect the sadness around the streets of the studio. I then drove over to Blackheath to meet Marti Pellow. We talked managers, record companies, songs and cars. We are working on some songs for his solo album and it's going to be great when it comes out next year.

    I see on the date sheet and today it's Denver, and I imagine the weather to be like it is here today, its crispy, cold and very bright, a positive kind of day when much can be done. I remember this gig as the last time I played there the place was jumping and we did so many encores it was just an amazing night, I still have the live DAT somewhere in my drawer. The heating is back on in the house after being off all through the summer, it's back to long socks and jumpers. Having said that the sun is beaming down on us, so, I get on the mower to finish up the garden and the Wheel in the studio send over the tape op to tell me it's too loud can I please stop cutting the grass.

    Pissed off I come in doors for some tea. Bloody rock bands.

    From here on for the rest of the tour I glanced from time to time at the date sheet, I could see in my minds eye where the chaps were, what was going on. It is time to hibernate the love I have for this band I love. I have nothing but deep love and respect for Glenn and the chaps for completing this marathon tour of America.  So until the next time...

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