North American Dates 1999
reviews and setlists
Royal Oak * Toronto * Buffalo * Poughkeepsie
New Haven * Boston

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Royal Oak, MI, Royal Oak Music Theatre, October 14th

From Gary Leeson:

Took the Tillsonburg / Tilbury route to the show again. However, this time not the House of Blues but instead to the House of Bob's. Decided to tag along with fellow onelister and #squeeze chatter Bob Valleau and his entourage to this show. In this suburb of Detroit, the Royal Oak Theatre proved to be a bit tricky to find (eh Bob!!!) but we got there in the end. The venue was actually a converted theatre and quite a decent place to see a show. During Nick and Julia's performances the place gradually became pretty full. By the time Squeeze appeared (at 9.45pm) everyone was set for a party. The place was hoppin' and boppin' from the very first song. The set list stayed basically the same with a few changes such as Vicky Verky during the acoustic set, plus a brand new song that the band have been working on - didn't catch the title. For the record, Glenn had the dark suit, blue shirt thing happening; his dry cleaning bill on tour must be astronomical! Good to catch up with Chris and Jennifer again. There were actually a number of faces there that I recognized from the Chicago show (makes me feel a little better!!) Another great show, at this rate I may know all of the words soon!

After the show, the band were off on the bus to Canada (well it sounds like that didn't happen for a while due to customs) but we got to take a few pics just as they were off. In fact it's time to go and pick them up from the 1 hour lab so we can take them to tonights home game. Toronto here we come!

Toronto, ON, The Guvernment, October 15th
From Neil Ferguson:

I flew to Toronto from Halifax, Nova Scotia to see the show and it was well worth it, as it was in 93 when I came up to see the Some Fantastic Place show.  I was lucky enough to meet Glenn briefly after he performed live on the Mix 99.9 FM a few hours before the show.  He was incredibly gracious and posed for some photos.  I mentioned that if he was doing an acoustic set with a request from the audience I would be one of the people asking for Labelled With Love (actually, being a bit tongue tied I said Labelled FOR Love but he didn't seem to hold it against me).  He said that they had worked it into the set, and would be playing it.

The show was fabulous.  Glenn's voice and guitar playing were dead on. He played a blistering solo on Domino.  The songs from Domino had that extra punch from a live performance that has to be experienced and Little King was particularly good.

On the FM broadcast Glenn had mentioned that he has been writing with Canadians Kim Stockwood and Ron Sexmith.  Who should appear at the venue but Kim.  She didn't appear on stage but she was seen a round and a bout the place.  The first song in the encore was a song Glenn and Kim had co-written called something like " I Won't See You Coming Round no More".  The set list simply said " I Won't See".  It was a great number and I can't wait for his promised solo album.

Set List

Is That Love
This Summer
In the Morning
Up the Junction
Some Fantastic Place
Interview With Randy Newman
Without you Here
Labelled With Love
Melody Motel
Take Me I'm Yours
Annie Get Your Gun
Third Rail
Pulling Mussels From the Shell
Little King
Goodbye Girl
Another Nail
I Won't See You...
Black Coffee in Bed

Unfortunately, the vocals for Randy Newman got lost in the mix and were hard to hear. Otherwise the sound was phenomenal.

Now it's back to Halifax.  I saw a great show with my two brothers and a good friend. It is a bit sad that this looks like the last "Squeeze" tour but I'll be able to follow Glenn's new career and whatever Chris does. Thanks for all the great tunes and shows!

From Gary Leeson:

What a fantastic Squeeze day in Toronto. After breaking speed records over the 200 miles back from Bob V's house, we just made it in time to tune into Glenn's internet interview. Had a good chuckle hearing all of the questions, particularly our CD winning ones! An hour or so later, tuned into the MIX 99.9 to hear another fine interview with the man himself. 

Wouldn't you know it, for the show in our own back yard we were then running late. Traffic into Toronto was it's usual nightmare, particularly as it was a 'rush hour' start time to the show. Upon our arrival, there was a huge line-up around the block. Unfortunately, this mass of people were going next door to see 'I Mother Earth' (their loss, not ours). Also unfortunately, we completely missed Nick's performance and half of Julia Darling's, but once inside the Guvernment we positioned ourselves center stage and within spitting distance from Glenn!!!

The Guvernment is not in the same league as the HoB, in fact it's like a converted warehouse (which incidentally *is* the name of the place next door). The place was almost pitch black inside, but that didn't stop us getting to see other 'onelisters' and #squeeze chatters (in no particular order!), fellow stalkers Drew and Joy, Michelle K., James Boucher, Erin G, Chris and Jenn of course - hope I haven't missed anyone)!!

7.45pm - This show was a little different (but still superb). The acoustic set didn't happen due to time constraints. Chris H. didn't get to sing his song either as the show had to be over by 9.30pm, but all in all I don't think it had any detrimental effect to the proceedings. 

At 9.30pm we were then all unceremoniously booted out of the club into the parking lot. For the next hour or so, the guys all came off the bus and wandered around chatting, doing the autograph / photo thing and generally being the great guys that they are. We had some good laughs with Glenn about our dumb internet questions, his salmonella poisoning incident earlier in the year, his family secret on boiling an egg etc, etc. I think one of the best laughs of the night however was talking with Drew about Sunday's show in Poughkeepsie. Well how was I to know that it's pronounced Pu-Kip-Sea (or something like that).

So now it's off to roam around Buffalo for our last show of this tour. I can feel a depression coming on already - particularly when I get my Visa bill next week!!

Buffalo, NY, Trafalmadore Cafe, October 16th
From Heather Ladue:

Well I can't believe I beat Gary to the punch but here's my impression!!

Nick Harper opened up with the most awesome guitar palying I've heard in a while. I kept waiting for a string to break, he was strumming so hard!

Julia Darling was next. She's got a cute little voice and does a great job at playing the guitar and singing at the same time. She reminds me of Sarah McLachlan.

Then came out our boys! Glenn actually had matching clothes on! Grey suit with a black shirt. They played lots of oldies, and few new ones. 2 were actually never recorded yet! I got to dance all night next to our onelist buddies and had a blast (danced with Julia Darling for a while at the beginning of the show too!). Gary, Bob and I were running around taking pictures, and no one else there could figure out why. Duh! Because we can! I'm going to get my pictures developed and have them put on CD so I can send them out. I'll send them to Gary and Chris/Jenn so they can sort through what they want. Hopefully some came out ok!

The highlight of the evening for me was getting to met everyone from Onelist and meeting the band after the show!! All the guys are so sweet and personable. Talked with Hilaire for a while and then with Glenn. Had a chat with Chris about his keyboards and Ash tried to write on me!

In the end had a great time and the friend I brought with me is now a Squeeze convert! Add one more to the insanity!

Thanks for a great evening everyone!

From Gary Leeson:

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have Squeeze perform in your own living room? Well for Carolyn and I, last night's show in Buffalo was about as close as it could get to that actually happening. What is a Tralf? Well for starters it's a great venue to see your favourite band; the stage being about 1 foot above sea level.

We arrived in Buffalo around 3.45pm and went to meet fellow onelisters Mike and Jennifer at their hotel. Poor old Hilaire and Ash; as we're walking in, they're walking out on their way to the sound check. A total coincidence guys - we are not stalking you, honest - good laugh all round.

So off to Shannon's Pub to meet up with the other travelling 'groupies'!! (Drew, Joy, BobV and Michele K) to have a couple of brewski's and loosen up our vocal chords. 7pm and it's off to the venue. The onelist contingent increasing as we hook up with Chris, Jenn and Heather.

Both Nick and Julia's sets were very good and well received. During Julia's performance Nick Harper came and chatted for a while; the number of strings he gets through in a week coming up as part of the conversation!!

Then on to the main course. Squeeze came out with the audience still politely sat at their tables; the 'living room' dance floor just begging for some action. Glenn obviously thought likewise, as the first thing he does is walk off the stage and literally rolls around on the floor in a gesture to say 'come and party everyone'. That's exactly what we were going to do anyway, but Glenn made it happen just that much sooner.

As for the setlist, well they mixed it up a bit this time just to keep us guessing. Back in as the opener was It's Over. Black Coffee made it's appearance after about 30 minutes (panic stations - the show can't be over yet can it!). The acoustic set was a treat - Maidstone, Picadilly and Messed Around. Glenn's two new songs also part of the overall set for good measure and starting to sound like classics already. The encore was somewhat longer than the other shows, due in part to Ash's snare drum breaking, at which point Glenn fills the time with a very electric version of Slap and Tickle. Just to keep things going, Glenn surprises Chris H by getting him to kick in with 'Let the Good Times Roll'. Finally, 'Take Me I'm Your's' rounds out another great show.

About 10 minutes after the show had finished, the guys re-appeared for their regular 'question time'! The highlight of this event was definitely getting them to all sit around a table together and goof around while we 'snapped' away. Then it was back on the bus for the guys for their overnight drive to poookeeepseeee.

Well we're pretty zonked out now after a great week following Squeeze around. Back to reality now, although next weekend at the seaside in Atlantic City sounds very tempting!!!

From Mike & Jennifer Harris:

Well I guess it's our turn to post our thoughts on the Night in Buffalo. Usually  I do the show review ,but this time I feel that Jennifer should give her view of the show. As those who met up with us last night know ,I had lost most of my voice & could hardly even speak a word to anybody.. But first , I wanted to thank everyone who met up with us before & after the gig...

We first met up with Gary & Carolyn and Bob at our hotel  " Which just happened to be the same place where the band had there day room at ... we ran Into Suzanne as soon as we pulled into the  parking lot "... anyway  we all went to a nice pub & kicked back some cold ones,where we met up with Michelle & Joyce.. From their we all went to the tralf & met Heather & the very nice Becketts,,,,, So now I will let Jennifer tell you all about this great night...

Jennifer says:

Although we think of Chris Difford as the main lyrics man, Glenn has given way to some great lyrics of his own in his new solo songs that he preformed last night which for me was one of the highlights.  Also, I would like to note that Glenn gave a modest recognition of thanks to his friend "Christopher across the pond" as he put it.

I was able to spend time chatting with all the above mentioned friends, as well as Nick Harper, Debs, Suzanne,Glenn, Hilaire, Ash, & Chris H. I was pleased to get an autographed picture of Glenn, Michael, and I from Glenn.  And with Gary's help the stage Set List for our collectibles. My favorite tune of the night was "Messed Around". Buffalo was one of the best shows I have attended.  Thanks to All!

From Christopher & Jennifer Beckett:

Setlist (in mixed up order):

It's Over
Is That Love?
This Summer
Up the Junction
Without You Here
Glenn Acoustic Set:
Messed Around
Melody Motel
Black Coffee In Bed
Third Rail
Pulling Mussels
Little King
Annie Get Your Gun
Goodbye Girl
Another Nail For My Heart (interrupted early on by Glenn to break up a fight on the dance floor, then begun anew)
Slap & Tickle (an improvised full band arrangement to fill time while Ash's snare drum stand was being mended)
Take Me I'm Yours (interrupted in mid-band introduction mode for Chris Holland to perform "Let The Good Times Roll")

Poughkeepsie, NY, The Chance, October 17th
From Michelle Heaney:

One word--PHENOMENAL!!!!!

Okay, many more words.  First, what a dive!  My friend Judy and I arrived 2 hours before doors opened, and could NOT believe the run-down, boarded-up-building neighborhood The Chance was located in.  No one else had arrived yet, but we could hear Squeeze doing sound check, and just walking around their tour bus got me excited with nervous anticipation! I'll try not to babble--here's what I thought of the show.  An extremely small, intimate, albeit grungy venue.  A great place to see Squeeze!  We got a table right up front.  Nick Harper was excellent!  Fantastic on the guitar, loved his songs.  Wore a violet T-shirt, olive cargo pants, sneakers.  I glanced over at Judy, who I have been fervently molding into a Squeeze fan, and all she said was that she wanted to have Nick's children!  Julia Darling was terrific as well; she was cute, sweet voice, great backup band.  Wore a 3/4 length black V-neck T-shirt, red fringed jeans, boots.  Best song was 3rd to last--"Bulletproof."  Julia was also great on the guitar, playing with a hard-edged rock sound.

On to main attraction.  No one was venturing down onto the dance floor! I think I must have been the biggest fan there!  We grabbed our Heinekens and stood on the floor right below where Glenn would be.  And then they all came out, my legs started to shake, and I thought I was going to die!  Glenn looked great--lavendar button down shirt, baggy olive cargo pants (what is it with these olive cargo pants?!), white and black sneakers.  Here's the set list, taken from the one I grabbed at the end of the show:

                     IT'S OVER
                     IS THAT LOVE
                     THIS SUMMER
                     INTERVIEWING RANDY
                     WITHOUT YOU HERE
                     Glenn's acoustic set:
                     SLAP AND TICKLE
                     TEMPTATION FOR LOVE
                     I WON'T SEE YOU
                     MESSED AROUND
                    MELODY MOTEL
                     IN THE MORNING
                     UP THE JUNCTION
                     3RD RAIL
                     LITTLE KING
                     GOODBYE GIRL
                     ANOTHER NAIL
                     TAKE ME

Talk about energy!  They played for almost 2 1/2 hours.  I thought I did die and go to heaven.  We danced throughout the entire show.  Judy was awestruck with Hilaire, and I with Glenn, not two feet in front of me the whole time.  After the show, we waited outside in the pouring rain by the tour bus.  After about 30 minutes,  we saw Glenn come out, chatting with friends.  Hilaire was soon to follow, upon which Judy, slightly intoxicated, went right up to him (Hilaire) and told him how fantastic he was.  The two people ahead of us got a quick autograph from Glenn and left.  Then there he was.  Right in front of me.  The most beautiful blue eyes I had ever seen.  And with my 4-inch boots, I was right at his eye level.  I told him how wonderful he is, how talented he is, how gorgeous he looked, how his voice melted my insides.  How meeting him was a dream come true for me.  How I've been a fan for 20 years and his music has provided the soundtrack for my whole life.  I could NOT believe how easy he was to talk to.  I was not nervous at all.  He was so friendly and comfortable to be around.  I had him sign my set list.  He said he was impressed that I knew the words to all the songs, upon which Judy came over and said something like "this girl is really in love with you, she is your biggest fan, you have to dedicate a song to her tomorrow night."  A tad embarrassing!  I was so glad I had stayed sober, as I was the designated driver for the evening.  Glenn seemed very flattered when I told him I was attending five shows this week.  He was holding a 5 oz. plastic tumbler of red wine, and graciously offered a sip to me!  (Which I, of course, accepted.)  Oh my God!!!  We chatted on for about ten minutes.  I'm still walking on air. I hope I never come down.

Thank you fans, for allowing me this opportunity to express my innermost feelings.  Thank you Glenn, Ash, Hilaire, Chris, Suzanne, and all involved for this wonderful tour.  Thank you everyone for this terrific outlet and an exciting, integral part of life for me.

Tune in tomorrow for a review of tonight's New Haven gig at Toad's Place.  I promise it won't be this long and detailed!  Got home last night at 1:00am, couldn't get to sleep til 4:00, got up at 6:00 for work (like I can actually be a productive member of the business community today?) so tonight should be interesting!  Love you all!  Thanks again!

From "Ade":

A strange night it was. The Mets took precedence over everything, to most, apparently, because when Squeeze took the stage, the floor area was still empty. OK, so that meant more room for me.

Glenn was true to form, cracking wise, talking too fast to be understood, oh, and as a sidenote, he sounded excellent. They played over two hours and included most of the hits and a lot of new material. Glenn did his acoustic set early, there was one planned encore, and each band member (are these guys fantastic or what?) eventually had their own solo spot. Nick Harper also appeared several times, along with their lap steel player.

The game was still on, and Glenn even made a comment at one point that someone should let him know how it turns out (and someone eventually did) so they could turn the sets *off*. The crowd did eventually filter towards the stage to dance, sing, and generally jump around like drunk idiots.

That brings me to the one bump in the night.  The Fat Drunk Guy. I know, I know...there's one at every show. The guy who thinks he is the band's best friend (and yours), and is so annoying you hope he drinks enough to eventually pass out somewhere far far away from you. I mention him only because he unfortunetely figured in heavily on the events of the evening. For instance, early on, someone requested "Cool For Cats". Glenn at first refused, and then recanted as long as someone came on stage and sung Chris' part. Of course it was Fat Drunk Guy that volunteered. He failed miserably, wasted a lot of stage time, and then slunk off. We hadn't seen the last of him yet. He spent the rest of the night dancing the traditional ceremonial Fat Drunk Guy dance, babbling at the band, offering them drinks, and trying to "high-five" Glenn during his guitar solos.

OK all, the next time you are in a club or bar, and there's a band playing, go ahead, drink and be merry. Just DON'T be THAT guy. Please.

After the show, I grabbed a setlist that was thrown off the stage by a roadie (thanks dude), and headed out. It's a teeny venue, and the bus was right there, so I casually walked over, and stood around. It started to rain. So much for omens right? No...wait! You can believe, you can! That little 'ole ant can move the rubber tree....oh but I digress. Lo and behold, about 10 minutes later out popped Glenn. He was gracious, and talked to every one of the half dozen or so people waiting. He signed a few things, hugged us, and thanked us for being there. No, Glenn, thank YOU.

New Haven, CT, Toad's Place, October 18th
From Amy Mauro:

I've seen Squeeze several times, and they've always been extremely enjoyable. I saw them again last night (11/18/99) at Toad's Place in New Haven, CT, located in the heart of Yale University.  The crowd wasn't very large, maybe a few hundred, so Glenn tried to make the evening a little different.  I don't know if he's done this before (I know he hasn't at any previous show I've been to), but he told the crowd that he would like to take a run around the block and asked if anyone wanted to join him.  He unplugged his guitar, left the stage, and headed out the door.  A majority of the audience followed (the people manning the door were a bit frazzled having to stamp everyone's hands), and Glenn led the group down the street to find a place for all of us to go.  Seeing there were no other bars in the area to go to, we all stopped at the Au Bon Pain coffee shop on the corner and crowded into the shop.  The young Yalies who were socializing and studying in there weren't quite sure what to make of the event (sadly, they never even heard of Squeeze before last night - but they know them now).  Glenn got on one of the tables and started playing his guitar and singing Good-bye Girl and encouraged everyone to sing along with him - including those behind the counter.  Once he was done, he led everyone out, and we headed back to Toad's for the rest a great (and memorable) show!

From Debbie Walter:

Once again, I am blown away!  My voice is hoarse from all the singing I did. Isn't that always the way?  Excellent show!!  Glenn and the boys all looked and sounded great.  Right from the get-go the show was intense.  The crowd went crazy; singing along with Glenn and dancing around.  Connecticut loves Squeeze!   After Without You Here, the band took a break and Glenn started to discuss, very eloquently, the absence of Chris D.  You could definitely see and hear that the crowd missed Chris.  I know that I did.  Then, Glenn proposes two scenarios to the crowd.  Either "Option A"  he leaves the stage to stroll about outside playing his guitar with the crowd following him through the streets of New Haven  or  "Option B"  the band continues to play on stage as expected.  Well, guess which choice the crowd wanted--The Pied Piper choice  "Option A".  Glenn unplugs his guitar and starts walking toward the door!!  At first I thought, oh he'll be right back.  NO WAY!  I decided to step outside and take a look at what was going on.  After getting my hand stamped by the Toad's Doorman, I set off down the street to find Glenn.  I can see up ahead a crowd ensuing in front of the Au Bon Pain restaurant. Then through the window, I see Glenn standing on a stool and singing Goodbye Girl !!  The place is packed and people are singing and dancing in the coffee shop!!!  It was GREAT.  I had never seen him do anything like that before.  Glenn is crazy -- in a good way.  I Loved It and so did everyone else.  After he finished his tune, he headed back toward the club chatting all the way with the crowd.  It was a real treat to see him one on one with his fans.  I will never forget it. 

Now we're all back inside and the set continues with one of my favorites Temptation For Love.  Glenn's voice is right on.  Beautiful.  We also were treated to 2 songs which Glenn wrote and would probably expect to see on his solo CD: A playful Interviewing Randy Newman and I think the other is  I Won't See You  another great love ballad. 

So here is the complete set list:

Is That Love
This Summer
Interviewing Randy Newman
Without You Here
Temptation For Love
Slap & Tickle
I Won't See You (One of Glenn's new songs)
Messed Around
Melody Motel
Black Coffee In Bed
In The Morning
Up The Junction
Annie Get Your Gun
Third Rail
Little King
Goodbye Girl
Another Nail In My Heart

Take Me I'm Yours
Boogie Woogie Country Girl
Pulling Mussels From A Shell

I finally did get a chance to jump on stage during the last song, Mussels. This the first time at Toads Place, that I can remember, that Glenn invited people on stage to dance.  I climbed up and had a great time.  At the end of the song, Glenn thanked the crowd and the crowd thanked him and the band.  A couple of women on stage grabbed Glenn and kissed him on the cheek!  He looked like he enjoyed that!  Then as the stage was clearing out, Glenn turned my way and I stretched out my hand to shake his.  This was such a trill to me. I have been a Squeeze fan for 21 years and have never gotten that opportunity.  I also wrote a question that 2kool4radio used when they interviewed Glenn last Friday.  So I will be getting a signed Domino CD. This has been a memorable tour for me! 

Thank you to Glenn, Chris and all the musicians throughout the years that have made up the band Squeeze.  Thank you for all the years of happiness your music has brought me and the world!

From Lee Steel:

I was in attendance at Toads Place in New Haven on Monday night. Although Chris' presence was very much missed, the concert was excellent. Please excuse the fact that I have no set list. Glenn opened the show with "Is That Love" and, as usual, ripped through that lead solo, note for note, and bend for bend. This always makes the hair stand up on the back of my neck. He is such an incredible musician. About three songs into the set Glenn proposed a vote to the audience that we either stay inside Toads or go outside for some songs on the street. It's not hard to guess what the crowd voted for. We all followed Glenn out of the bar and down the street to a restaurant about a block away where Glenn proceeded to stand on a table and play a few songs "pub style" ( Pulling Mussels was one) for the group which now included innocent bystanders that were just trying to have something to eat. After he was done he, very graciously, thanked the management for any inconvenience and we were once again following him back down the street to Toads Place. 

The entire set was very tight and well executed. It included several songs from Domino as well as many favorites such as "Tempted" and "Black Coffee". The group came back for one encore which was longer than typical (maybe around 6 songs). They also played several new songs with a more Nashville (rockabilly) flavor. Almost seemed to me that Glenn was looking for a crossover hit. 

After the show there were about 10 of us hanging around and Glenn was generous enough to sign autographs (got my UK Squeeze album cover and Domino CD insert signed) and have pictures taken (Chris and I laughing and pointing at each other) by the bus. He is always very friendly and easily approachable. The first time I met him was during the Argybargy tour at the Agora Ballroom in Tampa. 

I have been a die-hard Squeeze fan since the late 70's and will continue to support their efforts and play covers of their songs with my own band, Big Wind, here in Connecticut. 

From Michelle Heaney:

Hi all!  I get the impression this is going to be yet another productive day in the investment world for me!  Two hours sleep again!  Thank goodness, in a way, there's no show tonight!  I can't do this like I used to!  And tomorrow morning I drive the 3 1/2 hours to Boston!

STELLAR PERFORMANCE!!!  As expected.  The venue was a few steps up from last night's seedy joint!  In fact, Toad's Place was in the vicinity of Yale University.  New Haven is the essence of a New England Ivy League College town--cute shops, clean, very picturesque.  I promise not to get too detailed this time!  Opening bands, excellent once again.  Squeeze performed the same exact set list as last night, save for one unbelievable surprise.  After several songs, Glenn invited everyone to take a stroll down the street with him.  We proceeded to au bon pain (a coffee bar not unlike Starbucks) at the end of the block.  We all crowded into this place, with customers looking at us like,"What in the heck is going on?"  Glenn stood atop a table and proceeded to play Goodbye Girl.  Yes, I took many pictures of this exciting event!  (Oh, one thing I neglected to mention about Sunday night--he sang "Guernsey."  Last night in the coffee bar it was "Boston."   But then later in the set at Toad's he performed the song again and it was back to "Guernsey.")

Fashion report--Glenn was wearing a double-breasted, tailored, mint green suit (no, the jacket never came off), a purple shirt, and black boots.  I had the best seat--a table at the side of the stage watching at a side angle view, where I could see everything perfectly, with no one blocking my view.  The floor in front of the stage was jammed. About three-quarters through the show, three other girls and I actually stood on the stage and started dancing!  Then, during the last encore song, Take Me I'm Yours, everyone climbed onstage, even though there was no room at all to do so!  Fantastic!

After the show, while waiting at the tour bus, I was so freezing cold I decided to get my car, drive up right next to the bus, and wait while the heat was running.  I ran the seven blocks to my car, drove like a maniac to York Street, and took notice that the eight people waiting had dwindled down to two, and Glenn was finishing up with them.  I had to parallel park very quickly, with Glenn watching, and felt incredibly embarrassed!  I thought, what an idiot, I almost missed him!  I spoke with him briefly, had him sign again, suggested a great sushi place they may want to check out two blocks from Irving Plaza in NYC.  "I climbed into my Alt-i-ma, I was happy as could be.  I pulled out onto York Street and the lights began to..."  Oh, wait.  I wasn't drinking.  (That just might occur at the next couple of gigs though--I'm ready to get wild!  Enough of this sobriety!)

Another memorable evening!  Thanks to all involved for making this a superb show!  Looking forward to the future ones!  Reviews of Boston and Plainview to come hopefully Friday night if I can sneak in my office after everyone has gone.  NYC review to come Monday morning.

Boston, MA, Avalon Ballroom, October 20th
From Paul Jacobi:

The band played an absolutely excellent gig here tonight. All of them, especially Glenn seemed really relaxed and in a great mood. His interaction with the crowd was amazing and just added to the already exuberant atmosphere. I was lucky enough to get Chris Holland's setlist. The actual playing order is a bit different. I'll make the corrections where necessary.


It's Over(not played)
Is That Love
This Summer
Interviewing Randy Newman
Without You Here

Glenn's Acoustic Set

The Truth(by Request)
Slap and Tickle

I Won't See You
Messed Around
Melody Motel
Black Coffee in Bed
Up the Junction
Annie Get Your Gun
Pulling Mussels (played as final encore)
3rd Rail
Little King
Goodbye Girl
Another Nail For My Heart

Take Me I'm Yours/intro of all/improv Chris Holland song/
back to Take Me I'm Yours

as previously stated, Pulling Mussels closed the show

Overall it was an absolutely wonderful experience.

From Tom Frohlichstein:

I concur with Paul Jacobi's review and wish to add a couple notes. 

First; the new song Interviewing Randy Newman. Musically I enjoyed it. However, the only lyrics I could understand were "...Randy Newman...". It would be nice to see the lyrics pop up in this website. 

Second, one of the highlights of the evening was a compliment to the loyal fans attending. At the end of Coffee in Bed the crowd sang in unison the backing "coffe in bed" vocals. Even as Glenn talked nobody missed a beat. It was one of those rare spontaneous classic moments. 

And lastly, the only negative side of the evening was the void left by Chris Difford. 
As my friend Joe commented repeatedly, "I missed the little guy."

From J. Nourse:

I love Squeeze as much as anyone, but as a musician and long time Squeeze fan, it was painfully obvious how much Chris contributes to their live show. 

Glenn missed his partner dearly navigating the old "Squeezesides" last night. Here's my take: If you take 30 % out of the live performance equation, ( 40% being Glenn, 30% being Chris and 30% being the band), you have to replace it somehow. With all due respect to Ash, Hilaire and Chris, they do not have the chemistry or experience just yet to reach the sustained level of play that the wily veterans do night in and night out. Glenn needed either Paul Carrack or Don Snow on keyboards, Keith on bass and either Gilson or Pete Thomas on drums to begin to make up for the "Diff".Plus, the harmony vocals were non-existent last night.

This was Don Everly without Phil.
This was Chris Hillman without Herb Pedersen.
This was Gram Parsons without Emmylou.
This was Glenn Tilbrook without Chris Difford.
This was like having a 25th wedding anniversary without the bride. (Don't take that wrong!)

But alas; Is 70% Squeeze better than no Squeeze at all? Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lowlights: "Interviewing Randy Newman" (standard 1/4/5 variation with maybe the most words in a four minute Squeeze song ever)! Glenn should try rapping it or wrapping it! Also, without a strong soloist in the band, Glenn's shortcomings as a lead guitarist over the course of the evening were evident."Goodbye Girl" was too slow. 

Highlights:"Domino"( Glenn's only good guitar solo), "Melody Motel"and "3rd Rail"
(the band caught fire on these numbers) and Chris Holland did a nice version of 
"Boogie Woogie Country Girl"during the encore! The acorn doesn't fall far from the tree! As usual Glenn didn't miss a note vocally. Kudos to his amazing ability to play so many intricate guitar parts while singing.

Missing In Action: "SFP", "Electric Trains", "Everything In The World", "Grouch Of The Day", "Temptation For Love" 

So there's my take on "What's wrong with this show"! It's a dirty job, but someone blah, blah, blah. Hurry back Chris! 

From Rick Morrison:

All I can say is Wow! This was an incredible show! I have been a fan of Squeeze for 20 years and Wed.night was just incredible! I have seen Squeeze 12 times in those 20 years and Wed.night at the Avalon Ballroom in Boston,Ma I left there with a new appreciation of what dedication is to your fans!  Glen and the gang we're the most relaxed I've seen this band in a long time. They really looked as if they we're having a great time! 

I saw them at Avalon in June 1997 and they didn't seemed as relaxed. Don' t get me wrong, every Squeeze Show is a special event but this time around they let it all hang out! Glenn is just awesome. What can i say he has to be the most underrated guitar player in all of the world! He put on quite a show and showed a great touch of class by setting up another microphone for Mr.Difford who was missed greatly by all of his great fans in Boston. We wish you all the best Chris in hopes that you rejoin this wonderful band that you and Glenn created over 25 years ago!  It was a special night one I will remember for a long time! 

To all of the Squeeze fans waiting for your show to come to your town soon your in for a very special treat enjoy it to the fullest! Cheers to Squeeze and especially Christopher Holland for taking the time to take a picture with me and my wife your a touch of class! Thank you Squeeze for all the great music and memories over the years and to all the Squeeze fans  who put up with my review - thanks for reading. 

From Brian Bullwinkle:

Razor sharp and poised to cut, This Difford-less version of Squeeze electrified  Boston at the revamped Avalon Ballroom. They came out of the chute rocking. Glenn's showmanship in full display as he mixed crowd banter with anecdotes in a very up-tempo set that drove home the point that this band is truly a gem. It could not have been better, by the end of the evening I was shredded.

The band was flawless, providing a clean and musically honest representation of Squeeze's older material as well as showing their talents on the new material from Domino. Ash and Hiliare are quite a rhythm section providing clockwork timing and power behind Glenn's rock-n-blues riffs. Chris Holland was very creative on keyboards, with some melodic improvisations reminiscent of late-60's synth stylings.

Although I did hold out hope for an unexpected appearance by Elvis Costello since he was in town at the same time, to sort of fill the void left by Difford. But to be honest, he would have served to be another layer of frosting on an otherwise delicious cake.

From Kevin Foucher:

Simply fantastic. The show was definitely a highlight of Boston nightlife. In the absence of Chris, Glenn was fantastic. A nonstop show of 2 1/2 hours that didn't even pause to change guitars. The Domino material was more entertaining live than on the CD, and as usual everything else came off like an orgasm. The Boston media needs to get a clue, the pre-show advertising was ok, but the post-show reviews were nonexistent. Mr. Tilbrook has a voice that was a gift from above. 2 1/2
hours and not a rattle. If Chris decides not to continue with Squeeze, the Glenn Tilbrook band sounds good to me.

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