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Las Vegas, NV, House of Blues, October 4th

From R. Van of Chicago, Illinois:

Squeeze in Las Vegas!  Should I dust off a few cliches (seeing this show was like being dealt a royal flush. . . like rolling a 7. . . like blackjack), or should I just say how lucky I was to be able to schedule a business trip from Chicago to Seattle with a stop in Vegas on the way home to experience this fabulous performance?

I admit that I'm biased, in that I've never seen a "bad" Squeeze/D&T/Glenn concert in the 16 years since I discovered the band on their first "farewell" tour ("Sweets", for the post-Babylon youngsters out there).  Maybe this latest show stands out partially because of the harsh reality that Squeeze at its foundation (D&T) may not pass this way again, at least for awhile; still, this current incarnation brought electrifying life to the familiar music and lyrics while ripping up the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay with a relentless almost 2-hour trip through the entire songbook.

I snuck a pre-show peek at the set list by the sound board and knew that the night would be a special journey.  So many highlights:  the already-noted irony of the opener It's Over (Glenn continues to amaze as he squints, rears back, flexes his neck and belts out, " . . . if you're not sure. . .");  the crowd with it's traditional assist on the coda to Is That Love;  Nick Harper's guest guitar on Electric Trains;  the funky album version of Domino (I still favor the Hard Rock Live version;  maybe it's because of Chris' impish grin). . .

To digress, there was Glenn's "what's wrong with this picture" query, though phrased as "I bet some of you are wondering, 'Where's the other guy?' ," and his slightly more frank (than last spring) explanation of Chris' absence.  I regretted the sense that some in the audience were confused as to what Glenn was talking about.  We miss you, Chris.  I tried my best as the crowd sang along to give your register its due (from "the people keep on crowd-in' " to "and hell is down below").  Stay well.

Anyway, the set continued, per Glenn's set list that I snagged: In the Morning, Walk Away (not played; was Piccadilly substituted?  I'm having too much fun to pay that much attention), Junction (good crowd vocals on the chorus), Interviewing Randy (quite a frenetic little ditty), S.F.P., Tempted, and Without You Here.  Then on into Glenn's Acoustic Set with a rockin' Drinkin' Wine, a somber Temptation for Love and a dizzying, kick-ass rendition of Slap and Tickle (pick it, Glenn!). 

Then came Christopher's boogie intro to Melody Motel (am I the only one who does a double take every time I look at him?), Dad, Take Me (monster bass riffs, Hilaire), 3rd Rail, Annie, Good Times (not played), Mussels (crowd sings), King (crowd sways), Goodbye (crowd sings louder), and Nail (crowd wails), followed by the encores Footprints, Hourglass (the MTV fans are quite good on the tounge-twisting chorus) and the closer, Coffee (pound it out, Ash).

I thing that it was during the extended jam on the finale (forgive my Miller Lite- induced fog by this point) that 2 brave and shapely blondes mounted the five-foot- high Stage Right, between Glenn and Christopher, and began to dance a slithering dance together only briefly before Mr. Beefy Security approached from backstage and calmly grasped each by their respective elbows to lead them away as the bemused Glenn and Christopher exchanged chuckling shoulder shrugs and Glenn quite innocently remarked, "Maybe that's against the rules, but it's all right with me. . .", after which a young male inebriate bounded up onto Stage Left long enough to break into his "I'm so proud of my defiant ass" strut/dance before Mr. Beefy Security led him away as well, prompting Glenn to concede, to the laughing delight of his bandmates and the crowd, "Oh well, I guess it is against the rules. . ."

Anyway, having read about some of the more sedate experiences earlier on the tour, I am ecstatic to have been part of a more raucous and appreciative crowd.  Spending the entire concert within 10-20 feet of the stage among the dancing/singing/swaying fans was a great rush.  I couldn't honestly tell you whether the crowd up in the seats in the balcony had any different or less exuberant experience; my focus was on the stage and my immediate surroundings; after all, like life itself, isn't a Squeeze concert what you make of it?

Denver, CO, Ogden Theatre, October 6th / Boulder, CO, Boulder Theatre, October 7th
From Vicki Capek:

When I got the news from the mailing list that Squeeze was coming two times to Colorado, I said to my husband, "I'm going both times, with or without you."  And I did.  One with and one without.  Let me just say I have the most understanding husband around.  The first show was in Denver at the Ogden Theater.  I was disappointed in the crowd and the venue.  Squeeze was brilliant.  Both shows Glenn acknowledged Chris' absence.  I did miss him up on stage.  I hadn't seen them since 1989 at the Glenn Miller Ballroom on the University of Colorado campus.  I was fortunate to go backstage and meet them then (via the same understanding, keyboard playing husband).  What terrific guys they all were.  When they played here in 1993 at the Ogden, I missed the show, but the radio replay was great.  The crowd was really into it.  I can't vouch for the song list verbatim (I was too busy singing and dancing along) but here's a stab (not in order) and I'm sure not inclusive:

It's Over
Without You Here
This Summer
Up the Junction
Interviewing Randy Newman
Some Fantastic Place
(acoustic set: Slap & Tickle, Temptation for Love, Messed Around)
Melody Motel
Take Me I'm Yours
Third Rail
Pulling Mussels from a Shell
Little King
In the Morning
Goodbye Girl
Another Nail 
Black Coffee in Bed

Glenn's voice was fantastic, the rhythm section was tight and Christopher's keyboards were right on.  For the fashion curious, Glenn was wearing an olive green suit with a blue shirt, the jacket didn't come off.  They played including the encore for two hours.  Terrific. 

Next night was at the Boulder Theater in Boulder.  A much more receptive crowd and a better venue all the way around. 

Basically the same set list except they didn't play It's Over and they did play Electric Trains.  Also in the acoustic set: Satisfied and Piccadilly.  Christopher also sang one to give Glenn's voice a rest. Fashion report:  Black suit, black shirt. Jacket stayed on. 

They had been on KBCO's Studio C that afternoon and Glenn said his voice was a little sore.  A few hot teas and you couldn't tell.  Can you use the words incredible, superb or terrific too often when talking about Glenn and Squeeze?  Glenn kept us entertained between songs with his quick wit and sharp sense of humor.  One of the highlights of the evening was when they started Black Coffee in Bed and Glenn invited all up to dance with the band on stage!  Nearly 70% of the crowd took him up on it.  I stayed down in front of the stage and when Glenn was ready to do his solo he came down off stage and played to us down in front.  Thank you.  Not only does he have the best voice around, but his guitar playing is spot on.  Glenn, if you read these reviews please know that you are loved and missed here and please don't wait another six years to come back to Colorado!  If you tour next year for your solo project remember to come back to Denver and/or Boulder.

Chicago, House of Blues, October 9th
From Gary Leeson:

Well I didn't expect to be the first person to send in a review of the Chicago show but here's mine for better or worse.

The Drive to Chicago

Left home at 2.30am Saturday morning as we wanted to ensure full day's build-up in Chicago before the show. On the way to the U.S. border, it just had to be a good omen driving thru the Ontario towns of Tillsonburg and Tilbury (I kid you not). Started to get a bit weary driving thru 'pea soup' fog in Michigan but suddenly became an hour more invigorated as we crossed into Indiana and the central time zone!!

My Kind of Town 

I didn't expect to come away from Chicago thinking about cows but (besides the Squeeze show of course) that's one thing that will stick in the memory banks. For starters, the House of Blues is right next door to Harry Caray's sports bar. Harry used to be (before he died of course!) the famous announcer for the Chicago Cubs baseball team; his trademark saying seemingly being 'Holy Cow'. In addition to that, the whole of downtown Chicago is currently littered with life size, decorated cows for something called 'cows on parade'. They're everywhere - on bridges, in store windows, on street corners, everywhere. Totally bizarre, but it's sure pulling in the tourists (and I naively thought everyone was there for the Squeeze show :)

The Build-Up!

After checking out the location of the HoB and realizing that it had it's own adjacent hotel, we just couldn't resist but to cancel our original reservation across town and stay there. What better place to hang out and soak up the atmosphere. Plus you never know who you might bump into!! After some obligatory sightseeing and a couple of hours before the show we went over to the actual HoB for some chow (that's chow, not cow). Great surprise to see 'one-listers' Drew and Joy sitting at the next table!

The Venue

I was pleasantly surprised with the House of Blues. I fully expected it to be a dark and dingy, run-down sort of place. However, what with the unique shaped exterior (I think the building is in the shape of a saddle), and the plush interior, I was wrong on all counts. Nice restaurant and gift shop downstairs, great show area upstairs

The Show

11pm - As the announcer said as he was just about to bring on the band, if there's one place that Squeeze belong in the U.S., then it's Chicago. They love Squeeze there. The show was sold out with 1300 Squeeze hungry folks. Actually it was too full for my liking, 'cause once we'd given up our prime spot at the front of the stage to go and chat with other one-listers Paul W. (aka Bruizer) and Michelle J, it was impossible to reclaim it. We did try, but I think we would have been lynched if we had of pushed it! So, we had to view the evening from close to the back. I didn't realize there were so many tall Squeeze fans around!

Based upon the set-lists stated from the previous shows, I fully expected to be hearing 'It's Over' as the opener. Didn't happen. In fact 'It's Over' wasn't in the line-up at all. I think they started with 'Is That Love', followed by 'This Summer'. The rest of the set-list stayed pretty much as in previous shows. For Glenn's acoustic part, he took on a request to do 'Hangover'. His new 'Randy Newman' song also sounded really good. I didn't catch all the words to it (but there were lots of 'em), so I think hanging around with Chris Difford all these years has paid off!! On the subject of Chris, Glenn made mention of him a number of times throughout the show. General consensus in chatting with folks after the show is that Glenn genuinely misses Chris' presence on stage. His presence, deep voice and so on is definitely missed - there's no doubt about it. As for Glenn's guitar solo's however, well they just never cease to be amazing. He can basically do it with his eyes closed - come to think of it, he does most of the time!

As for the show in general, it went down a huge success. The whole place was just having one big party (some folks partying a little too much - we were sort of shocked at the amount of people steaming drunk at the end). The last 7 or 8 songs, basically straight one after the other (Annie, Mussels, Little King, Goodbye Girl, Another Nail, Footprints, Hourglass and Coffee) made for a fantastic finale. Great time Chicago.

The Merchandise

Lots of people walking around with the new Squeezefan.com t-shirts and Domino baseball caps.  As far as the tour program, it's a huge thrill to have some of my photos featured in it. Huge thrill - thanks Squeeze (Subliminal message will now follow).

For all of you guys who are still to go to a show on this tour - Buy the Program!!

And Finally.......

Well, the Louisville show didn't pan out for us, but Detroit here we come!!

From Martha Vickery:

What a gorgeous day in Chicago, and a perfect evening for a Squeeze show!  The House of Blues was packed -- completely sold out -- for the return of our heroes.  Although I had planned to be down front for the show, I had to work on Saturday and by the time my friend Jenni and I got to the venue we had no chance of Squeezing our way up to the front.  We found a spot in the middle of the crowd, which was okay because we could see and hear everything perfectly. 

Nick Harper was first to entertain us, and his blistering set was fantastic!  He broke 2 strings during his short set as he thrilled us with his guitar prowess.  Julia Darling was good, but personally I would have liked Nick to play longer than Julia.  However, both opening acts were quite enjoyable. 

Then, finally, it was time for Squeeze!  Lin Brehmer, morning dj on WXRT, 93.1 FM, introduced the band, telling all of us what we already knew, that "If you're going to see Squeeze in America, you have to see them in Chicago!"  Of course the crowd went wild as the curtain opened to reveal Glenn, dressed in a nice cream-colored suit with burgundy shirt, along with Chris H., Ash, and Hilaire looking smashing as well. 

The band launched first into "Is That Love," but after that I can't remember the exact order (or even all of) the songs played.  I was lost in another world with the incredible music being played live by one of my favorite bands.  Here is a list of most of the songs that were played, as I can remember them:

 Is That Love?
 This Summer
 Up The Junction
 Without You Here
 Take Me I'm Yours
 In the Morning
Glenn's Acoustic Set
 ? - I don't remember what the first song was!  Judging by  the other setlists, could it have been Temptation for Love?
 When the Hangover Strikes (by request)
 Slap & Tickle
 Some Fantastic Place
 Interviewing Randy Newman (wonderful!)
 Pulling Mussels
 Third Rail
 Melody Motel
 Let the Good Times Roll (Chris H. on lead vocals)
 Another Nail 
 Annie Get Your Gun
 Goodbye Girl 
 Black Coffee

Like I said, I think there were more, but I can't remember all of them.  I was too busy dancing and singing!

The standing room crowd danced and sang along from the very first note.  I was in a sea of delirious Squeeze fans, and I felt right at home. Not everyone there was a true Squeeze fanatic, though.  When Glenn talked about why Chris wasn't standing beside him on stage, I heard a few people ask aloud, "Chris who?"  They didn't know all the lyrics, or even many of them, but I'm happy to report that they seemed to enjoy the show almost as much as I, and I think they were left with a better appreciation for this wonderful band. 

The show was like taking a spin in a well-tuned, high-performance sports car -- it was over much too fast, but it was an incredible and enjoyable ride while it lasted.  I have seen Squeeze in concert a few times since 1985, but I think this was the best of theirs I've seen, and one of the best shows I've ever been to period. The band is tightly-knit, all 4 musicians at the top of their games, with Glenn and his marvelous voice leading the way.  If I didn't know better I would think that these 4 have been playing together for years and years.  Every song was crisp, lively, and beautifully played.  And it looked like the guys were having a fantastic time up on stage.  The backing vocals were fine, though I couldn't always hear them because we, the audience, were singing so loudly.  During "Tempted" a couple in front of me did a wonderful job with the "oo oo oos"! 

Glenn was his usual cheery, charming self.  When he told us about his favorite 3-4 seconds of a Beatles song -- George Harrison's solo in "All You Need Is Love" -- those of us paying attention got a good laugh. 

After "Annie" the band did give us a chance to demand an encore.  They came back out and cranked up "Hourglass," "Goodbye Girl," and, of course, "Black Coffee in Bed."  The audience did a good job of carrying the various backing and lead vocal parts of "Coffee" right up to the end until Glenn tried to get us to sing a slightly different part in unison.  The problem was that some of us were singing "doo de doo doo doo doos" and others were singing " oo oo oos" and still others were singing the words "black... coffee in bed, etc."  Although we tried to shift gears to follow Glenn's direction, it didn't work too well.  "A for effort," Glenn called to us and then, "Enough of that!"  And with a wave of his hand we all stopped singing completely.  He introduced the band and let them thrill us with their amazing solos, and then Glenn gave us a chance to cheer for Chris D.  Did we wake you up, Mr. Difford?  We tried!  Now it was time to sing again.  "Yes, please Glenn, let's have a bit of a sing!"  We echoed him, and then it was back to singing our various backing vocal parts. 

We didn't want the song, or the evening, to end, but sadly it did.  It was a fantastic night with a fantastic band -- an all too infrequent occasion.  I'm already wondering when I will get the chance to see them -- or, as seems more likely, just Glenn -- again!  Thank you, thank you Glenn, Chris H., Ash, and Hilaire!  It was a most memorable and amazing evening!  I do hope you felt the love and appreciation from the crowd, and that you know how crazy we are for Squeeze in Chicago! 

Covington, KY, Jillian's, October 13th
From Julie:

*This was by far, the best Squeeze show that I have ever seen!  This review contains quite a bit of information that some may feel is irrelevant, but each part is important to me in making the Squeeze show in Covington so memorable. Enjoy!


My morning began at 7:00am.  Even though I had the day off work, I couldn't sleep in because I was excited about the Squeeze show that evening.  After a morning of talk shows, laundry and packing, I decided to listen to the last 5 Squeeze studio albums while waiting for my husband to return home from work early, so that we may make the 3.5hr drive to Covington.

Everything was going fine.  We left our house in Athens County, Ohio at 2:00pm so we would arrive at our hotel early enough to eat and arrive early at the show..............

When we drove through Washington Courthouse, it was obvious that we were driving straight into a bad storm.  Something that you must understand is that my biggest fear is of tornadoes; so every time a storm hits and I'm nearby, my thoughts run crazy with tornado scenarios.  As we approached the Jeffersonville area, it was raining so hard that we couldn't see to drive, and luckily, a service station was just ahead, so we could pull-off the road until the storm cleared.  My husband, Ed, went into the station for a snack. While he was inside, the tornado sirens begin to go off in the area (these weren't the ones you hear on the radio, these were the ones that the city was sounding off)!  Ed ran back outside to retrieve me from the car.  We ran back into the station.  As we ran through the door, soaked to the bone from the torrential downpour, the workers in the station asked us if we would like to go with them and other customers to the back room while the storm passed.  With my eyes round with terror, I quickly accepted the offer.  I followed my fearless husband and the others to a room with no windows. Suddenly, I heard a loud thump!  I looked up to the ceiling praying that it would not blow off!  It didn't.

After about 10 minutes, the storm was practically over.  I thanked God that this was not my day to die and Ed and I continued on our journey to Covington.....

Of course, when we reached the outskirts of Cincinnati, it was 5:00pm during the heart of rush hour.  What should have been a 10 minute drive ended up being 45 minutes.  We finally arrived at our hotel in Covington and were checked-in our room by 6:15 pm.  The race was on to get ready for the show!

Our tickets said 7:00pm.  I thought that meant the opening acts started at that time.  Luckily for me, we arrived at Jillian's at five till 7 and were an hour early, due to the fact that the openers didn't go on until 8:00pm.


While I was out at the Squeeze merchandise table checking out what I wanted to purchase, a gentleman with Squeeze's entourage asked me if I was going to buy Nicky's cds.  I said that I didn't know, because I had only heard a few sound clips from him off of the internet and that they didn't sound very good, but I was sure that he really was awesome, but I wanted to hear him perform in person first.  The gentleman answered my reply with "fair enough."  Suzanne was staffing the table at this point, and didn't say a word.  Although, she assured me that she wouldn't run out of any of the merchandise, if I decided to get it after the show.

I went back into the stage area to get money from Ed to buy a tour program and shirt, just in case.  While I was buying my stuff, I heard Nick Harper begin his show.  I hurried back in so I wouldn't miss any more.

All I can say is, Nick Harper totally blew us away!  I have never seen such a solo showman!  Ed and I began his set by sitting and watching him from afar, but after a few songs, we couldn't help but get up close to the stage to watch him in awe.  I can't wait to see Nick again!  Needless to say, I bought both of his cds at the show and I have ordered the first two this week so I can have all of his collection.  Nick just got himself two new fans!  AWESOME!  Heavy lyrics!  Amazing guitar work!  My two favorite songs from Nick so far are Smithereens and Ghost of Her Touch and Tiger (I guess that's three)!


Of course, Ed was quite smitten with Ms. Darling's appearance, even though he won't admit it.  She is quite a lovely young lady, with quite a lovely, eerie voice, which is a compliment.  She really got into her lyrics, which impressed me.  Her band was full of cute, young musicians, that seemed to enjoy what they were doing onstage.  The music reminds me of a mixture of light grunge and pop.  We bought her cd, too.  My husband listens to it every day on his way to and from work.  To prove the compliment here, I bought Ed the new Garth Brooks as Chris Gaines cd (Garth is his favorite artist) and he is listening to Julia Darling instead!


Keep in mind that this is not a fashion review (even though Ash did wear his leather pants/trousers) nor is it a review with a setlist (I decided not to make a setlist, but instead to have fun and enjoy the show).  Here goes:

As soon as Julia Darling went offstage, Ed and I found a place in the very front row, like we always do.  We were standing to the left, in front of where Christopher would be and beside where Glenn would be.  It was here that we met a nice lady named Dixie, who just happens to be just as big of a Squeeze Fan as I am.  Like me, she has been a Squeeze Fan since 1981/1982. Tonight our dedication would payoff!

It seemed like forever until Squeeze took the stage.  I must admit that I was beginning to get a little impatient.  Some radio people came out a couple of times to rouse up the audience that was already roused-up!

Finally, Squeeze walked onstage.  I screamed and cheered, like everyone else did.  I smiled; through the entire show!

Squeeze played the famous "K-Tel" songs: Annie, If I Didn't Love You, etc.

They also played my new favorite:  Domino!

The show was going great!  It looked like they were having a great time. They all kept smiling at each other....especially Christopher and Ash.....something must have been going on that only they knew about.

Glenn did his solo set, which was incredible!  He asked for requests from the audience, and I thought "now is my chance!"  I screamed "Maidstone" as loud as I could three times!  Hearing this, Glenn walked over to where I was standing, leaned forward and asked me "what was that?"  My excited response was "Maidstone, pleeeeeeease!"  To my complete and utter excitement, Glenn said "this is a song that only about 4 people in the world have ever heard, Maidstone" and he began to play and sing one of my favorite Squeeze songs of all time!  I sang and laughed through the whole song.  I couldn't believe he sang my song!  Bless your heart, Glenn!  You made my millennium!  I will never forget that moment!

The last song they played for the show was at the end of the second encore, it was, of course, "Black Coffee In Bed."  This is the song that introduced Squeeze to me and many other American fans through Mtv.  Everyone in the crowd sang as loud as they could!

Squeeze was definitely "on" that night!  They were all full of energy and fun!  They seemed to play with a bit of a rockier edge, which was incredibly cool!  I know that I had a blast!


I just had a feeling that there may be a photo & autograph opportunity after the show.  Ed patiently waited with me outside the dressing room/pre-show area.  Before our eyes was Nick Harper chatting all nonchalantly at the merchandise table.  Not being shy, I approached him for an autograph, with the help of a nice lady who was operating the merchandise table.  Nick was very nice.  He signed my tour program and he also was kind enough to pose for a picture with me.

Next, Hilaire walked out.  How incredibly handsome he is!  He was very kind, and signed my tour book and posed for a picture.  He seemed a little shy to me, but very sweet.  What an incredible bass player!  He always looks like he's having so much fun onstage!

I also got an autograph and a picture with Chris Holland.  I told him that he needed to sing more.  He did a song onstage, and his voice is great! Later that evening, I actually read the tour book and realized that Chris will be releasing a solo album next year.  I hope that its not all instrumental!  Sing, please!

Ash was very nice about giving me an autograph and posing for a picture.  He just acted as though he did this all of the time (I'm sure he does) and that it was no problem to be kind to a fan.  How nice!  Thanks, Ash!  After the drumming you did at this show, I'm gonna have to check out your other contributions to music!

Finally, Mr. Glenn Tilbrook came out from behind the black curtain (if you were there, you understand).  All I could say to Ed for about a minute was, "is that really the guitar god over there?"  The first thing I said when I approached him was "you're not going to believe this, but my husband drove me through a tornado so I could see you tonight."  Glenn replied with "really?"  Ed and I gave him a brief description of our endeavor.  Being a gentleman, as always, Glenn posed for a picture with me, asked me how long I have been a Squeeze Fan, and signed my tour book with:  GLENN TILBROOK THE TORNADO MAN.

I am quite happy, to say the least!  This is the first time that I have been able to get pictures of myself with the bandmembers!  I will forever cherish them and the memories of the Jillian's show!


I can't finish the review without saying that Ed and I definitely missed Chris Difford.  Not only did we miss the omission of "Cool for Cats" and the "Tempted" solo vocals, but we missed his incamparable stage presence.  Good luck and best wishes to you, Chris, on your future endeavors!  If you tour the states solo or with Squeeze or Jools, we'll be there!

And for Glenn.  Keep writing lyrics and music!  The Randy Newman song and the other song that I can't remember the name to, were fantastic!  I can't wait to hear your solo album.  Just don't forget to tour somewhere near Ed & I.  I look forward to hearing more lyrical contributions from you! And please, oh please, add Maidstone to your permanent set!  More people know that song than what you may think!

Okay, I'm finished now.  I hope that someone out there enjoyed this!  Ed will send pictures to prove parts of this story soon!

Thanks for the memories!

From Michelle Jacksier:

Yes my dear Squeezefans, I have a big, fat PERMAGRIN on my face, because I saw SQUEEZE Saturday night in CHICAGO, which, to quote Lyn Bramer AND Mr. Leeson, if you are going to see Squeeze in the US, Chicago is (indeed!) the place to do this.

I will spare you the usual rundown of the setlist since it has been done.  I just wanted to say this:

1.  Glenn was wearing a beige suit and a shiny purple shirt. He did have some kind of footwear on but I wasn't aware that this was an issue. He has recently had a haircut and his eyes are still very blue.  He was very funny on stage, and very accomidating with his spiel about us asking him to talk more slowly ... He mentioned Chris a few times, even introduced him with the band, and is he doing his bit about "All you need is Love" in every city?  

2.  I apologize for all the times I barked at people who accused me of swooning in the past.  I am now a devirginalized swooner.  I saw Ash for the first time, close up.  Um, like, wow!  I also thought it was adorable how he sticks his toungue out when he plays.  Don't worry, I wasn't planning on elaborating here, just you know, he sticks out his tongue a lot.

3.  To the tall guy in front of me:  Thank you for being such a sport at all my complaining about your 6 foot 7 inches.  Oh, and by the way, those cupcakes your elbows kept jamming into were REAL. But if you can't suffer for your favorite band, what good are you.

4.  I love Squeeze and it was wonderful to be in a room filled to capacity with people who love them too.  I was thrilled to meet the Leeson clan and Abraabracadabra... maybe the tall guy thought I was you?  I went alone, pretty much straight from the airport, and had a great time talking to everyone, including non onelisters. 

5.  Nick Harper is the missing link, and a completely wonderful musican to boot!  It was amazing that one person made that much sound come out of one guitar.  This has to be the first warm-up act for Squeeze in HISTORY that I didn't squirm and fidget my way through.  I never even looked at my watch!  

6.  If you insist on wearing your new t-shirt right away, as I did, don't sweat.  Blue dye is hard to get off the skin and other things.

So, that is my rundown on the Chi-town show.

How can anyone in the US be in a bad or bickery mood when I am so euphoric?  

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