Other Squeeze Sites

    Squeezenet : Looking for that elusive Squeeze release? This site, maintained by David Golden, is devoted to helping people hook up to complete their collections, with more diverse Squeeze content to come.

    Squeeze Discography : An excellent new site detailing Squeeze's multiple releases, with cover art and other information, as well as a trading section. It's still under construction, but an excellent resource nonetheless!

    Squeeze Albums : A fan's guide to Squeeze's LPs, with track listings, trivia, and track by track commentary. An excellent endeavour. 

Communicate with other Squeeze fans
    Poundsqueeze: Find out how to join fellow Squeeze fans for the Thursday night chat on IRC, including handy information on accessing IRC and fun features above and beyond the call of duty.
Sites for/by Individual Squeeze members : The official website for Glenn's solo career.

    Unofficial Glenn Tilbrook Site : A wealth of sound & video clips, news and biographical info!

    Helioscentric Studio Site : Chris Difford's recording studio. 

    The Jools Groovy Web Pages: The latest news, tour dates, and more for Jools Holland, the flamboyant former member of Squeeze. 

    Pete Thomas: The official website of Squeeze's SFP drummer and former Attraction, one of the greatest drummers in the business! : The latest news and a comprehensive discography of the former Squeeze keyboardist/vocalist Paul Carrack, with photos, lyrics, chords, links and more! 

Squeeze Live Concerts Some Squeeze Content : Kristi Myers maintains an excellent personal webpage that features a lot of great Squeeze content.

    Thomas M. Boynes' Music Page: Lots of Squeeze photos, information and links to related bands from this longtime fan, airport stalker, and genuinely nice guy. 

    Elisa Jensen's Squeeze Page : Elisa creates lots of Squeeze-related artwork, and has a nice archive of Squeeze pics from which she selects on a regular basis for use on her site. 

    Adam DeVile's Web : Features several Squeeze photos and the world's first ever (I believe) Squeeze Screen Saver! 

    His House, Her Homepage : Creative Squeeze site with a ranking of singles, commentary, and other features. Can't wait for the feature on Difford vocals! 

    Aidan Pedreschi's Squeeze Page : Aidan's page is loaded with photos of the band old and new. He also plans to go out and take photos of the places whose names we all know so well from Chris' lyrics. Stay tuned! 

    Teletext : Featuring a late-1998 interview with Glenn about the future of Squeeze. 

    13 Talk : Featuring a 1998 interview with Glenn about the new band. 

    Chat with Chris and Glenn : A transcript of a 1996 online chat with Difford & Tilbrook. 

    Ireland Online Interview with Glenn : From March 1999. 

    MTV Unplugged : A section detailing Chris and Glenn's 1989 appearance - the very first artists to appear on this very influential programme. Features a video clip from the show and reveals the incredible, before-unknown fact that Syd Straw wrote Squeeze's great song "Messed Around"! Huh? 

    Squeeze Desktop Theme : Customize your desktop with a variety of Squeeze images and sounds. 

    Rolling Stone Network : Their Squeeze page. There are numerous factual inaccuracies, but this is made up for by a wealth of video and audio clips, and a discography that allows you to rate the albums. 

    Virgin Radio's "The Zoo" : Features a Liquid Audio clip of Chris and Glenn performing "Take Me I'm Yours".

    Chris Difford : One woman's tribute to her favourite Squeeze member. 

    Duets For One : Chris' lyrics for the 1993 Elton John track. 

    Early 80s Song of the Week : "Black Coffee" earned the honour one week, and you can read the write-up about it here. Also worth noting is that Squeeze makes the list of  "80s Bands That Didn't Suck". 

Related Artists
    Nick Harper : The official site for the talented guitarist/singer/songwriter who is becoming more and more involved in things Squeeze. 
    Elvis Costello : one of the net's greatest music sites. Everything you ever wanted to know about the one-time Squeeze producer, a brilliant singer/songwriter too! Some Squeeze content, but you have to scour for it (hint: start with the "related artists" page). 

    Del Amitri : The official site for this fabulous Scottish band. We finally have a reason to put this link here because not only do we think they're damn fabulous, but they have a drummer in common with Squeeze! 

Related Links
    Charlton Athletic : The website of Chris and Glenn's favourite football team, for whom they wrote and recorded the single "Down in the Valley". 

    Fano Guitars : a small company creating quality guitars who recently made one for Chris Difford.

Places to Buy Squeeze
    Thoughtscape provided excellent service to many fans looking for Six of One, be sure and check them out first! 

    Order Squeeze directly from CD Universe. 

    Order Squeeze directly from CDNOW. 

    IMVS: Online UK retailer of CDs, videos, and other media. They have a fair amount of Squeeze materials.

    Townsend Records : an independent UK chain of record stores. Domino was their selection of the month in December 1999.

    Vinyl Links: Looking for a rare Squeeze LP? Try these links. 

    BAT Mail Order : Offers many hard-to-find Squeeze singles, CDs and other items. By all means check it out! 

    Vinyl Vendors : Offering numerous out-of-print Squeeze delights. 

For Our Friends In Foreign Lands... In a Class by Themselves...
    Squeeze MIDI Factory : a selection of MIDI versions of your favourite Squeeze tunes. Not a large selection at the moment, but it looks like it's growing. 

    Ultimate Band List : the premiere music search engine on the net. Find the best, most useful sites for all of your favourites! 

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