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Norfolk, VA, The Boathouse, October 26th

From Kenny Eldredge:

I caught 2 toothbrushes, Glenn was on a local radio station and mentioned he had a rather large collection of them.  During "Tempted" about 100 of them flew onto the stage.  Not used of course.  I got Glenn's autograph as I was walking to the concession area.  He was standing at the back of the Boathouse watching Nick Harper and I walked by and did a double take and asked him if he would sign my concert ticket.  Which he did.  Attendance was sparse, only about 300 people.  However, Glenn took the opportunity to invite everyone outside during his 2 song acoustic set.  It was about 60 degrees, not too bad at all.  Chris Holland seemed bored, maybe the attendance had something to do with it.  Ash and Hilaire were very enthusiastic as was Glenn.  At times Glenn would get to talking very fast and lose me though I've heard him speak on occasion.  He asked the crowd once if we could understand him.  This was the second time I had seen them, this was definitely the best.

Playlist  (which I was given by the crew)


From Steve Guion:

The Boathouse show was fantastic!  Glenn's acoustic set outdoors was a first for me.....never seen anyone do something so bold and unplanned.  He should have taken me up on my request and played And Your Bird Can Sing....oh well.

Chris was definitely missed.....no Cool For Cats, Slaughtered......Love Circles, etc.  The new band is awesome.

Seeing as Norfolk is certainly no hotbed of rock n roll activity, I feel fortunate to have seen Squeeze so many times at the Boathouse.....not sure what the appeal is for you guys, but thank goodness you almost always seem to play here.

I am a Squeeze fanatic!  I have every cd and cd single (at least what I can find in the import bins...can't always find every single around these parts).  Last two cds I purchased as overpriced imports only to have the cheap domestic release come out a year later....oh well.......I would pay $100+ for any one of your future releases.....you two are genius songwriters that make pure pop heaven music.

Chris, you have to tour, man.  Hope all is well with you health-wise.

Glenn, your solos are amazing.  Most think Clapton is god when it comes to guitar...and he is incredible......but you are the guitar-god to me.....your solos just amaze me.....the one handed solo on In the Morning was a site to see.

Play on.............

From Ellen Kleiman:

 -- The band as a whole is incredibly musically proficient, very tight, and well able to read Glenn Tilbrook's cues, which I suspect can vary considerably.  The solos were all great.  The piano prelude 'Tempted' was so grandiose that I knew what had to follow, but it was a nice bit of musical humor.

 -- Glenn Tilbrook himself is a one-man show, appears to know it, and still manages to have an extremely likeable performance persona.  He's just very charismatic, with amusing banter that really engages the crowd.  I particularly enjoyed it as he took the entire crowd outdoors to do a couple of songs in a truly 'unplugged' manner.  I was amazed at his ability to effectively project his voice into the damp night air, and our time outside by the water was truly the highlight of the evening.  His ability to lead the audience into temporary chaos -- sending 200 or 250 people outdoors for a sing-along -- and to bring them back into order so quickly was an example his good rapport with the crowd.  I suspect that some of this is due to the nature of the Squeeze audience:  usually over thirty, a good mix of professionals and blue collar types, mostly full-fledged adults.

 -- The venue, which I had never visited before and probably never will again, was not really adequate to a band of Squeeze's caliber.  More people might have come out for a show in a better facility, maybe one with chairs!  Most people stood because there were no chairs near the stage area.

 -- All the songs were top-notch, very fun.  'Domino' is a little bit funky, a little bit blues-y, but very Squeeze.  I like it a lot.

My only complaint, but it is a huge one, is that the volume was just really too high.  It was almost bearable at the very beginning of the set, and it was just inhumane during the last sixty percent of the show.  I saw people trying to cover their ears.  I wore ear plugs all night long, because I'm a little fussy about my ears, and it was still too loud for me.  Apart from the offense of the volume itself, THE MUSIC WAS DISTORTED, AND THAT IS THE REAL LOSS, in my opinion.

I came away from the concert delighted with our twenty minutes outside, and mourning the fact that I didn't get as much pleasure as I could have from the music the entire band played.  I felt like the musical sensibilities of the evening got sacrificed to the gods of Big Bass.

Thanks for listening.  I'm still very, very pro-Squeeze, and I hope to hear the group at a better facility the next time. 

From Will Harris:

 Despite an undeniably pitiful audience turn-out, the Squeeze concert at the Boathouse was easily one of the stronger area performances by any band this year.

 Currently touring behind their latest album, Domino, Squeeze have no delusions about the majority of those who attend their concerts. Like every band, they have their diehard fans, but, in the long run, they know it's their best-of, Singles - 45s and Under, that brings in the majority of the concertgoers.

 Neither set of fans left disappointed.

Of Singles' 12 songs, 9 were played live...and of the remaining three tracks, 2 of them were obviously left out due to their vocalist (or co-vocalist, as on "Slap & Tickle"), Chris Difford, retiring from touring with the band. The band also delved into less commercially-heralded portions of their discography, playing "Melody Motel" (from Frank) and "This Summer" (Ridiculous).

 It's ironic that what will likely prove to be the coolest Hampton Roads concert moment of 1999 only occurred because of the low attendance. Tilbrook sent the rest of the band offstage, then he suggested that, due to the intimacy of the evening (i.e. the venue only being about 1/3 full), perhaps things should be moved outside for a few songs. And with that, Tilbrook strolled out, armed only with acoustic guitar. There was a brief flurry of concern from the beer garden when it was realized that alcoholic beverages weren't permitted to be taken outside, so Tilbrook gave them a moment to quaff their drinks, then everyone followed along. Choosing songs which easily gave themselves to audience participation, Glenn performed solo acoustic renditions of "Goodbye Girl" and the more obscure "Piccadilly," from East Side Story before returing to the stage with the rest of the band.

 The absence of guitarist/vocalist/lyricist Difford was never forgotten; not that the very tight current incarnation of Squeeze didn't fill his shoes handily, but, rather, Glenn Tilbrook wouldn't allow Chris to be forgotten. His non-presence was mentioned almost immediately, and, when the band's introductions were made toward the end of the evening, Tilbrook asked that the audience pay homage to the currently-at-home-in-his-bed-and sleeping Chris Difford.

 They gladly did.

 Closing the night with "Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)," Squeeze sent the small but faithful crowd home with memories to last a lifetime.

Atlanta, GA, Variety Playhouse, October 27th
From Marc DeSandre:
I attended the October 27th Squeeze show at my old place of employ, The Variety Playhouse, in Atlanta's Little Five Points with a drummer friend who is only marginally familiar with some of the "hits".  Well, add another fan to the roster - my friend didn't stop talking about what a great unit the band is, and how strong Glenn's voice was the whole ride home... not to mention the great songs.

We fans all agree that a Squeeze show is more of an event (dare I say "interactive" event?) than a concert, so, instead of a blow-by-blow, I'll just highlight a few notable moments. 

Glenn seemed particularly happy and bubbly, looking very youthful in a baby blue suit, with a 4 button jacket (gold buttons - an ongoing gag) and an orange patterned shirt.  During "Randy Newman" the stage power cut out and the amps, PA, lights, etc. went dead.  Glenn not phased, ran back quickly to grab an acoustic guitar to continue the fun "unplugged".  No need however - as soon as he got to the front of the stage, the power was back. So, he ran back to grab his black tele, and picked up "Randy Newman" at the chorus where they left off (the lights continued to flicker on and off the rest of the song). Most "artists" would have been pissed - these guys just laughed it off.

A little later, Glenn sent the rest of the band offstage, and grabbed his acoustic for the Pied Piper portion of the show.  He led us all out into the chilly night through a side door and into the back parking lot, back to a community recycling area, climbed atop a rather large dumpster, and had a sing-a-long to "Goodbye Girl" and "Piccadilly".

When we went back inside, the floor area stayed packed through the end of an incredibly entertaining show. 

Orlando, FL, Pleasure Island, October 28th
From Jason Peverett:

It's been around ten years since I saw Squeeze in concert at Sea World here in Orlando (and once before in Oxford) and I couldn't wait. I was lucky to go as my wife is due any time and I was afraid knowing my luck she would go into labor the night of the show.

Nick Harper came on first which was a big surprise as PI never has opening acts. He did a great acoustic set with a kick ass version of Guitar Man (the Elvis song). Then at 8 sharp Squeeze hit the stage. Glenn was very funny the whole set and had the audience in the palm of his hand (a very hard thing to do at PI). They opened with Is That Love and after a few songs with the band Glenn performed solo. PI has a large movie screen behind the stage that shows the band for the people at the back of PI. Most performers ignore it, but not Glenn. He got Morgan, the camera girl, to act with him like he was pissed at the camera. During If I Didn't Love You Glenn even sat behind the drums and played! 

PI always has two sets, one at 8 and one at 10, so I was wondering were we gonna see the same show twice? No siree! The second set was kick ass from Another Nail In My Heart all the way to Slap and Tickle! He didn't mess around and joke as much, just played one hit after another.

If I could of chose one song for them to play it would've been Some Fantastic Place, but instead Glenn did a solo performance of Piccadilly. It was weird not seeing Chris there, but Nick Harper sat in on a few songs where they needed a second guitarist.

My only wish is that I could see them at Ft. Launderdale and they release  another live CD!

May Squeeze live forever!

From Susan McCue:

Set 1
After an 11 year hiatus, Squeeze returns to Florida! I had been looking forward to this tour since it was announced for 2 reasons. Of course for Squeeze, as I hadn't seen them in several years and secondly it afforded me the opportunity to see my family. What a better combo could one want?

First, to explain a bit about Pleasure Island for those that have never been there. It is an additional outdoors Disney park that is "party themed". There are several housed dance clubs, jello shots sold in the streets of the park, and New Years is celebrated with pyrotechnics and dancing every night. At the end of the main street is a stage with a wide screen TV behind it. Many groups have performed here over the years and when they perform, there are always 2 shows. One at 8:00 and one at 10:00.
I arrived just to catch the end of Nick Harper's set. Cozying in a few minutes later, the lights went back up and there they were in all their glory without adieu jumping into Is That Love. It was deja vu for me seeing these guys again. Same sounds, same riffs. I could of closed my eyes and been anywhere in the world. Unfortunately this first set was rather ill attended, but did not daunt the lads at all. Glenn was wearing a medium grey suit with a light grey shirt. It was a treat to see his locks blowing in the cool Florida breeze. Of course, there was the obligatory explanation for Mr. Diffords' absence, and kudos to him from far away. After several numbers, it was time for Glenn's acoustic set. He gave the audience the choice of A, Glenn getting down off the stage and doing a walk about down the streets of Pleasure Island singing, or B staying where he is and doing requests. The crowd unfortunately chose B. During his acoustic set, Glenn chose to play Wine Spolley Oley, Picadilly (by request) and If I Didn't Love You. Glenn was so into this part of the set. You could really see how he was enjoying himself. Kind of in his own private Idaho and constantly yapping. During Picadilly, Glenn requested audience (albeit poor) participation and throughout the set, kept trying to feel comfortable with his rock star pose. (foot on the monitor) If I Didn't Love You saw Glenn mugging (not to be confused with mum) for the camera girl that was projecting the images on the wide screen in back. He asked her to do close ups with a back & forward and left to right action. (ala Cool For Cats video) Near the end of the song, Glenn promptly jumped up on the drum set and played the skins and guitar at the very same time. Truly priceless. The next song,(Glenn's new venture) I Won't See You was particularly nice especially with the steel guitar. Halfway through the song, the rest of the band returned. No more ad-libbing. The rest of the set was pure Squeeze.

Set 2

I had the pleasure this time of catching Nick Harper's full set. What amazing, passionate guitar skills. Not more than one verse into his first song, saw him break his first string. He continued without missing a lick, even after breaking a second string just before the end of that first song. During his set, noticeable was Glenn on the sidelines snapping away pictures of Nick.

Squeeze came out in full form, and thankfully for this second set, the crowd had quadrupled in size. Glenn was in the same suit but with a dark blue shirt. The band played on, song after another with the set list pretty much being the same as the previous tour gigs. though, there was no SFP and added was Christopher's Boogy Woogy Country Girl. Boom, boom, boom, one song going into the next. Noticeably gone were Mr. Diffords' vocals. Especially since these new lads didn't do much back-up at all. Of curious interest was Hilaire, who during both sets did not take his eyes off of his bass. He never made eye contact with any band member nor the audience. It was as if he was in "the zone" all alone with his marvelous sounds. During the extended version of Take Me I'm Yours, shenanigans began to start again, seeing Glenn intentionally continually untuning his guitar to heighten the sound for the audience. This song also prompted Glenn to play the keyboards momentarily and then for him & Christopher to do a walk about on the stage, even going up to the second level of the stage (where the dancers usually go-go) and hang out over the railing sans instruments while Hilaire was doing a bang up solo. Unfortunately,Glenn & Christopher took their antics a bit far and Glenn missed his intro at the end of Hilaire's solo. This prompted smiles from Glenn & Chris, but Hilaire didn't miss a beat. Still not looking anywhere on the stage with his eyes fixed down on his instrument, he continued in a professional manner with his own made up notes. Eventually, Glenn & Christopher came down to finish up the song. They finished up the set to cheers from a booming crowd wanting more. The lads came back for only a one song encore, Slap & Tickle. I presume this was an intentional short encore as they were running overtime and their equipment had to be removed from the stage way before midnight to prepare the stage for the dancers for their New Years celebration.

What a fantastic show in all. Making it even more enjoyable was meeting fellow Squeeze listers Jo & Susan from Scotland and other Squeezesters. After the show, I expressed my admiration of the Wichita Lineman song to Glenn, when I saw this curious look on his face. (no, I do not stalk Canadian radio stations) I quickly explained that I had heard it on the internet and he seemed a bit more relaxed and pleased. Off into the night the lads went to celebrate New Years with the other revelers.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, The Chili Pepper, October 31st
From Paul Slingbaum:

Just returned from the last gig of the current Squeeze tour at the Chili Pepper in Ft.Lauderdale Florida, Halloween night. Whew! Obviously happy to be getting home and loose as a goose they were unbelievable, especially since I'm not sure they EVER played here before. Having seen them many times in the past in New York, Philly and New Jersey, I was well aware of just how good they were live and the new line-up, except for missing Chris Difford, does not disappoint. Opening act Nick Harper was fun and interesting playing his unique solo acoustic style and was joined by Glenn for several impromptu duets before the main event.  Even the  DJ from the local radio sponsor had to comment that she'd been waiting for this for 20 years, meaning I guess Squeeze playing the South Florida wasteland.  I was having too much fun to keep track of the actual set order but some highlights were a new song Glenn has been working on solo called Interviewing Randy Newman, a marathon Slap & Tickle featuring the cool bass solo by Hilaire, a dead stop, Chris H.singing a version of the oldie Let The Good Times Roll, starting again, a costumed promenade across the stage by a feather caped & masked Nick Harper and 2 teeny-angels plucked from the crowd of Halloween revelers, and a duet drum solo featuring Nick Harper and Ash and more.  Super was a totally faithful acoustic solo rendition of If I Didn't Love You I'd Hate You by Glenn as the first encore wearing a Prince Valiant Wig. Other high points, Messed Around, Goodbye Girl (as always), and the crowd pleasers from ArgyBargy.  Boys, if you read this PLEASE don't skip South Florida again, as you could tell from the enthusiastic response, we missed you!

From Susan McCue:

The lads had 2 days off between gigs. A first for this tour. Being the last U.S. gig before heading back over the pond, the lads had some R 'n R for those 2 days in South Beach. Thinking to myself, what will this show bring, I am wrecked with nervousness. But, Chili Peppers? This dance club usually see's the likes of grunge type bands as their mosh pit attests to (also making it difficult to see the band over the monitors). The tension mounts as we are treated to Nick Harper's guitar strumming. After only one delightful song, Glenn joins in with his guitar in a pull over
shirt for 2 numbers. Nick really had the crowd's attention. So much, that he played on overly long set. He kept looking at his watch and saying "oh, just one more". His encore song of Titties and Beer had the crowd applauding for more. To our surprise, on the last 2 chords, Glenn jumps out on the stage in his polka dot shirt and grabs his guitar and Ash jumps behind the drum set and they both join Nick for a very loud and long last chord. How amazing and utterly Glenn. This kind of eased my angst and answered my previous pondering of what this show would bring. You better watch out, here comes a tornado....

Ten minutes later, there the guys were, all ready to satisfy our angst. The first time in awhile that I haven't seen Glenn without a suit on. Just grey pants and the same bright blue shirt from Orlando. Hilaire & Christopher though, looked particularly snappy. Hilaire being decked out in a dark brown suit with an olive green shirt and Christopher in a light grey 3 piece suit with a black shirt and dark wide striped tie. After seeing this and hearing the first verse of Is That Love, I knew this was going to be the show of all shows. And how right I was! This was pure Squeeze, with one song after another. No acoustic set, no requests, just Squeeze all the way. Except for the missing bass vocals you wouldn't know there was a different line-up than 20 years ago. The set-list was pretty much the same as previous gigs except for the inclusion of SFP. And how appropriate. Tonight, this indeed was Some Fantastic Place!!!

Nothing goes better with a Squeeze show than Halloween. a time change, 2 days off with R 'n R and supposedly the last US gig ever. The crowd was overly into the show and some of the items ending up on stage were: a wig, a feather boa, toothbrushes, a novel, song requests, panties, Halloween candy and a fake stick of dynamite. Though the guys were as tight as ever, that didn't exclude them from some Halloween antics. Glenn wearing a long wig for one of his songs, then Christopher wearing it giving the peace sign during his Let The Good Times Roll solo. Also, at one point, Nick Harper scared the dickens out of the band as he casually strolled across the stage wearing a bird mask with 4 foot plumes coming out of his head!!! Everyone was "up". Hilaire was smiling and really enjoying the entire show. Both him and all the other guys did back-up vocals on all the songs. It was as if nothing was wrong with this picture. Unfortunately, there was the typical "drunk guy" insisting
on hearing Brown Eyed Girl, but it seemed comical considering all the antics and being Halloween. Other Squeeze highlights was Glenn's one handed guitar playing (simply unprecedented) and also his subliminal message on I Won't See You as he changed the lyrics to "and now Squeeze is over". Once these guys took the stage, they never let go of it until they had left the crowd frenzied. The mix was set proper for the venue with no one instrument over powering the other. Glenn had played rhythm and lead at the same time. This was the quintessential show.

However, an encore of 3 songs and giving final kudos to all of the "behind the scenes people" during the tour sadly brought this house down, and wanting even more. But it was over.

My personal kudos to fellow Squeezesters Eric & Brian and to Debbie the merchandise girl. I had the privilege of meeting and speaking to her during the sets. What a refreshingly nice person. After the show backstage, me not wanting to be in the limelight, I was sitting over to the side while there was a small crowd around Nick Harper. Debbie grabbed my hand asking if I had met Nick yet and pulled me up. While with her other hand, grabbed Nick out of the small crowd and properly introduced me to him. What a nice thing to do. Nick was very congenial and I told him how much I enjoyed seeing him pulling every note out of his guitar. I also noted that I believed that this was the first time on the tour that he hadn't broken a string. He remarked how he hadn't noticed, but how right I was. All the lads were exceptionally congenial. I was fortunate enough to receive one of Ash's drum sticks and asked him to sign it for me. I remarked how he didn't appear to be tanned considering 2 days on the beach. He replied to me that if I saw his bum, I would see how tanned he really is. Thank you for that info, Ash....... 

this show literally took me a few days to not only recuperate from, but to digest it. So much has happened since my 1st Squeeze show in 1978 at Hurrahs in NY. In retrospect: at this gig, a Squeezester called his brother on his cell phone during the show so he could hear Messed around live.- We are fortunate to have a no less than marvelous squeezefan web site to inform us of all upcoming gigs.-Also, thanks to the computer, we have a list server so we can all receive the latest Squeeze info, as well as #squeeze to chat about our musical interests with other Squeezester, etc.-We can also order CDs from the internet and thanks to VCRs, can view some previous Squeeze moments.-And how sweet is it to have the capability of making CDs or cassettes to relive our Squeeze memories?

One handed guitar playing, solo Pub tours, and the uniqueness that only Squeeze can afford to give their fans is what will bring them into the millennium. It will only keep getting better.....

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