north american tour - may/june 1998
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New York City, June 12th, Hard Rock Live Taping

    From Brian Alvey:

    Just got back from the Hard Rock Live taping. Great show from the band, plus got to hang out with them and clear some lyrical issue up. 

    The show was about an hour (not including the hour and a half waiting outside in the rain with no overhang). 

    They did pretty much the same set everyone's talking about this tour. Nothing drastically different for the "tele" as Chris Difford put it. 

    Electric Trains 
    Third Rail 
    Domino (new) 
    To Be A Dad (new) 
    Melody Motel 
    Fingertips (fantastic, sexy vocals) 
    Morning (new) 
    Tempted (I'm getting hungry at this point) 
    Walk Away 
    Bitter Wind (new) 
    Black Coffee In Bed/band introductions 
    Take Me I'm Yours 

    Afterwards, I shivved a security guard and stole his jacket. Backstage I met up with the band. Talked to Ashley about his posting on the guestbook. Everyone was talking about how up to the minute the site is -- fans, management, band members. Basically, I think they check the site and then tell the bus driver what city to head for. Met him, too. He was a nice guy. 

    And Chris Holland's keyboards were excellent as were his background vocals on Third Rail and Walk Away. 

    Glenn said the Squeeze Spice Girls picture was "brilliant." That he rolled on the floor when he saw it. 

    Then comes the bad news: I asked about the Great Maidstone Debate. 

    (Glenn said he has actually tried to respond to this online...) 

    Both of them confirmed that he says "I _look_ at her again, I feel butterflies." 

    Chris did say that he would check his Powerbook to confirm it later, though, just in case his copy of Microsoft Word had loaded the Midwestern American Slang module. 

    In other parts of the song, they cleared some more things up: 

    "Jason Priestly's clothes look like a race car's." 


    "But I hope and I pray, that one day she will say, 
    'So tell me what you want, what you really really want...'" 

    From Kenneth Dancyger:

    I just got back from theHard Rock Live taping in NYC.  It was amazing.  I love them acoustic but it was great to hear a band for a change:).  I tried to remember the set list but I lost track somewhere after the second song.  But they played all the crowd pleasers and four or five new ones.  A great rendition of Melody Motel and Walks Away were amazing and unexpected.  I feel bad for the bunch of people that unfortunately were not allowed in b/c of all the hundreds of people that showed up. 

    Take care-  And if anybody has the means - thank the band for an amazing show! 

    From Jon Harris:

    I must admit, I finally got my wish and heard very few hits at a Squeeze show.  However, they probably should have played a few more well-known songs for what I refer to as the dreaded "collective short attention span." 

    As always, Glenn was in fine voice and his guitar playing was great.  The new songs, especially "Morning," sounded strong and solid and as Helen recently wrote it sound's like a return to the band's straight rock playing form.  It was great to see Mr. Difford as well, and yes "Fingertips" sounded wonderful.  Chris Holland sounds capable, and it's great to have him aboard. I wonder if Keith Wilkinson and Gilson have musical siblings:)  It's one thing for Chris to look like his brother and, at times, sound like him, but is it necessary to wear the same clothes?! 

    I really wish that they would mix up the show more.  I know that they are still getting used to each other's playing, but a few acoustic numbers of more well-known songs wouldn't have hurt anyone.  My request for "Maidstone" went unanswered, but it certainly wasn't a shock, given the more well-known requests that were denied. 

    From Squeeze91:

    (Milli apologies for the all-caps but this webmaster is too lazy to re-type it) 


New York City, June 13th, Mercury Lounge
    From Thomas "King Tom" Boynes:

    Midnight show at Mercury Lounge...anyone familiar with their shows was not surprised when we were standing outside in the rain still at 12:15. We got in and the show started at about 12:50.  Big crowd that had quite a few fanatics and overall the crowd was into it. 

    Set list: 
    Electric Trains 
    Third Rail (I love the "white clouds" part of the song) 
    Cool For Cats 
    To Be A Dad 
    Walk Away 
    Melody Motel 
    Goodbye Girl 
    Bitter Wind 
    It's Over 
    Up The Junction 
    What's Wrong With This Picture 
    Some Fantastic Place 
    This Summer 
    Pulling Mussels (from the shell) 
    Take Me I'm Yours 
    Is That Love   Nice hearing the piano on this one 
    Annie Get Your Gun 
    Black Coffee In Bed 

    I guess 24 songs and 1hr. 50 minutes makes for a great show and it really was.  The first 2 shows I saw were abbreviated shows.  As tired as Chris Holland and Difford both looked they didn't let it affect the show at all. 

    From Andrea D'Aquino:

    it was basically a squeeze-a-thon this weekend in nyc. first i was lucky enough to see the free! taping of the hard rock live tv show. a short but sweet show. the new band sounds terrific. glenn dressed in johnny cash all black was to die for - but lets not even go there, ok? the mercury lounge show at midnite will probably go down in nyc squeeze gig eternity. i've seen dozens of shows since the early 80's (yes, that includes record store performances in the mall, getting soaked out in the rain at jones beach, etc. ). you've already seen the set list in previous posts. i had a feeling it would be a special show - it didnt even start till 12:30 am  and ended at 2:40am! wow. what a treat. all who were there in such an intimate setting were lucky. it was a special night. by all indications we are in for a treat with their new material. everyone have fun at upcoming shows! 

     Tim Dunleavy's Epic Account of His Experience of the Above Shows, as well as the Guinness Fleadh

Atlantic City, June 14th, Trump Marina Hotel
    From Nicole Redo:

    Lots of begging and whining got me Glenn's setlist cause lord knows I wasn't about to get tossed out of the casino by the beefy looking female security guards they had on stage after the show. Setlist is as follows: 

    Electric Trains 
    3rd Rail 
    Cool For Cats 
    To Be a Dad 
    Walk Away 
    Melody Motel 
    Goodbye Girl 
    Bitter Wind 
    It's Over (aka: Rat Bastard for all us IRCers) 
    Up the Junction 
    Some Fantastic Place 
    This Summer 
    Pulling Mussels 
    Take Me I'm Yours 
    Is that Love 
    Annie Get Your Gun 
    Black Coffee in Bed 

    As you can see they dropped 'Whats Wrong With This Picture?' from the setlist, though they did it during rehearsal. And for all you people debating whether to drop 'Black Coffee' we were treated to version #975: version with two minutes or so of audience participation in singing 'Here I Come' orginally peformed by the Temptations. See, the Temptations were also playing at the Marina so for a few portions of the show Glenn would break out into some rendition of a Temptations hit. that was in between forming the dancing girls section of the audience and going out onto the other side and letting fans hug, drool, and other various things to him. 

    For having been up late the night before doing the Mercury Lounge the guys seemed more lively than I expected. Chris was smiling practically every two seconds as was the rest of the guys obviously appreciating the the loud response the crowd was giving them. Chris was interacting with the audience, something he didn't really do at DC. He made a comment about how scary the casino portion of the place is and told us that if we 'wanted to gamble [we] could get up and dance in the aisles'. And he pretty much told us to stand for Mussels when he explained the not bothering to leave and come back out to do an encore bit. The sound was good this time around, as was the accompanying light show. Is it just me or does Christopher Holland sound amazingly like Jools? And I mean in that potentially odd doppleganger way, not that 'well, he is his brother' way. 

    Earlier in the day I met up with Mike, Jenn, and Ray. Much fun was had by all as was much money spent and won (by the other three. The slot machines just sucked me dry). I think we can all safely agree that unless we get the meal for free we won't by frequenting the Steak house anytime soon. Cause you know, I'm thinking that 45 dollar surf and turf better be imported from England or so damn tasty that I'd be kiling my neighbor for just a bite of it. We bumped into and talked to Suzanne on and off throughout the day as well as my walking past Glenn, Hilaire, and Chris when they left their hotel rooms for sound check and rehearsal. 

    From Ray Dalessandro:

    This was the first time I've ever seen Squeeze in the showroom of a Five-Star hotel casino, and although it is an unusual venue, the show was excellent!  I'll leave it to the others to tell you about the set list, except to say that as expected nothing was added.  I thought the sound was good, and all five guys played well, especially considering the busy day and night they had saturday.  The 3 new members are fast learners, they knew the material well, and each had a go at backing vocals at various points.  Again, Chris stayed acoustic. Chris and Glenn each seemed to have separate obsessions during the day:  Chris' obsession was with the visible flow of money on the casino floor...I bumped into him in the hotel lobby before the show and he asked me if I was spending a lot of money today...then during the show he mentioned that seeing all these people in the casino putting up so much money was "really weird".  (Could a song about gambling be far behind?)  Glenn's obsession was with the Temptations, who were supposed to be playing at the same time in another showroom on property.  Glenn made a few on-stage jokes and references to this at times.  A personal highlight of my evening was seeing the font on this mailing list become flesh:  I met in person for the first time Mike & Jennifer and also Nicole.  All were extremely nice folks, and they will have T-shirt news for some of you when they get home to their computers!  Also, I'll let Mike & Jennifer tell you why we are forever in debt to Nicole ;)  Anyway, we had a great evening, the band was in good spirits, and for those of you who were worried about Mr. Difford...he smiled often. 

    From Vineet Kochhar:

    I went to try to go to see Squeeze at Atlantic City yesterday. Squeeze was playing at 8 pm at the Trump Marina. I asked about tickets around 2, but they were sold out. They said that I could put my name on the waiting list when the box office opened at 5. 

    I went back to the box office to make sure I was the first in line for the waiting list. The Temptations were playing the same night -- they were sold out too. 

    I heard the soundcheck for the band: 

       Domino (New) 
       What's Wrong With This Picture (New) 
       Electric Trains 
       To Be a Dad (New) 

    The last track was really pretty. 

    At 5 pm, I was the first in line to sign up for 3 tickets to see Squeeze. They told me to come back at 7:30. Other people showed up to pick up their tickets. At 6:30 pm, 2 friends showed up also sans tickets. I got Glenn's autograph the second time he came out. 

    By 7 pm, a line had formed and people were going in. The hall was small (600 capacity); a nice place to see a concert. By 7:30, people were still going in. At 8 pm, the ticket woman finally said that there were cancellations, and anyone who wanted a ticket should come forward. We got in before the first song was halfway through. The show was great; Glenn was hot and his voice sounded fabulous, and Chris's harmonies were terrific. These were the songs they did: 

    (setlist snipped, see above) 

    The two "Babylon and on" songs were made into a medley. Goodbye Girl was transformed into a reggae song. During "Black Coffee in Bed" - they did a tribute to the Temptations by getting the audience to sing along to "Get Ready". 

Philadelphia, June 16th, Keswick Theatre
    From Tim Dunleavy:

    OK, I promise the review will be shorter this time! (Thanks to Chris and Jenn for their nice treatment of the "epic" article about my "Squeeze weekend." Sometimes you just have to get things off your chest!) 

    The set list at the Keswick was *identical* to the set list of the Atlantic City show (and if you add "What's Wrong With This Picture", you've got the Mercury Lounge show). 

    The Glenside, PA stop of the No-Encore Tour '98 found Squeeze happier than ever. The sound mix was better than at the New York shows, where vocals and keyboards often faded in and out. At the Keswick the keyboards and bass sounded especially crisp. (However, at the end of the night I spoke to Andy, who said the Atlantic City mix was much better.) The show wasn't a sell out, but of the 1200 seats in the theater, I'd guess only about a hundred were empty. Also, like at the Mercury, Hilaire stuck exclusively to the four-string bass; if he did this in Atlantic City also, that means that the Fleadh was his last show with a five-string. 

    At the end of the first song, Chris told the audience "You can stand up if you like," but few people did. I was in the third row and resisted standing up, since that forces all the people behind me to stand up; it looked like the rest of the crowd felt like me. Then after the third song, Chris started motioning with his hands for people to stand up! Finally, right before Goodbye Girl, Chris assured us that he had communicated telepathically with the security guards, and they had assured him it was alright to dance! From that point on, there was no stopping the dancing (although some of the guards did try during Fingerprints, then gave up). I stayed in my seat as long as I could, finally moving off to the side so I wouldn't block anyone; by Is That Love, I had moved back to my seat for a better view. No one was sitting by that time! 

    For me, this was the show where the band seemed to gel. Maybe that's because the setting was familiar to me-- I've been going to the Keswick since childhood-- but the band seemed smoother, tighter, and happier than in New York. During Pulling Mussels, all the members performed with big smiles on their faces-- they seemed to know this was as good as it gets. During Black Coffee, Glenn took a jazzy second guitar solo between the "Now she's gone..." line and the band introductions. Take Me I'm Yours started with a terrific drum solo, and Hilaire's bass solo was so dynamic and refreshing that Glenn raised his hands above his head to applaud! Then Glenn took off on a solo that was the most aggressive I've seen from him in a while. As good as Glenn has always been, the new guys are pushing him to new heights. 

    In short, Squeeze is getting better and better. I envy everyone who's going to the remaining shows. 

    From Nicole Redo:

    A great job was done already reviewing the overall action of the show so I'll give ya'll a review on the behind the scenes stuff, mainly meeting the band and other points of ambiance. 

    Just to put any questions aside concerning 4 or 5 string bass, Hilaire used the 5 string in AC which I guess makes this the first time he's used the 4 all the way through. As to the concerns over whether Chris is or needs some kind of drug therapy, I think he looks a hell of a lot better than the 'Unloved' tour of 96. There he looked worn and for whatever reason had a notebook of what I'm assuming was all the songs in front of him. This time around he's incredibly lively and energetic, and interacting with the crowd, something I don't really remember him doing in '96 at the show I saw. And he also looks better when you see him up close. I'll admit depending on how far back you are he might look a little down. 

    Well, invariably, you follow the band long enough on a tour like I've done and funny stuff starts happening, and today was full of funny stuff for me. And all of it wasn't funny haha. While waiting for the doors to open their bus driver saw I was sporting a t-shirt from the current tour and made mention of it. I said this was my third show and that started us on a conversation that involved him hitting on me and telling me that if the guys weren't in there watching soccer he'd give me a tour. And then he asked if we could check out my van. For the record I've no clue how much of that was serious and how much of it wasn't. 

    With all that creepiness aside I met some more fellow one listers, Keith and his wife. I spotted Ash sucking down some java at a coffee cafe a few feet away but didn't go over at first seeing he was talking to someone. The three of us ended up watching the bus and then watching Glenn as he left the bus. Either he was gonna walk towards us either way or he say us and decided to sing some autographs. Did that and got my AC ticket stub signed. Then I got the courage the ask Ash for his autograph after he reloaded on java. I apologized for disturbing and asked if he could sign the stub. He was great about it and did so, looking at my stub, seeing what I paid and watching his eyes slightly bug out of his head as he and his friend whistled. 

    A word on the Keswick staff to any of you going there in the future for any shows: they are surly. And I mean surly. The ushers all filed out of there during the opening band's sound check complaining about the noise and saying that they were gonna take off if the volume stayed at that level. And the security staff is equally surly, attempting to get us to sit down during the show and being outright physical when a guy went up on stage after the show for Chris's setlist. They nearly chucked the poor guy off the stage. Kudos at this points go out to the Roadies. They do all the hard and boring stuff we usually don't see to make the shows rock as they do. They saw the guards with the fan and made it a point to tell the guards it was ok for fans to come up and grab the setlists if they wanted. 

    After the show I endedup hanging around outside by their tour buses and stuff with other in hopes of getting some more autographs or at the very least glimpses of the guys. here I met up with Ray, whom I had seen inside, and chatted with him about the show and how much of a bonehead I was for leaving my stuff unattended. Hilaire intially managed to sneak out without anyone really noticing and made it for the bus. About 15 minutes later Chris emerged looking rather dashing in a white shirt and blue jeans. he signed autographs, took pictures, and shook hands, all with a smile on his face and joking. At one point when a photo was being snapped he made reference to catching his good side. I patiently waited and got both my stubs signed and mentiong that all three shows I had seen were great. 

    I backed away from Chris to let others get what they wanted. I figure i'll have a chance in teh future for a better opportunity to talk. At least I hope. Chris Holland walked by carrying some stuff and I congratulated on the tour and his playing. he thanked me and dear lord, he sounds like Jools exactly. It's as if they stuck all of Jools into a smaller version of Duncan Sheik. Everyone was busy with Glenn and Chris and the other three were hardly noticed till someone, mainly me, saw them. Hilaire had popped back out of the bus and was talking to a gentleman and his female companion. I listened for a bit, just hearing his soft french accented voice. I finally got his autograph, holding his water cup while he did my stubs and then used my pen for a few other autographs. With him being french I asked him what's it like being stuck on a bus full of England suporters in the world cup. He just smiled and agreed that it does make for interesting division of loyalties. 

    The guys aren't using the bus right now for whatever reason in terms of traveling from point A to B. They're driving a Dodge Caravan they rented in Massachusettes. And I mean they're driving. Chris was at the driver's wheel as they started to pull out. While they were waiting for Suzanne and Glenn to hop in they still did autographs so I complete the rounds by getting Chris Holland's signature. They seemed appreciative when I wished them a safe journey. 

    One other thing of note: those of us waiting outside got to see Glenn dance a jig. Some fan for whatever reason wanted to dance for Chris and Glenn. So Glenn got Chris out of the tour bus and we all formed a semicircle to watch this chick dance a realy good jig. Then Glenn got in the act and he danced and even danced with a fan at one point. 

    Sorry this is so long, but I wanted to give the west coast and southern fans a feel for the other side of the fun that is seeing Squeeze. All the guys were really nice and I think Suzanne even recognized me from the AC show. They went out of their way to sign all the autographs they could before leaving for Pittsburgh. And Chris H, Ash, and Hilaire seemed generally pleased and surprised that we were noticing them and wanting their autographs. 

    From Ray Dalessandro:

    First Glenn story: At both AC and Glenside Glenn took great pride in mentioning the 25 years (and one month) that he and Chris have been creating songs together.  He said if someone had told him when he was 15 years old that they both would be standing here together now he would have told that person to "go away!!!"  I get the impression that what Glenn really values most is the friendship with Chris lasting so long.  A friendship like that is rare today.  A belated congratulations to both on reaching the milestone. 

    Second Glenn story: My version of Glenn's Celtic Dance/Irish Jig with the young girl.  In the Keswick parking lot after the show, this girl had already finished meeting the band and was on her way.  She was about 20 feet behind Glenn when she said to her friend "Do you want me to dance?"  Glenn overheard this and shouted yes! He turned around to see her doing this quick "jig".  This seemed to impress Glenn quite a bit as he was laughing pretty hard. He asked her to walk across the lot with him and do the dance again after he got Chris and the others out to see it.  There was a round of applause from the bystanders which prompted Glenn to do a quite energetic and comical "jig" of his own! He had a dancing partner to twirl him around. It was hilarious!  Glenn is great fun, but he should stick to just the music!!! 

    From Beth and Kevin O'Hara:

    Spent a terrific Squeeze evening at the little theater known as the Keswick.  It was my first exposure to this venue and would certainly recommend the place! Before the show, Beth and I stopped for dinner at a little Greek restaurant across from the theater and who was also dining there?  Mr. Tilbrook!  Rather than disturb his repast, I waited outside the restaurant for Glenn and his group to exit and asks for his autograph on a promotional copy of the "Satisfied" CD single (I just happened to have in my pocket).  As everyone has already commented, he was both gracious and approachable. 

    We had front row seats for the performance and the the crowd was really into the show -- although I was a little disappointed by the empty seats in the rear.  Looks like we could have added a few more Squeeze fans to the hall. 

    The setlist was the standard version referenced throughout this site and the boys played to perfection.  Chris invited the the crowd to "come down and dance" and by the fifth song, the aisles and the stage front were packed with merrymakers.  Well, so much for the front row seats! 

    The new band sounded terrific and they really seemed to enjoy playing with one another.  Hilaire's bass lines were strong and funky, especially when given some space to improvise -- including some surprising slapping bass fill-ins.  Chris D. played acoustic throughout and displayed his regular understated excellence.  Glenn was in strong voice and his guitar riffs as tight as ever.  Ashley and Chris H. added competent backing but didn't really shine. 

    All in all, a great evening of music and the chance encounter with Glenn made this a night to circle in the diary! 

    From Christine Melton:

    Another amazing performance last night at the Keswick Theater! We were fortunate enough to meet Glenn in a coffee shop before the show and he was so gracious and friendly.  (What a thrill it was for me- I regressed to the 15 year old groupie of many years ago!)  It had been several years since I last saw them at the Tower Theater in Philadelphia (and like a love-struck teenager I gave Glenn a bouquet of flowers!) and I can honestly say they have improved with age.  How can you improve perfection?  They played a couple new songs that will be recorded this summer, and they sounded awesome!  I find it curious, however, why the band has never really broken through in the States.  I guess only true Squeeze fans appreciate their talents.  I hope they have the continued success they deserve. 

    From Susan:

    saw them at ac and philly.... 
    Dr. Jazz intro to melody motel....Sweet home alabama intro to tempted.... and all he left us was a ...lownnnn. (ac tribute to temptations.) Show squeeze a roof and they'll raise it, show squeezefans a seat and they'll stand! Both shows, quite cool. 
    The backing boys: Chris Holland proves it runs in the DNA, Ashley Soan proves less is more (the attractions drummer Pete Thomas? nearly scared nay snared Glenn off stage in the SFP tour) and Hilaire Penda is simply as happy as a baby in a jingle jumper, it's infectious! 
    The front runners: Glenn was far more chatty at the ac show (he did the monkey on the sidelines) and drove Chris' eyes to the floor by introducing him as having played in a "very manly fashion" for the past two hours. 
    "To be a dad" has an irish ayre sort of feel which i think is wonderful. Although I think "dominoe" and ''bitter wind" were quite good too. 
    As for the sartorial advice side of things....I think I'll pick on Chris..... While I think he always cuts a good figure in a suit, Why is it that he always seems to run the gamut between the Fuller Brush Salesman and the Good Humor Man? 
    I liked both shows immensely, however, I think the Keswick outshined AC because AC was full islandy throughout whereas Keswick dedicated that to Goodbye Girl and  was done with it. Guess it's my jealousy for not having spent the first part of my June in Bermuda or it couldda been that guy that was pulling mussels from a shell before Keswick which out me in such a benevolent mood. 
    Waiting with baited breath for the album.........

Pittsburgh, June 17th, Graffiti
    From Alison Munin:

    Last night's show in Pittsburgh blew me away.  The band really seemed like they were enjoying themselves and it was a great crowd.  Everyone was singing and dancing.  Graffiti is this little cabaret style club and it was the perfect venue.  My friend and I had the table dead centre down front with a few drinks and loved it.  Great set and liked the new songs too (especially Domino).  For Black Coffee..., Glenn invited everyone up on stage and about 20 of us got up there to sing along for the closing.  I even got to shake his hand after.  I'll never forget this great night.  This was the third time seeing Squeeze and for me the most memorable.  I got good pictures too.

Buffalo, June 18th, Buffalo Place
    From Gary Leeson:

    Arrived in Buffalo at 4pm and headed straight to Lafayette square. As expected, the squeezefan.com contingent had already staked their place at center stage. Made a bee-line for Chris and Jenn in order to pick up my photo contest prize (pretty neat I can tell you). Met for the first time, Bob V, Drew and Joy (who have been to nearly every show on the tour), Mike, Rachel, Michele and many more squeezefans. Again, as in Northampton, the squeezefan community proved to be a great bunch. 

    As 5pm grew nearer, the square started to fill out, (mainly around the beer tents though until squeeze came on). I picked up the cheapie T-shirt ($25) - couldn't quite justify getting the $45 one! 

    The Saw Doctors came on just after 5pm for one hour. Not bad I guess - wouldn't dash out and buy one of their CD's mind you. Squeeze took to the stage at 6.50pm and went through their now famous set list (of which I got a copy at the end). They seemed to be having a grand old time in the afternoon sun playing to what had become a packed square both in front and behind the stage. As with all good acts, Squeeze left the crowd wanting more (naturally), having everyone partake in a four part harmony version of Black Coffee. After the show, the Squeezefans.com made our way to the bus for photos etc. (I was also determined to get my CFC CD (have I mentioned that I won the photo contest!!!) signed by Chris and Glenn. 

    Then, having been tipped off by Suzanne, we all headed to the Rendevous Bar and Grill on Niagara street (thanks Michele). Good time was had by all - hope the photos turn out. Bang on midnight it was time to go - back over the border to get ready for tonites show in T.O. 

    From James Barg:

    June 18th won't be a day I forget for a long, long time. I suppose it goes back to the previous August and the day before I started college, where on a whim, I picked up Piccadilly Collection at the local mall. A few weeks later, Ridiculous was discovered in the vault of the college radio station, and I was on my way to becoming a rededicated Squeeze fan. Flash forward to April, where I was stunned, shocked, and elated to find out that Squeeze (who by this time had assumed the mantle of 'favorite band') was playing downtown Buffalo in the middle of June. I convinced my best friend to drive from Syracuse, through Rochester to get me, and finally to Buffalo for the concert. 

    Unfortunately, it wasn't going to be easy... if I had heard 'Misadventure' before then, I probably would've hummed it throughout the weeks leading up to the 18th. Turns out my roommate's parents would let him drive to my house, but not to Buffalo. Thankfully, arrangements were made to get to Buffalo via the Rochester bus station. On the day of the show, things got a little hairy when my roomie locked his keys in the truck in my backyard. But, in a sign of things to come, AAA showed up and left within 15 minutes - all before our ride to the bus station showed up. We took that as a good omen and left for Buffalo. 

    I brought along my Some Fantastic Place CD and he brought a camera, in case we had the good fortune to meet the band afterwards. After hanging with friends, we got to Lafayette Square at around five, where we planted ourselves near the statue in the middle of the square. After wondering what playing the entire Godzilla album (the local alternative station here sponsored the concert) had to do with a Squeeze show, I very nearly embarrassed myself by mistaking two gentlemen for Glenn and Chris, but thought better of going up to them and inquiring their identities. Instead, I listened to the Saw Doctors, who brightened my already jolly mood with songs about Ireland and beer - the kind of lighthearted stuff that's perfect for an early-summer pop concert. 

    Finally, Glenn pranced onstage wearing that orange-and-blue polkadot shirt and raced into 'Electric Trains'. At that point, the urge to dance became too much, and I basically didn't stop moving until we were sitting on the bus back to Rochester. It was a wonderful experience, as it was my first chance to see a true band instead of an overblown rock act (Aerosmith and Lynyrd Skynyrd were the only two concerts I've attended before Squeeze). 

    I especially enjoyed the fact that the guys seemed to be having a blast as well. Glenn's comments - 'if you've been living under a rock since 1982...'- and Hilaire's posing for pictures during the set really gave off a lot of infectious energy, and for the majority of the audience, it was a wonderful time. 

    The minority of the audience happened to be nearby, as the people behind me kept screaming for 'Tempted' every five minutes, and I was amazed at the amount of people who left after Glenn belted it out. But I guess that's to be expected for a free concert of a not-so-well-known band. 

    Sadly, my roommate and I had to leave right after the show to catch the bus, so we didn't get to hobknob with the band. Besides that setback it was a day that both he and I won't forget anytime soon. 

Toronto, Molson Ampitheatre, June 19th
    From Christopher Beckett:

    Set;list: Footprints, Hourglass, Cool For Cats, Third Rail, Bitter Wind, It's Over, Up the Junction, Domino, Tempted, Take Me I'm Yours, Annie Get Your Gun, Black Coffee In Bed.

    Best overheard conversation of the night: two girls, neither of whom could have been older than 15. They were deciding which Squeeze shirt to buy. Suddenly one turned to the other and said "I can't believe they didn't play anything from 'Ridiculous'!" You could have knocked me over with a feather - I could have sworn they'd be fans of the headliners, Great Big Sea. 

    From Gary Leeson:

    Lost in a great big sea - That's how we felt last night. After being spoilt with all of the prior 'up close and personal' shows, the Toronto show (as expected) turned into a bit of a 'downer'. I think this was due to a whole combination of things - e.g. 

    the fact that this was our last show, 

    the fact that squeeze were only the warm up band, with all of the pitfalls of such (everyone wandering around not paying attention), 

    the fact that we were totally outnumbered - about 15000 Great Big Sea to 6 Squeeze fans, 

    the fact that it was in Toronto's version of the Hollywood Bowl, 

    the fact that we were exhausted!! 

    Having said all of that I wouldn't have missed it for the world. As Chris B. mentioned in his review, we all went down to CFNY 102.1 radio station to witness the most pathetic interview of all time. It was totally embarassing. I don't think that Chris D. or Glenn could believe that they had raced to downtown Toronto for such drivvle. Last September, the same guy interviewed Glenn with the same garbage 1980's questions. I thought afterwards, I should have suggested to the station that one of us conduct the bloody thing!! 

    So then it was off to the Molson Amphitheatre. Unlike our prior two shows, our seats (yes we had to sit!) made us feel we were watching the show from the West Coast. (sorry, couldn't resist that one). We did get up and walk closer to the front for a while to snap a picture or two, but then as would be expected for such an event were asked to return to our seats. I stuck out my tongue at the teenage security guard - she laughed! A highlight of the show for me was watching the video on the semi-big screens. It was the first time that we got to see Chris H's fingers actually playing the keyboards on the whole tour. 

    I wouldn't say that the band raced through the songs; instead I think they tried to fit as many in their time slot as they could. Therefore the usual banter was missing and probably rightly so (as the 15000 other people were just passing time waiting for GBS). 

    After Squeeze had finished, we decided to go on a Squeeze hunt. This was somewhat difficult as the bus was behind gates, bars, security guards, etc. However, with a never-say-die approach we did manage to get Hilaires attention. He got us through the gates, bars, etc to say our final farewells of this tour to the greatest band around. We'll miss you Squeeze. Now it's time for some sleep and to cheer England on to the World Cup championship.

Chicago, June 20th, Guinness Fleadh Festival
    From Scastles:

    While I can't do near as throrough a review as most of you have done since I understand absolutely nothing about music, except that I like it and can't imagine a life without it, I will at least give my impressions of the Chicago Fleadh. 

    First, it was miserably hot.  I'm sure most of us would have been glad for a little of the rain that they had in NYC.  Squeeze played on the VH-1 stage. They were supposed to start at 6:40, but that particular stage was running behind schedule.  We hung out at the VH-1 tent, in the shade, until Billy Bragg, the act before Squeeze.  We made our way into the part of the crowd that was standing and listened to an interesting, and actually quite informative set of mostly Woody Guthrie tunes, while watching what we assumed was the Squeeze bus for any signs of the band. 

    After he ended, the Billy Bragg fans made their way back through the crowd and the Squeeze fans moved up into the steam room at the front. I ended up with just 3 people in front of me, the closest I've ever been to the band, so I had an excellent view of Glenn and Chris H.  I could only see Chris D. and Hilaire about half of the time.  The only time I could actually see Ashley was when he came out while they were setting up and did something with his drums. 

    Anyway, on to the music.  I thought it was wonderful.  It's been quite a while since I've seen the band and it brought back wonderful memories of past concerts.  I'm terrible at remembering details, so I can't tell you what the set list was, but I'm sure it was similar to the rest of the shows.  I think there were 5 songs that I wasn't familiar with.  They also did the standards and ended with Black Coffee.  Again, I can't comment on the sound mixing or whether anyone missed a beat or hit a wrong note, I kind of have a tin ear, but they sounded great to me.  My favorite part of a concert is that feeling you get in your chest when the bass and drums start beating and you feel like you are part of the music, and I got that here so I was happy.  Also just hearing Glenn and Chris singing together in that way that only they can made the concert special. 

    I did feel terribly sorry for Glenn because it was so obvious that he was just melting in the heat.  It didn't seem to bother the others near as much, but poor Glenn kept quickly taking his hands off of the guitar to wipe his face when he wasn't singing.  He was very enthusiastic at the beginning of the show, hugging and lifting up the DJ who introduced the band.  Apparently they have been drinking buddies when the band is in Chicago.  Not that the enthusiasm didn't remain for the whole show.  Oh, and his outfit consisted of olive green cargo pants and a neon orange shirt with big, black polka dots. Where does this man get his dress sense? 

    One more special moment.  I know that at one point Glenn saw me beaming up at him and smiled back.  I'm sure the people in front and behind me thought he was smiling at them, but I know he was smiling at me and that's that! 

    Finally, on the long drive home from Chicago to Spfld, we were passed by a car with a SQZE ME license plate.  I wondered if they were on the maillist. 

    Thanks for letting me give my 2 cents worth on the band.  What a lot of fun, and I'll be out there catching up on those newer cd's I haven't gotten around to buying yet.

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