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UK 1998
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Liverpool, March 23, Lomax Club: 

    From Debra A. Goetschius: 
    Melody Motel 
    Mud in your Eyes  (audience request) 
    This Summer  (a. r.) 
    Stupid Thing  (a.r.) 
    Walk Away  (a.r.) 
    Monkey On You  - recorded by Dr. Feelgood ("Chris & I wrote it 22 years ago.") 
    Let the good times roll (Jimi Hendrix song) 
    To Be A Dad  (New one!!!) 
    In Quintessence 
    Vanity Fair 
    When the hangover stikes 
    Tracks of my tears (audience singing loudly with Glenn) 
    Perfect Day (a song by Lou Reed but BBC had an advert using this song that is very 
       familiar to the U.K. audience.  Asked for audience members to each sing a line of the 
       song. About 20 participants up on stage.) 
    Elephant Ride 
    Up the Junction (with audience member playing 6-string) 
    Hey Carrie Anne (sp?)  (The Hollies song with two audience members singing) 
    Wine Spolley Oley (I never can spell this one correctly) 
    Maidstone  - going right into - Goodbye Girl 
    Weather with you 
    Cool For Cats (the entire audience singing EVERY word - Glenn said he wanted to give 
        his voice a rest) 
    Ticket to Ride 
    Black Coffee in Bed 
    Is That Love? 
    Some Fantastic Place 
    1st Encore: 
    came out with Dave Sullivan and he sang Dead Skunk in the Middle of the Road 
    Take Me I'm Yours  w/ Dave 
    Another Nail For My Heart 
    Sunny Afternoon 
    2nd Encore: 
    Annie Get Your Gun  (complete with bevy of girl dancers behind him on stage. I decided 
       to sit this one out along with the following songs.  To be truthful, I couldn't get to the 
       stage because the venue was so small and too many people - it was like sardines in a can 
       - and it started to smell like 'em too!) 
    I'm A Believer 
    Pulling Mussels... 
    Baby It's Alright (Ray Charles Song)  (Glenn leading the audience in all the oooh's and 
    Glenn ended the show and while leaving the stage and an audience member requested 
       Tempted (Glenn said, "Oh yeah, forgot about that one!) 
    Fabulous show and Liverpool really has a great Squeeze following.  By the way, it was a sold out crowd of 300!! 
    Can't way for tonight and see how Coventry goes. 

Coventry, March 24, Hare and Hounds Pub 
    From Gary Leeson- 
    As expected, another great evening in the company of Glenn Tilbrook. This wasn't so much of a show, but more of a party of 200+ (sold out show) hosted by Glenn. Even though we had heard Glenn was not feeling great, it didn't seem to stop him giving his usual 110 percent. The setting was the Hare and Hounds pub in Keresley Village, just outside Coventry. With regards to audience participation, let's say that Coventry folk are not backward in coming forward! 

     We met some great Squeeze fans at the show, particularly John, Dawn and Nicola from Melton Mowbray, Leics. who travel all over England to see Glenn (and Nick Harper) shows. Also nice to meet Debra Goetschius (see Liverpool review) and Ben Harper from L.A. And of course, as always, a great pleasure to meet Glenn and Suzanne. So, to the setlist. This may be incomplete, and I don't know the names of all the cover songs so forgive me, but it's as accurate as I can recall. 
    Tough Love 
    Mud in Your Eye (Nils Lofgren) 
    End of a Century 
    Let the Good Times Roll (Jimi Hendrix) 
    Wicked and Cruel - sung (or should I say murdered) by yours truly. How come you can 
       sing a song a million times but when it really counts you screw it up royally!! 
    Up the Junction - One of the 12 strings broke. Audience member helped to re-string. 
    The Tracks of my Tears - very good, comical audience participation 
    Tempted (I think this was at this point in the show) 
    Temptation for Love 
    To be a Dad 
    A Perfect Day (See Liverpool review - same thing - very comical) 
    Sea Cruise 
    Suspicious Minds (Elvis) 
    Is that Love - sung by Nicky from audience 
    I Hear you Knocking (Dave Edmunds song) 
    Labelled with Love 
    Weather with You (Every where you go) 
    Wine Spolley Oley - stole the title from Debra Liverpool review 
    Some Fantastic Place 
    Dancing Queen (Abba!!) 
    Annie Get you Gun 
    Sitting on the Dock of a Bay (Otis Reading). 

    1st Encore 
    Sunny Afternoon (Kinks) 
    Goodbye Girl 
    Black Coffee in Bed - definitely an audience request 

    2nd Encore 
    I'm a Believer - at this point the dancing on stage started. 
    Pulling Mussels 

    So the 7000 mile round trip from Canada to Coventry and back again was worth it - and I got to see my mum also! 

Cambridge, April 15th, The Boat Race 

    From: William Evans- 

    Who was that guy who got up with Glenn last night?   He and Glenn appeared to know one another and looked very comfortable together - rehearsed even?  He looks familiar from a band some years ago which I can't place.  I think Glenn said his name was Paul. 

    Anyway, in an exellent solo gig Glenn ran through most of the hits and a smattering of well chosen covers.  For Lou Reeds' Perfect Day he got a dozen or so up on stage to sing a line each, and got the guy mentioned above up as well to feed people their line before they got to the microphone.  Organised, or what?! 

    Another bloke got up to play 2nd guitar on 'Mussels' with Glenn but got lost on the chorus and ending - but at least he had a go. He went home a happy man. 

    Incidentally, the first mystery guest has a very Diffordesque voice, and sang all of Slaughtered, Gutted And Heartbroken with Glenn joining him on the chorus, and  later, Glenn got him up to play rhythm guitar on Take Me I'm Yours.  This time, he helped Glenn on the vocals throughout, singing Chris's low vocal part.  All most impressive. 

    Is this bloke appearing at all of Glenns solo shows, - if not, why not? -or was it just a one-off?   The interesting thing from a Squeeze fans viewpoint is that the two of them together do sound like the full ticket of Difford and Tillbrook, - but you have to close your eyes becuase the guest artist didn't look like Chris and he had a very loud jacket on! 

    C'mon Glenn - own up - who is he? 

Cambridge, April 15th, The Boat Race 

    From: Yvonne Cubitt 

    First visit for me to this venue, not sure at first but crowd certainly seemed to like Glenn. 

    After correcting the sign above the bar which said Glenn Tilbrook (formerly of Squeeze) he seemed ready for a good evening. 

    I'm vague about the running order apart from the 1st song and being amazed that the first hour was virtually all old Squeeze which pleased me but I wasn't sure about my three friends who had never seen Squeeze before let alone Glenn - well here goes 

     I won't ever go drinking again 
     Vicky Verky 
     I've Returned 
     In Quintessence 
     Womans World 
     Vanity Fair 
     Melody Motel 
     Another Nail 
     Slaughtered Gutted and Heartbroken - Shaun singing 
     Take Me I'm Yours - Shaun & Glenn 
     Its Over 
     Some Fantastic Place 
     Tracks of my Tears 
     To be a Dad - new my second hearing - growing on me 
     I hear you knocking 
     Stupid Thing 
     Up the Junction 
     Perfect Day - audience participation as other gigs 
     Is That Love 
     Annie Get Your Gun 
     Goodbye Girl - Rog - playing second guitar! 
     Pulling Mussels 
     Smithereens - plug for Nick 
     Voodoo Woman 
     Temptation for Love 
     Weather with You 
     Wine Spolley Oley 
     Sunny Afternoon 

    Only one encore, songs somewhere in above list and a rather sudden end as he had over run the 11pm cut off time by 25 minutes. 
     My friends really enjoyed the evening and now say they can start to understand my madness about all things Squeeze. 
     Finished off my evening perfectly by being about to purchase Nicks album 'Smithereens' - if you get the chance pick it up it is well worth the wait.

Swindon, April 16th, Level Three 

    From Kay Jennings- 

    I seem to spend half my life going up and down motorways to see Glenn (or Squeeze or D&T) but it's always worth the effort! This time the setting was Level 3 in Swindon, a strange little venue in the middle of the most bloody awful one-way system on this Earth, complete with Magic Roundabout (which I negotiated twice, in different directions!) However, the end result was two hours ten minutes of pure joy from a man in top form as always. There was no support act, no introduction, Glenn just ambled on stage before a less than capacity crowd and proceeded to show that the other half just don't know what they're missing. He opened with a new song (possibly called Domino?) which appears to be about an amorous encounter with a female Police Officer, and followed soon after with another, To Be A Dad - both holding promise of good things to come on the long-awaited new album. Among the highlights for me were Alison, Daphne, Tracks Of My Tears (during which we failed miserably at being the Miracles as usual), Perfect Day - a scream if you weren't involved, highly embarrassing if you were - and the ever-gorgeous Temptation For Love, which he did beautifully sans microphone despite (or perhaps because of) the irritating gits who talked loudly throughout - why do people come to acoustic gigs and then talk all the way through? It seems the height of rudeness to me, and spoils it for everyone 
    else. Moan over. For the second encore he was joined by a surprise guest, Kevin Wilkinson, who set up a drum and joined in with gusto! The set list is not in the right order and may be incomplete - I'm always far too busy enjoying myself to stand with pen and paper writing them all down! 

    Suspicious Minds (Elvis or Fine Young Cannibals - personally I prefer the second!) 
    To Be A Dad 
    Mud In Your Eye (Nils Lofgren) 
    From A Whisper To A Scream (Elvis Costello) 
    Tough Love 
    The Elephant Ride 
    Dock Of The Bay (Otis Redding) 
    Alison (Elvis Costello) 
    Perfect Day (Cast of hundreds!) 
    Some Fantastic Place 
    Tracks Of My Tears (Smokey Robinson) 
    The Truth 
    Wine Spodee Odee (Who knows?) 
    Weather With You (Crowded House) 
    Temptation For Love 
    Mumbo Jumbo 
    Annie Get Your Gun 
    I Hear You Knocking (Dave Edmunds) 
    Black Coffee 
    This Summer 
    Sunny Afternoon (Kinks) 
    Pulling Mussels 
    Is That Love 
    Electric Trains 
    I'm A Believer (Monkees)

Matlock Bath, April 23, The Fishpond 

    From Craig Thomas- 

    Matlock Bath, The Fishpond, renewing my aquaintance with Glenn after years away, about 10 (anno domini- cah! ay?) apart from a year or so in love with Some Fantastic Place, great album I heard only thanx to Danny Baker and his much maligned and by me grieved-over Radio 5 show. Talking of tens, I live only 10 mins from The Fishpond so obviously had to go. And how relieved I did, when I thought about it later because.............I was blown away, totally. 

    Look, like loads of people, in my time I've seen great people on stage: James Taylor, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Elvis Costello (15 times +), Sting (when he had a world class band), Pat Metheny, Jan Gabarek (band and Hilliard Ensemble) and dozens of others down 25 years but Glenn the other night was one of the best gigs I've ever seen; the best bar very few. And not being a complete Squeeze nutcase I can still muster plenty of objectivity when judging. It's clear to me that Glenn Tilbrook is a rare, rare talent with a near-genius for playing to a (small) audience. A modern singer and player of the popular song par excellence. And what enthusiasm, commitment to music (not just his own) - he seemed too to be loving every second of it. 

    I won't do u a set list cos although I knew almost all the Squeeze numbers I couldn't name them all w/o going up in my loft and digging out me old LPs, but WT Hangover Strikes, Vanity Fair, Mussels and Tempted were brilliant highlights, Some Fantastic Place the only (brilliant) mistake. 

    From other set lists on the Net here it could be he produced Rungren's I Saw The Light off the cuff after someone shouted it out, but whether a spontaneous move or not, this was the best cover version of any song anywhere, any time I've ever heard by anyone. It was just out of this world, and made u realise, as GT played it what a practically perfect piece of songwriting it is - now that is what I call genius. It suited Glenn's voice perfectly. I was in heaven. 

    What else can I say but produce more superlatives? Oh yes, criticise the 'get the audience up' policy. Some admittedly quite talented but outrageously over-confident egotist got up and did a Stones song with GT playing along on second guitar. Call me old-fashioned but how dare he presume!!!!!!!!!!! I'd paid me eight quid to see Glenn and all that. And frankly, GT was so good, you didn't want to do anything but see and hear him pull off triumph after triumph. The skill, the talent, it was awesome. I'm a bit of musician myself and others out there who've seen Glenn will doubtless have realised just what it takes to do what he does. When someone plays, sings and handles an audience in such a way as to make u think it the simplest thing under the sun to do (and it's not, it's one of the hardest) then u know you're in the presence of greatness, and I really don't use the word lightly, espesh as I'm Great Britain's biggest musical snob. Perfect Day was a hoot tho'. 

    Glenn, if you're on the Net and reading this, you're so great the whole world of music practically ought to get down and bow at your feet. There. 

Stoke-on-Trent, April 25, The Wheatsheaf 

Ashton-Under-Lyne, October 10, The Witchwood

    From Stephen Towler -

    To the Witchwood at Ashton Under Lyne for Glenn's last solo show of 1998.
    The Witchwood is a pub which has been presenting live music for ten years and this is one of a series of shows to celebrate that. Opening the show was a local singer/songwriter called Andy Goddard who was very good. I've not yet started to take a pen and paper to shows to write the song list down - it seems a little sad to me but amongst the highlights were: great versions of 'I Saw the Light' and 'Hey Joe', Glenn using a beer bottle as a slide and doing a brief 'blues' version of 'Goodbye Girl' and an appearance of 'Domino',which I've heard three or four times now and which seems to get better and better.
    Glenn said the new album is two weeks away and should be released on 6 November - so if you're going to the Amersham Arms show it may be available there. The real treat of the evening was a preview of another song from the new album - 'Without You'. According to Glenn, Chris wrote the lyric about Glenn's two boys going to live in Australia. A very downbeat lyric but a great song.
    That's it. Roll on the album and tour!

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