North American Dates 1999
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Plainview, NY, The Vanderbilt, October 21st

From Michelle Heaney:

Boston/October 20  and  Plainview, NY/October 21 

Oh, my, what can I say?  Warning: These reviews will not contain much substance.  Got NO sleep the nights of these shows.  At all.  But it was worth it, absolutely no doubt. 

Okay, the Avalon show was excellent.  Packed, 1700 people.  It was very nice to meet Steve Strange (Steve and Dan--thanks for coming to the Adventures in Rock press party before the show.)  Glenn wore a dark brown velvet suit with a purple short-sleeved button down shirt underneath, and black boots.  Highlight of evening was when Karen and I requested "The Truth" ..."for all those ex-husbands out there" which Glenn actually said aloud and seemed to get a kick out of, and "Piccadilly."  I had not heard either of those two songs yet on this tour, but he actually played them that night!  Fantastic! 

The Vanderbilt in Plainview was a great place as well, once we finally  did arrive after it took us 4 hours to get there from Manhattan!  (Hi,  Ann!  Thanks for driving my car--we never would have gotten there if I were driving!)  We loved the Queens-Midtown tunnel so much, we went through it twice.  After missing it the first time and sitting on the FDR drive in practically stopped traffic and finally taking the Triboro and getting on the LI Expy East, we decided it might be fun to suddenly start traveling west, soon finding tall buildings approaching us.  Is this Manhattan again?  Here comes the Queens-Midtown tunnel we were fervently searching for 2 hours ago, but heading back into Manhattan! Okay, lets turn around and spend yet another $3.50 to get on the LIE once again.  That's when Ann took over and got us there in time!  The show was terrific; the encore went on forever.  I can't remember what Glenn was wearing--suddenly everything is a blur to me.  Afterwards was awesome, everyone was getting quite squiffy and this is were I must end the review.  I would not be considered a very nice person if I spilled the beans regarding some of the early morning antics.  Unbelievable.   Thanks to everyone for an incredible evening.  Sorry I couldn't make the Trump Marina show,  thanks so much to all involved for the invite, great meeting you Sukie, need to get a little sleep and gear up for a blast at the Irving Plaza show!  Review to come Monday! 

From Chuck:

Sorry for the delay but I wanted to provide a few snippets about the October 21 Plainview, NY show.  This was my only time to see the band on this tour.  My primary observation was that everyone (Squeeze, Nick Harper, Julia Darling's band) was having such a great time at the show. 

In the middle of Julia Darling's set Ash took over the job of Julia's drummer (Giovanni?) without her knowing (she discovered it with a surprised smile midway through a song).  The antics continued with Glenn coming on stage and playing an extra set of keyboards for half a song.  During the Squeeze set, Giovanni? retuned the favor, taking over Ash's drums (to Glenn's surprise).  And for the night's final song (I think it was Pulling Mussels) Giovanni played a mock bass guitar to complement Hillaire.  From my front row spot I could see lots of off-stage laughter.  I think the good time the bands were having got the energy of the crowd up.

I can't recall the setlist fully, but was impressed by Glenn's unique acoustic set (If I Didn't Love You, Slap and Tickle, Maidstone).  I never imagined I'd hear Slap and Tickle as a solo performance and it was a treat.  It was my first time hearing Maidstone and that was great. I will agree with many reviewers in that I enjoyed Glenn's new songs (Interviewing Randy, ...), and it gives me great hope for the future.

All in all I think it was a great show.  There was a large crowd, that enjoyed the whole show (old and new songs alike).  One toothbrush made it to the stage for Tempted.

Being my first time seeing Nick Harper and Julia Darling, I was impressed. Nick has a great voice and guitar.  It took me a while to warm up to Julia, but those with an open mind could find a unique voice and some very high energy, tightly done songs.

I did not meet any one-listers, but had the pleasure of meeting several long time fans (including one woman who owns an early 80's NY state car license plate with the label "SQUEEZE1", which she prominently displayed). Squeeze fans are a great group.

From Judy Baker McCleery:

If this show was the last time Glenn Tilbrook and Company will visit Long Island billed as Squeeze, then it certainly was a great finale!  The crowd was not just polite-not always a given on Long Island-but downright amiable, and the band certainly appeared to appreciate it.  It was a full room of people standing everywhere-no seats-but there was plenty of room to dance if one felt the urge-and who doesn't at a Squeeze show?

Before Squeeze took the stage, the audience was treated to a great set by Nick Harper, who played so passionately near the end of his set that he popped one of his guitar strings.  Next was Julia Darling's set.  She is certainly a cute one, with probably a nice voice, but the band was overplaying her vocals so badly, that it was seldom easy to hear her, let alone understand the words.  The highlight of her set was a surprise visit by Ash on the drums and Glenn at the keyboards.  This was a first for this Squeezefan, who in more than 15 years of Squeeze concerts had never the opportunity to see Mr. Tilbrook tickle the ivories.  Also, a bright little guitar lick near the end of the set was courtesy of Mr. Tilbrook as well.

When Squeeze took the stage, Glenn was very nicely dressed, for you fashion police out there, in a silver suit with a black silk shirt.  Very stylish, by Mr. Tilbrook's standards, who has always seemed more at ease in a pair of jeans a T-shirt and Nikes.  The sneakers remained, however, but I remember jokingly remarking to my friends that his outfit nicely matched his black telecaster.

The band opened with a rousing version of Another Nail (see full set list below).  In the early set, we also heard Glenn's new Interviewing Randy Newman.  A great tune, which sounded like it belonged on East Side Story. If this is a harbinger of things to come, bring it on!  Tunes from Domino, which this tour is supporting, were interspersed throughout the entire show, which kept those in the audience who didn't yet know the new stuff from losing interest.  In all, there were four tracks from Domino, including In the Morning, Little King, Without You Here, and Domino.

Tempted, usually saved for an encore, came in the first set, and this fan was the only one who had the courage to show a toothbrush.  It caught Glenn's eye. 

Glenn moved to a solo acoustic set fairly early, taking requests from the audience, even one of my own (If I Didn't Love You).  We also were treated to Maidstone, which sounded even more ethereal in this live setting.  And who thought Slap and Tickle could sound so good in acoustic?

In the Morning sounded like it was made for a live performance, and although Black Coffee came much earlier than usual, the sing a long it always sparks helped move the crowd to the next level for the high energy finale.  Although Third Rail was on the set list, the band skipped it, so Some Fantastic Place was not represented at all.  However, hearing so many of the classics made up for whatever was lost.  And, through it all, Glenn showed his musical genius, and his outstanding abilities with a guitar.  He even used a bottle of Heineken as a slide.  His solos included a left-handed only hammer/pull lick proved why Squeeze music continues to rock.

Things moved into overdrive with Goodbye Girl and Another Nail for My Heart.  At some point, Chris Holland showed that his talents at the piano are hereditary, playing boogie woogie that sounded just like a Jools solo. And, Ash Soan actually had a drum solo-another first at a Squeeze show. Hilaire Penda played the bass like he was an original member of the band, and he looked very pleased to be doing so.  It was at this time that Glenn called on us all to send our good vibes across the pond to Chris Difford, who, according to Glenn, was at home asleep.  Earlier Glenn gave a brief explanation for Chris's absence, saying that he didn't like to tour.  But he didn't launch into the sordid details, as had been reported at other shows. Glenn also left open the question of the band's future.

The show ended with a four song set, after the band stepped off the stage for a minute or two to catch their breath, that included Footprints, Hourglass, Take Me I'm Yours, and finally, Pulling Mussels. 

The show ended with a crowd screaming for a humbled and appreciative Mr. Tilbrook, who looked almost embarrassed at the adulation.  According to the program, this tour is being billed as "What's Wrong With this Picture." Obviously, there was a hole on the stage where Mr. Difford usually stands. But, it is the music, no matter who plays it, that generates the excitement.  Play On!

Set List 

Is that Love
This Summer
Interviewing Randy 
Without You here
- - - 
Glenn's Acoustic Set (Audience Requests)
(If I Didn't Love You)
(Slap & Tickles)
- - -
I Won't See You
Messed Around
Third Rail (not played, but on list)
- - -
Take Me

Atlantic City, NJ, Trump Marina, October 22nd
From Ray Dalessandro:

Friday night and another fine performance by Glenn and company. I arrived with squeezefan list in hand hoping to meet as many as I could. A friend of mine came along with me who I thought would turn into a Squeeze fan.  He went nuts over Nick Harper (is buying his cd) but almost nodded off on Squeeze!!!  Go figure...well, half a loaf is better than none.  As for me, I've heard so much about Nick the last few years but this is the first time I saw him perform.  He's a rhythm maniac on guitar and has an enormous lung capacity!  He was quite good with the audience and finessed his way through a broken string replacement. 

Squeeze took the stage and did almost two dozen songs.  Everything sounded great to me!  Though I usually don't take notes at these events,  this time I tried to list the songs (see below).  The band had some help on a few songs: Nick on guitar, John on steel guitar, and Samuel Adams helped with the guitar solo on Glenn's acoustic version of "If I Didn't Love You".  Glenn started the "let's leave the room" thing again...you know, the "Pied Piper" act we've heard about from other shows...but I think he knew damn well it wasn't feasible because the beverage servers were running bar tabs on some of the tables and leaving would be theft of service.  In a scene reminiscent of 1981 or 82 someone tossed a toothbrush onto the foot of the stage during "Tempted", clearly not aiming to hit anyone with it.  That person was promptly escorted off by a security officer.  But happily I hear she was allowed to return.  Another first for me was the invitation to get up on the stage and dance around...ain't that a kick! This took place during "Footprints-Hourglass-Take Me I'm Yours". 

After the show, the meet & greet session took place outside the front doors of the venue.  Finally I was able to identify those on our list. Bruce MacQueen was there with his wife and two little daughters.  Glenn bent down for a photo of his face between the faces of these two adorable kids!  Bruce was nice enough to arrange a photo of me with Glenn.  I also got to meet Gary & Carolyn, Michelle Kinnimon, Joy, Drew, Kristi, & Dave.  In case you don't recognize the names, Joy & Drew both say they are ever present list members in "lurk" mode.  Dave was luckily able to get Glenn to record a fabulous radio station ID spot into an audio recorder.

All of the above mentioned people told me it was my duty to go home and quickly do this report saying nice things about them...ok I'll admit that even without that prompting I can truly say that everyone was great!  All told, I had a very fun night and so did a lot of others! 

Song list: Is That Love / This Summer / Domino / Interviewing Randy Newman / Tempted / To Be A Dad / Without You Here / If I Didn't Love You (acoustic-Glenn) / Slap & Tickle (acoustic-Glenn) / I Won't See You / Messed Around / Melody Motel / In The Morning / Up The Junction / Black Coffee In Bed / Little King / Goodbye Girl (fur coat-Gurnsey) / Another Nail In My Heart!!! (my favorite!) / Footprints / Hourglass / Take Me I'm Yours / Christopher Holland's Song / Pulling Mussels (From The Shell)

I shook Glenn's hand after the show but when I got home my guitar playing didn't improve. 

From Marie Dallam:

It was odd seeing Squeeze in the Trump Marina Shell, which is a sprawling cushy lounge, and as a friend of mine said, "Is where has-beens play." But as always, Squeeze proved that sentiment wrong, playing a really terrific show! I regret that I did not jot down the setlist. 

For me, highlights included excellent grooves on: "Messed Around," "Domino," "To Be a Dad," and "Goodbye Girl." Disappointing was that early on Glenn assured a requester he would play "Some Fantastic Place," but never did. Another song worth mentioning was Nick Harper's "Three Magpies," which made me decide I would buy my first Nick Harper cd. 

One table of classic rowdy folks, right up front, made an ongoing spectacle of themselves. One of the women started taking flash pictures despite announcements prior to the show prohibiting it. That was Security's first visit to the table; the second was when, upon hearing the opening lines of "Tempted," another woman threw a toothbrush and toothpaste onstage, the former of which hit the strings of Glenn's guitar. Her intentions weren't bad but clearly she was clueless about how frightening it can be to have things fly at you in the dark from offstage! Glenn's energy on that song was lacking, probably just from the shock. 

In lieu of "going out for a walk," as Glenn suggested he would like to do (but couldn't since tabs were running at the tables), he invited us up onstage to dance. About fifty people ran up for a few songs. Hilaire was popular with two or three women who danced up, down, and all around him; of course Glenn was surrounded. It was a hysterically funny part of the show, as people really let loose and just acted goofy. It was great! The best was when a guy walked up with his camera, put his face right next to Glenn's, and snapped a shot. 

Ultimately, although the venue was strange and of course Chris was missed, the show was energetic and they sounded fabulous. I'm already looking forward to their next tour!

From Bruce MacQueen:

I very fortunately made the drive from D.C. to A.C. and saw the band last night only to hear afterwards that the D.C. show was proabably, & then definitely was off. 

To the band though, I have to say what great fellows they are... all of them. I took my 9 & 10 year old daughters (at their request) and they very graciously chatted and posed for the obligatory pictures afterwards. It was a fantastic evening... even if my daughters now think that professional groupie might be a viable career choice! I'll have to have that nut Gary Leeson and his wife give them a talking to! On second

From John P. Goushian:

Great show. I took 3 people who only heard a few songs and a fourth who never heard anything. Nick Harper was excelent. Glenn's energy blew me away compared to last years show at the Keswick. Maybe because I was closer this time, not as close as when I saw them in 93 of course. Hilare's bass solo was superb. Before melody Motel, I thought Christopher was going into Dr. Jazz with the intro. The best part of the night: Glenn's introductions and his intro of Chris Difford who's "turning in his sleep about all the people who are thinking about him now". The slide guitar on the mic stand/sam adams was neat also. And finally I saw one of the security guard supervisors from where I work. Jim, if you're reading, hello. I also only lost $15(only played $20).

From Rachael Clarke:

I went to the Squeeze concert Friday October 23 ,1999 at the Trump Marina, and it was better then the year before. Im only 18 , and my dad has been listening to them since I was little and I love them. People were looking at me and my cousin funny because we were young and we were screaming whenever they would stop playing. My dad says that he's suprised we still have our voices.  When they invited us on the stage to dance I had to drag my cousin up there because she was scared  everyone would be watching us so when it got crowded I said no-one will see us we'll go stand behind Chris the key board player and thats what we did. (She likes Chris ) We danced behind him for about 3 songs and then I noticed that Ashley the drummer was smiling at me so me and Cindy ( my cousin) went and danced next to Ash.  He was smiling, and at me.  He's such a babe!!! I had a really good time at the concert and so did my cousin, she never heard them before but she wants to go with us next year. I can't wait.

From Kristi Myers:

What's RIGHT with This Picture - A Magical Night of Squeeze in Atlantic City

It was roughly 4:30pm when we pulled into this mecca for pop culture gone horribly wrong.  Atlantic City beckoned us with its extravagant architecture and shameless advertising and I wondered for a moment if I'd made a wrong turn somewhere.  The location seemed at odds with the show I had driven 200 miles to see.  We made our way to the Trump Marina and quickly realized that our presence substantially lowered the average age for hotel guests.  My second impression was of the steady and disturbing din of slot machines - it began to seem as though I'd crossed over into an alternate reality.  This surreal environment set the tone for what would prove to be an incredible evening.

After many hours of breathless anticipation, we were seated (in the front row) and the beloved Nick Harper took the stage.  I have admired him for a number of years, and, truth be told, I was looking forward to his set as much as I was to Squeeze's performance.  Nick was incredible as ever, although he played a disappointingly short set.  Of course, I would have been content to watch him all night.  I am always in awe of Nick's style and talent - he literally tortures wonderful sounds from his battered and well-loved guitar.  In fact, he managed to break a string just a few notes into his third song.

Those who know me have heard the story of my first meeting with Nick 2 years ago, during which he gave an impromptu performance of my favorite Nick song, Three Magpies.  I summoned the nerve to toss a note (hastily scribbled on a napkin) onto the stage Friday, asking for that very song again.  Imagine my excitement when he launched into a new, and quite incredible version of Three Magpies!  At that moment I could have gone home happy.

But I didn't have to, because Squeeze were poised to take the stage.

This was, in my opinion, the most exciting and satisfying Squeeze show I have ever seen.  The energy level was off the scale, and Glenn was the consumate showman.  The between-song banter had me thanking God for the experience, and Glenn was so engaging and animated I could have died right then with no regrets.

The set list, (in no particular order and reconstructed after only 3 hours of sleep, was as follows:

Little King, In the Morning, To be a Dad, Domino, What's Wrong., Without You Here, Black Coffee, Tempted, Randy Newman, 2(?) new Glenn songs, a Chris Holland song, Take Me I'm Yours, Another Nail, Pulling Mussels, Melody Motel, This Summer, Footprints, Hourglass, Goodbye Girl, Slap and Tickle, If I Didn't Love You, Annie, Up the Junction, Is that Love, Messed Around.

Personality aside, the band was amazing.  Musically, they were tight and in top form.  From Chris H's awe-inspiring keyboard/piano to Hilaire's wonderfully articulated bass playing to Ash's tasteful percussion work, each song stood out as better than the last.  I was truly taken by Chris' many keyboard solos - at one point I actually cried.  (To be honest, I cried many times during the show, but at least once, it was
because of Chris.)  I simply cannot find the words to do him justice, so I will not try.  All I can say is, unless you've heard, you cannot imagine.  I appreciated how often he was given the opportunity to shine, and I look forward to his promised solo recording.

Now Glenn - it is no secret that I admire his work and have actually learned the guitar through playing Squeeze songs.  During the last year, I have developed a new appreciation for Glenn's songwriting talent as I have struggled for hours on end to master his complex split chords and impossible bar chord combinations.  (For the record, I still have a long way to go, but the journey is a pleasant one.)  I watched this performance through new eyes and with a deeper respect for Glenn's guitar prowess.  When he played a one-handed solo on the neck of his guitar, I decided he should be elevated to the status of "God"  (a distinction heretofore reserved for the likes of Brian May of Queen and Nick Harper).

I never cease to be amazed by how the band seems to reinvent its songs during live shows.  Just when you think you've heard "Tempted," for example, in every possible way, you rediscover its beauty.  Squeeze's songs take on new life when played live, and the Friday show was no exception.  The band tore through every song I could have hoped for, and, just when I was sure that they would end the show, they kept right on going.  When they ended with Pulling Mussels, I came quite close to exploding from excitement.  Fortunately, I managed to contain myself, out of respect for the other concertgoers who's evening would have been ruined by my combustion.

During the acoustic portion of the performance, Glenn played Slap and Tickle, If I Didn't Love You and Annie Get Your Gun, all of which were wonderful.  Glenn brought up the Pied Piper idea, but decided against it because so many of us were running bar tabs.  Although I was disappointed that we didn't get to walk the casino with the Man of the Hour, he certainly made up for it with a great performance.  Most notable (and, for Glenn, the part of the show that should be quickly forgotten) was his attempt at slide guitar.  After first attempting to use the mic stand, Glenn switched to a (nearly full) beer bottle.  This experiment clearly did not go as planned, and he quickly moved on. 

As with the other shows, the band played some of Glenn's new solo pieces.  I loved the charming and funny "Interviewing Randy Newman."  There was another new piece that blew me away - I can't remember the name, but I will look forward to the day when it shows up on a recording so I can listen to it over and over and over.  The new songs were Glenn at his best, and I am certain that his solo record will be a welcome effort.

During the encore, Glenn invited the audience up to the stage to dance.  Some drunken and very disgusting women notwithstanding, this was a neat thing to watch.  Glenn seemed to be having the best time, and the energy level of the audience peaked at a frenzy.  At that moment, I could have died happy and fulfilled.  Fortunately, however, that was not necessary.  Many onelisters made it onstage, including Ray, Drew, Joy, Michelle, Carolyn and Gary Leeson.  Always ready with the camera, Gary sought out some great shots of the onstage action and managed to bluff his way nicely past one of the venue's "guards."  My big regret of the evening is that I did not join them all onstage.  Ah, hindsight.

The aftershow was wonderful, as well.  The boys came out for the obligatory signings and photos and were sweet and accommodating as ever.  I was able to get photos with all of them, so I will have some great new additions to my personal Squeeze shrine (kidding).  I am always thrilled by the attention Squeeze pays to its fans.  Even though they were (necessarily) in a hurry to load the bus and head to NYC, the guys didn't leave until each and every one of us had our turn to gush and get autographs.  As I have said before, the band probably doesn't even remember most of us from one night to the next, but they really go out of their way to make us all feel special and appreciated so that we can go home with a cherished memory.

Finally, the true highlight of the evening (for me).  As I have mentioned, I am a big admirer of the gifted Nick Harper.  Some of you have heard the story of how seeing a Nick performance 2 years ago actually inspired me to learn the guitar and even attempt to write my own songs.  The experience of playing has been one of the greatest of my life, and I credit Nick with being the reason.  He figured in the one seminal event that made it all happen for me, and I have always wanted to thank him.  After the show, Nick came over and talked to me, having recognized me from the earlier napkin incident.  I was finally able to thank him for his influence.  He looked truly touched and said "No one has ever said that to me before."  He then gave me a hug and smiled.  I honestly believe that hearing my story mattered to him, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to finally let him know how important his work has been to me.  A perfect period to mark the end of a magical night.

My review would be incomplete without a mention of how great it was to meet the aforementioned onelisters, Michelle, Joy, Drew, Ray, Carolyn and Gary.  Having read so many vivid concert reviews and sports commentaries from the infamous Gary Leeson, it was almost as though I knew him already.  My experience was only enhanced by the opportunity for aftershow partying with these kind and fun fellow fans.  I don't think I have stayed up so late since my early college days 10 years ago.  My award for fan(aticism) and stamina goes to Gary and Carolyn for their marathon 10 hour drive from Toronto (in the rain, no less).  Second place, of course, goes to the Buffalo contingent (Michelle, Drew and Joy) who capped their Squeeze tour experience with an 8 hour ride from Buffalo.  My (Domino tour) hat is off to you guys.  Thanks for a wonderful evening!  Oh, and it is always a treat to see Debs (Abrakedebra) - she is such a lovely person.

Oh, and I had my film developed immediately upon my return to York, PA.  The pictures came out looking wonderful.  Many thanks to Drew and Gary for doing the honors.  Please get in touch with me so that I can send you scanned copies.

I will forever be grateful that I made that last-minute decision to make the NJ trek.  Since tonight's DC show is not happening, I am quite fortunate that I was able to see the Friday show.  With the many hundreds of onelisters as my witnesses, I hereby commit to taking a vacation and doing EVERY SHOW POSSIBLE when Glenn makes his promised return to the States next Spring.  With each performance, I only love Squeeze more.  Thanks, guys.  You are the best.

Many thanks to the band and the list for making the evening special.

Check out Kristi's homepage, with photos from the post-show AC festivites.

From Gary Leeson:

By the Skin of our Teeth:

Due to work commitments, plus having the Honda Squeezemobile serviced in the morning, we didn't get to leave Toronto until 1.25pm. With 600 miles to go and only 8 hours 35 minutes to showtime what would be the panic anyways? Why do time zones only work across the country and not down it? Why are there absolutely zilch roadsigns to AC in the Philadelphia spaghetti road system (even though it's only 40 miles away)? These were some of the questions I was asking myself as we 'booted it' thru New York and Pennsylvania. To make matters worse, a couple of hours before we reached Philly, the heavens decided to open up. If it was 'pea soup' on the way to the Chicago show, well it was 'cats 'n dogs' on the way to AC. I'll spare some of the other horror stories, suffice to say that at 10.20pm we screeched into the Trump Marina parking lot.

Donald's Place:

What a difference a week makes. Exactly 7 days earlier we were at the grotty old 'Guvernment' in beautiful Toronto. This particular night however we were at the glitzy and glamorous Trump Marina in grotty old Atlantic City. 

From the parking lot, we 'legged it' into the building. Flashing lights, fountains, chandeliers, bells, bellhops, whistles, you name it; seemed like money was dripping from the ceilings. Not the sort of everyday place you expect to see a Squeeze show. I was a bit surprised with the 'Shell' itself. For some reason I expected it to be a sort of dome building all on it's own. Instead, it's a dinner theatre type room buried within the casino complex. Out of breath, and dying for a drink, we are ushered to the 'Buffalo' table - big group hug ensued :) So somehow, we had arrived for the start of a superb night and just in the 'nick' of time for Mr. Harper's last song!

Squeeze Come up Trumps:

I'm not sure how they do it, but it seems that you could see Squeeze every night and feel that you were watching a brand new show each time. The mixing of the setlist from night to night, the acoustic requests, Glenn's antics, etc, etc., just keeps everything fresh, interesting and entertaining. The AC show was no exception (that sounds like a contradiction in terms but it's not!). Although the set-up of the 'Shell' did not particularly help (the fact that everyone was seated / boxed-in around tables, the fact that Trump militia were ready to pounce on anyone showing signs of having a good time, the fact that there were a couple of potential rowdies in the audience, and so on), the guys just went about their business of playing great music.

Some of the highlights and plain old funny moments for me were -

once again hearing the 2 new songs (I think Glenn slowed 'Randy Newman' down a bit so we could actually decipher some of the words),

another different acoustic set (pity we didn't get to go 'walkies' with Glenn though),

the rather keen (dare I say exhibitionist) girl at the next table to us, who danced like an Egyptian all night in front of Glenn, bombarded him with toothbrush and full tube of toothpaste, promptly got ejected and just as promptly managed to wangle her way back in!!

the English guy behind me who kept yelling English slang at Glenn (I hope he didn't think it was me!) and

the pitch invasion of course.

I think in order to make up for the fact that everyone was confined to their allotted chair, plus the fact that we didn't get the chance to have a sing-a-long-a-Squeeze in the casino, Glenn decides to invite us all up on stage. Now I don't know if it's just pure luck or what, but at last years Northampton Derngate show he does the same for the first time on that tour and I think this was the first time on this tour. Both times I've been up there like a shot (so to speak), camera not far behind!!

On the subject of photographs, this tour has certainly had it's moments. What with some venues not allowing photography, through to camera not working, through to taking shots with no film in!!!, through to getting on stage with only a stupid 100 ASA film, I really have no idea what the results will be like. At the Trump Marina, I could not believe the about turn that the place did. At the beginning of the show, somebody with the 'egyptian' party took a photo and was very lucky to see the rest of the show. When we got on stage, all bets were off; cameras were back in vogue. I think the militia were still stunned with the fact that half of the audience were now *not* in the audience. Also the fact that Glenn and co. were posing for our shots certainly helped. One guy did tap me on the shoulder (at which time I thought I'd kopped it), but it was only to say I had to pay my bar tab - I think he may have thought I was going to do a runner backstage!!)

Say Cheese:

After a great show, what better thing to do than hang around (especially when you've got nowhere else to go) and chat to such a superb bunch of guys and gals, band members and ever-friendly Squeeze fans, take some photo's and just be thankful you heard Squeeze on Radio One, 21 years earlier.

As always, it was a pleasure meeting for the first time other onelisters Ray and Bruce (+ family). Can't forget Kristi (and brother Dave) who we partied with until 5am.

Squeezefan Slumber Party:

So when all was said and done, it was off to the 17th floor of the Trumpdom to catch a few winks of sleep before we had to check out and say goodbye to our other travelling buddies, Drew, Joy and Michele. We'll have to do it again sometime - how about it Squeeze?

From John Shimkonis:

This was may first Squeeze "roadtrip" as usually the band stops in Philly somewhere. I must start by saying I have been a fan for years and have been at every show they performed in Philly including the acoustic Chris and Glenn show at the TLA on South Street. I normally attend all Squeeze shows with my other "squeeze-head" friend Mark Waterman. (NOTE: He was the guy who held my camera up and snapped the picture of Glenn as we were all leaving the stage. I have the picture it turned out quite good, I'll see if I can get it scanned and posted for all to see.) Even though I have been a fan for years, it is just recently that I have begun getting more involved as a fan, for example I have just joined the Onelisters, and I am writing this review, Anyway now the review...

We were seated in row one right against the stage - what would have been Glenn's immediate right. The show began with Nick Harper strumming quite magically, so magically in fact he broke a string which afforded him some casual banter with the audience, that I though was great. Nick's set was quite good however it seemed abbreviated, but knowing the band was next - overall it was ok.

Squeeze took the stage to great anticipation and applause. and started right into the set. I was able to obtain a set list after the show, but I forgot to bring it to work with me today and that's where I typing this from. So others set lists will have to suffice. The band sounded great, and the new songs from Domino I though were particularly well done. It is the second time I heard "to be a dad" live and it was much better this time around, as I suppose they have been playing it regularly. It was also the first time I had heard "Interview with Randy Newman" first, it was not what I expected it to be, for some reason I thought it would have been a slower tempo, but it was a great song and now I need to hear it more often so I can "dissect" it like I do with my normal Squeeze lyrics.

I was hoping, after reading the reviews from Connecticut, that Glenn would offer us the option of leaving with him for a mobile show some where in the casino, he was unable to do it because of the bar tabs some were running. Glenn had a great line when he said that we couldn't leave because of the bar tabs since some people with the tabs might figure once outside "they've heard Tempted, got a buzz and now could go home." After walking through the casino after the show, I tried to figure out where we would have gone. The thought of Glenn and 200 - 300 of his closest friends listening to him play along with the blur and noise of the slot machines in the background, might have been distracting or just an absolute unbelievable experience. The performance in exchange was great, including Glenn's "steel guitar" antics which included the use of the Mic stand and a bottle of Sam Adams beer. It turned out his fingers worked just fine. I thought it showed the showmanship of Glenn. I got the impression that he truly cares about his and the band's performance and that anything sub-par is not good enough for his audience.

The band returned to the stage and with some guest appearances form Nick Harper on guitar and a steel guitar player, whom Glenn said we would be getting to know much better in the future. I wonder if he meant this show or if he would be included in future solo work with Glenn and the band. Glenn did say that the current band would be part of some of this future recording efforts. The addition of the steel guitar added a nice dimension to the music I thought.

The highlight of the night for me was being invited up on stage with the band. As soon as he mentioned it I Jumped up on my chair and was ON THE STAGE WITH SQUEEZE!!!!! I don't know if I can convey in words the feeling of being on stage, shoulder to shoulder with Glenn Tilbrook while he performed. It was the most memorable concert and music event in my life. Every Squeeze concert I've been to always leaves me with a special memory. Talking on the ride home we wondered what else could possibly top the Squeeze experience we just had. How much "closer" or intimate could it ever get? It may be impossible, but I'll be there to find out, and of course let you all know.  Once on the stage, I realized I had brought my camera with me as it was in my back pocket, loaded and ready to go. I brought it for post-show photos with the band. I was a bit reluctant at first to have a flash go off as I thought security would take it from me. So I waited through the first song and figured what the heck... I had been on stage with Squeeze for a song, if I got kicked off now it wouldn't be so bad. I snapped the first picture. and waited... NO security thug grabbing me or my camera. That was it. I took 22 pictures. Close ups of Glenn, Chris and Ash playing. Unbelievable pictures of everyone. I handed my camera to Mark and another guy on stage and they got shots of me with Glenn and Ash that turned out great! I also took the time to experience the moment, I wanted to know what it was like standing on a stage as a great band playing in front of people, dancing, singing and having fun. And after all this was not just any band it was my favorite band in the world. It was an experience I'll never forget (I have the pictures to prove it.) During one of the songs I looked at Ash and showed him the camera and asked if I could take his picture. He smiled and shook his head yes, not missing a beat. The picture is perfect!  I spent a good deal of time moving between Glenn and Ash, being a drummer myself it was extra special to me to watch Ash play right in front of me. As Glenn asked everyone to leave the stage, I asked Ash for a drum stick, to which he obliged and shook my hand. It was right about this time my friend Mark stuck his face next to Glenn's and took that picture I mentioned previously. Back in our seats exhausted from what just happened I sat back and enjoyed the encores.

After the show we hung out in front of the Shell, and I bought a really cool Domino baseball hat. The band came out and was very cordial, and accommodating. I got a shot of Ash and myself which will be prominently framed next to the drum stick and set list I got after the show from the roadie. I did not get to see Glenn, as he must have come out later after the rest of the guys left and I thought gone. I did give Ash a cigar which he appreciated and I saw a picture on Kristi's web site that has him smoking it later that night. In exchange Ash signed the set list and drew a little drum with two sticks over it, another "keeper" 

Sorry if I rambled on here but this is the only place I know of that it could be appreciated. I would also rally like to thank the band, you guys were incredible, and very personal it is incredible to me to have that kind of access to my favorite band. I'll be there for what ever comes in the future, and I look forward to getting to know you other fans out there, you can reach me via One list. I'll try and get the pictures sent in later.

From Mary in Old Bridge, New Jersey:

I saw Squeeze Friday night at Trump Marina in Atlantic City New Jersey.

They were great, but that empty microphone looked so sad without Chris there. Everyone seemed really relaxed and into the show. Seeing them in a small place like this makes the show more personable, kinda like they are playing just for you.  It's so much easier to hear and understand when Glenn talks, he is actually a very funny guy along with being a great singer and musician. Squeeze played for 2 hours which was great, I am used to seeing a show that's only about 1-1/2  hours, so I was very excited. The only part that was kinda crazy was when the fans got on stage to dance. It was like a zoo, the band  members were really great considering what went on up there. They are very brave. Shame on those people who touch them when they are playing and stand in front of them and take their instruments and try to play and also for the ones who try to sing into the microphone. Most of all shame on the girl who 
threw the toothbrush up at Glenn when he sang Tempted, it hit his hand while he was playing the song. She should have been thrown out for that behavior.

What can I say, you guys are great and look forward to seeing you many more times. Hopefully with Chris Difford too. We miss him. Hilaire you are so  cool. Chris you look so much like Jools. You should have sang one of his songs. 

Thanks again.

New York City, Irving Plaza, October 23rd
From Tim Dunleavy:

Had a great time at Irving Plaza on Saturday, October 22. Didn't meet any Onelisters, but I did have a good time with a very enthusiastic, very talkative woman named Michelle and her husband-- they made the show even more nutty!

Nick Harper and Julia Darling were excellent. Nick broke a string on his very first song; then later when he came out to play along with Squeeze, the same thing happened on his very first song! Michelle got an autograph from Julia, and told her that she sounded a little like the 60s singer Melanie-- Julia replied "Yes, several people have told me that" but didn't appear insulted.

It was your standard, hyper, sweaty Squeeze club show. A few random

- "Interviewing Randy Newman": Way cool. Sounded a little like "Backtrack"!

- Chris Holland's song "Boogie Woogie Country Girl": great! A breath of fresh air.

- I saw Squeeze four times on the '98 tour (see my "epic review" for details), and while I liked the band then, I'm stunned at how much better they are now. Chris Holland's keyboards are up further in the mix, and he's much more confident. He was more of a background player last year. Ash and Hillaire have clicked as a rhythm section-- they're playing *with* each other, rather than around each other. Best example of the night was "Melody Motel", which sounded a little canned last time-- now it's frantic yet tight. Just awesome.

- While listening to another great arrangement of "Goodbye Girl", it hit me that Squeeze could release a great album consisting *only* of versions of this song. And considering all the different arrangements done over the years, it could easily fill a 70-minute CD. What a great present to the fans that would be!

- The radio show/George Harrison story was quite funny, and typically Glenn. Glenn made special mention of the fact that he was determined to speak more slowly so people could understand him! Over a minute into his story, some idiot was still yelling out song requests, so Glenn cracked, "Determined not to listen? Alright..." At the end of the night, as Glenn gave his introductions, he made a special mention of Chris Difford, the man who is "usually right over here, dancing, moving with the music in a very sexy way-- not that *I* have ever been attracted to him, of course...." (Good

- Most stunning musical moment of the night: Glenn's solo on "Little King." At the beginning of the solo he makes one quick strum with his right hand... then plays the rest of the solo with his left hand ONLY!! The entire solo consisted of hammer-ons and pull-offs. And it was completely musical and melodic. The only time he used his right hand was to reach over to his headstock and put a string back in tune. He NEVER ceases to amaze me.

I don't know if Squeeze will be ending soon, or taking a break, or whatever... all I know is, if their career is over, this was one hell of a wake. Thanks for the memories, guys.

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