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Some Fantastic Place

Q Magazine, October 1993
Rating: **** (out of 5)
Review by Mat Snow

Another fine Squeeze album-their first since 1991's Play, the replacement of drummer Gilson Lavis by ex- Elvis Costello & The Attractions Pete Thomas and of keyboardist Jools Holland by one of his many predecessors, Paul Carrack-with the usual complement of perfectly realised songs and bittersweet kitchen sinkery. Should, however, lyricist Difford & Tillbrook and tunesmith Difford & Tillbrook wonder why the freedom of Deptford has so far not been extended into the wider world, they might consider whether, given their volatile line-up, being a beat group isn't selling some of their songs short. Consider Everything In The World: taken at a Motown Records lick, the beat drowns out the melody and the words are swallowed altogether. Against that, Cold Shoulder does everything right: an opening image of our love-battered and locked-out hero peering through the cat-flap at the missus's feet, a wistful tune counterpointed by a sardonic guitar line, every detail poignant in its starkness. In this mode, Squeeze kill you softly every time.

A scan of Vox Magazine's review of the album, courtesy of Stephen Towler.

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