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UK 2000
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Derby, October 5th, The Flowerpot:

From Paul Kirkley:

Currently working nightshifts But managed to get just a couple of hours off to see Glenn in concert.
On arrival at the flowerpot after purchasing a non alcoholic drink I bumped into Glenn walking out of the back stage area. Now was my oppertunity to ask him  anything and everything I wanted to know. But I had a panic attack instead and the best I could do
was the old "Hi Glenn, how are you" line To which he replied "exellent"

Then it was into the stage area to watch the support guy. I think his first name was David, his surname was definatly Poe. He's from NYC and not at all bad. He went down very well. After that I went in search of Glenn's new single. Which I managed to purchase for £4. As it was handed to me Glenn reappeared. The perfect autograph opportunity  to which he duly accepted.

I siezed the moment, asking him  all about his new album, telling him that I could'nt  wait to hear his new stuff etc,

Tough Love first up
Other Squeeze stuff included Domino, Take Me, Up The Junc, The Truth, S.F.P.
Black Coffee, Is That Love, and Annie.
Covers inc, Tracks of my Tears, Spidily o de o (Or whatever its called) and a wicked Voodoo Chile.
The new stuff all of which I instantly liked was well received by the audiance.
The new songs were,
Two Ron Sexsmith collaborations the first of which I forgot the title of and a tune which is on the single called By The Light of The Cash Machine,
Two Chris Braide collaborations Morning and Parallel World.
An Aimee Mann collaboration Observatory. and Interviewing Randy Newman .
Another great Gig.

Sheffield, October 6th, Boardwalk
From Maggie Hornby:

It was lovely to meet Liz, Simon and friends, Helen & hubby, it felt like we'd known each other for ages, we had such a great time.  As Liz says, you feel a bit unsure at first about going up to people and asking if they are "such & such", going off descriptions, but it's well worthwhile and makes the whole thing even more enjoyable.  And you all guessed right first time!

Now for the all important fashion report:)

Glenn wore a silky shirt, similar to Edinburgh, trousers with a cross between a check and herringbone pattern on them, sorry, Sarah and I can't remeber what it's called and trainers, (no sandals this time

Support was quite well received but had a few technical problems, the last number was particularly good.

It was the first time I'd seen Glenn with a music stand  complete with set list!

A good, long set comprising of;

Tough Love
You won't see me
Take me I'm yours
Tracks of my tears
By the light of the cash machine
Goodbye girl
Voodoo child
The truth

Then came a channel breakdown so Glenn had a walkabout amongst the furniture and played "Sea Cruise". 

He resumed with a lovely version of;

You were always on my mind
followed by:
Parallel World
The weather with you
Labelled with love
Wine spodee odee
Randy Newman
Please let me have your number
Up the Junction
Nail in my heart
Perfect Day (avec moi, Liz & Simon who have great voices)
Pulling mussels

As you can see, Glenn really earned his money and it was very much appreciated.

It was lovely to all chat after the show,I wonder what time he managed to get away.  I hope your journeys back were all ok Helen and Simon, we got back about 1.15 after singing to "Babylon & On" over the peak district.

From Helen Burns:

Well, we've done our usual cross-country endurance challenge to see Glenn in his new incarnation, and as usual it was well worth all the effort. It seemed much longer than 10 months since I last saw him and I was feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing, for some odd reason.

But it went well from the word go: no problems finding The Boardwalk, easy parking just opposite and Sheffield Centre was no longer the forbidding place I remember from 20 years ago. We met up with Liz Field outside who'd got the tickets for us and proceeded to get a table (yes, table) at the front, alongside Garry Clayton and his wife. We were then joined by Sarah and Maggie who was sporting a wonderful specially commissioned T-shirt, and we created our own little Mailing List corner.  The tables in front of the stage were set with candles, giving the place the ambience of a 1950's nightspot-cum-pizzeria - very odd. But it was spacious and atmospheric and I loved it.

David Poe was the supporting artist and a very talented singer/songwriter/guitarist he was. He reminded me of James Taylor with severe depression, but then he was plagued by sound problems throughout his set.

The Glenn bounced on stage bristling with confidence and enthusiasm and it was obvious from the off that we were in for a good night. He launched into 'Tough Love', an unexpected opener and then jumped onto one of the blocks at the side of the stage. As I thought, he took umbrage at the gaping chasm between the tables and the stage and politely invited us to mill about a bit if we had the inclination. I'm proud to say the Mailing List corner was first up on its collective feet, and it was all go from then on.

Maggie made a set list so I won't strain my alcohol raddled memory trying to recall all the songs.  But he was in fine form, all singing, all guitar playing genius that he is, and was in the mood for plenty of banter with the audience. Highlights for me were 'The Truth' immediately followed by 'SFP' (2 out of my top 3 and as near to ecstasy as music can get), 'Weather with you', the hilarious 'Tracks of my Tears' and his version of Willie Nelson's version of 'You were always on my mind'. The first time he did the build-up to this song the sound promptly broke down again (a problem for most of the night) and he had to abandon it, with an off-mike shout of "F**k!". He compensated by doing a pure acoustic version of 'Sea Cruise' striding out across the tables and chairs to the delight of just about everybody in the room - except maybe the people he stepped on.

He played a lot of the new stuff which sounded terrific and boded well for the March release of his new album (no title yet, suggestions welcome).  Its nowhere near finished, of course, and he has rough cuts from it to work on with him while he's on tour. He found himself giggling whenever he mentioned "his new single". The novelty of his situation is still dawning on him, it seems. This wasn't Glenn Tilbrook, Pub Entertainer. This gig wasn't a recreational rest from his more serious Squeeze commitments - this is now the serious stuff. So there were no requests taken from the audience; no guest appearances from audience members; not even a straw poll tonight. He has new songs to promote and needs the extra time, I suspect. This is not a criticism, as it didn't detract at all from the show. If anything we got more Glenn to the pound, which is no bad thing.

Anyway, 2 rapturous encores had us all rocking in the aisles, but even Liz and Maggie's goading wouldn't persuade me to volunteer for 'Perfect day'. Maybe next time..

So, of course we hung around to accost the poor chap after the show; Maggie getting him to sign everything animate and inanimate she could find; Liz apologising for asking for his autograph; Garry apologising for his singing on 'Perfect Day' (why?), and my hubby getting him to correct and sign a poster he'd nicked from the foyer advertising GLEN TILLBROOK.

The grand finale was me, Maggie, Sarah and Liz having our photo taken with a very tolerant and kindly Glenn, who actually looked rather scared.

I didn't get back to base until 1am, still grinning inanely, as I was the next morning. What a great night: great friends, great music - a brilliant evening. Cheers Glenn!

From Liz Field:

Wow!  What a night!  

The Boardwalk looked more like a European bar, full of tables with candles - it was a nice ambience and suited the support act well.  I thought he was great, although some of the lyrics made Up The Junction sound like a carnival.  

Glenn was in fine form.  He had a set list, unlike his usual solo gigs, but still bantered with us and stepped from chair to chair through the audience when he had a technical problem.  Others have writen great reviews about the set list and individual songs - I'm not too good at it so I won't bother!

At the end he got 16 of us on stage for Perfect Day - for the first time I was one of them.  Afterwards he came out and kindly signed cd's and let us take photos and we chatted to Suzanne as well.

By "we" I mean all the e-groupees who were there - and to them - Helen, Wal, Maggie, Sarah and Simon - I want to say a big thank you.  It was great to meet everyone and put faces to name.  Isn't it great that people who would otherwise never come across each other can be friends?  

If anyone is going to one of the solo shows, I definitely recommend that you purchase the single.  Not only because it's Glenn and it's a great song (although I am sure I read somewhere what it was a dance track - not like any dance track I've heard!), but also because the information on the inside is very funny.

In case you hear the song during the set and you're not quite sure whether to buy, I can guarantee that, like most Squeeze songs, it gets even better the more you hear it.  The piano version (track 3), although not single material, is my favourite.

Do I get a fiver from Glenn for that advert?

Also, during the set, Glenn mentioned that he didn't have a name for the new album yet.  As it also mentioned on the sleeve of the single, he is happy to take requests.  My suggestion is :-  "How many usually confident, professional women at a Glenn Tilbrook gig does it take to change a light bulb?"  Answer: "They don't manage it - nor do they manage to say anything sensible to him or ask any of those questions they are dying to ask."  Ok - a bit wordy - but it sums up me that night!

Dundee, October 10th, Dexters
From Stephen Muir:

As i explained to the Great man at the end of the gig, i must be one of his most ardent stalkers! The 3rd time i'd seen him at the "Westie" & 9th time overall.I truly do not believe any "star", be they from a musical, sporting or academic background could be more self-effacing. A true Gent....and outrageously talented too boot. The set list pretty much followed that of Sheffield by the looks of things with the exception of Up The Junction & Annie (i was getting slighty the worse for wear so am prepared to stand corrected on that)
As ever the audience were enraptured from the second he started tuning up...this continued for the 2 hours+ that he graced the stage. They don't come much more "pubby" than the West Port Bar...capacity 120 tops, but what an atmosphere. 2 encores ending with Perfect Day & 16 volunteers (moi included). One really touching moment was when a  disabled chap with crutches tried to get on stage to become  one of the 16 ...he was clearly struggling and Mr T rightly said that safety came first and that it might be an idea for him to stay at the front of the stage....anyway, half way through  Perfect Day, without warning,,Glenn went to him and stretched  over with the mike for the guy to then belt out the main chorus....absolutely spot on!!
As i read from Sheffield there was definitely more of an "edge" to this performance in the sense that the set-list appeared  to be just that ie Set, and only once did the audience join in prior to Perfect Day...that was during Take Me..(track 4) when one guy played guitar bass line (i chickened out after being nominated by a friend) & a mate of mine did the Baz thing by simply dancing beside him!! Talent just oozed out of every Tilbrook pore.


Greenock, October 11th, Word Up
From Liz McAuslan:

Well, who would ever believe you? All the greatest songs, a quick dance at the disco nextdoor, a ballad in the gents bogs and then the entire audience on stage being sung to by Glenn on the floor. Not to mention having Glenn come down into the audience to mingle and sing at the same time. What an absolute stoater of a night!! 

I was so hyper when I got home lastnight and I belted out a great review straight into my mail message and all of a sudden as I was in full flow the darned thing crashed and I lost it, but although I am now much more sober I can still feel a certain high today after last night's antics. Here we go from start to finish. 

Robin and I and two friends started our night by having a drink in Harwoods right nextdoor to the venue (whose doors were not yet open). Almost as expected Glenn and Suzanne arrived at the bar. As usual I panicked, since I hadn't drunk nearly enough yet to go and say hello. There was karaoke on and I thought we were in for an early treat when a our pal, Willie, put Glenn's name down to sing Labelled with Love. Unfortunately he was called just a moment after he and Suzanne left. Drat! That would've been a story to tell I thought. 

Anyway, on to Word Up where I heard a little of the charming David Poe. The place was half full and the audience not very attentive. David did get a good reception however especially when he asked if anyone out there was actually listening. 
However, there was an unusual thing about this gig which struck me. There weren't very many people. The place holds about 250 I think and as I said can't have been much more than half full and all were crowded to the back away from the stage. We're all very reserved up here you know. I think the Greenock folk must've been put off by the late night in the middle of the week. 

Glenn came on and his first few songs were well in line with the other reports, Tough Love, The Truth, Domino, SFP, Observatory and Tracks of my Tears when he coaxed us up to the stage and got us all singing. I'm afraid I didn't do a setlist I was too busy having a good time so just as I remember it all. . He came to Parallel World and made sure that those chatting at the back were listening by walking round the floor pointing out the posters. Sounded great..he then went straight on to the second track on the CD By the light of the Cash Machine and was a bit narked by the ruder ones at the back still chatting so he went right over to them and sung it right there to shut them up! It was great! I think it was around about this time while he was in the midst of us that he stopped and heard the pounding music from the adjoining night club. So, after some unlocking of doors we all trooped through for a dance. And there we all were dancing with Glenn. The DJ held his mike to Glenn's guitar while he sang Hourglass, well we all sung it. . I can't imagine what the folk in the club were thinking. Anyway, the DJ had found Electric Trains in his collection and so promptly put that on and we all danced and sang and Glenn accompanied himself for a few bars . He then started the mass exit back from whence we came. He carried on singing Electric Trains and completed it with us all around him doing fabulous backing vocals. Brilliant! 

Back on stage again he did Wine Spodee-odee(?) ,  Tempted...not in that order. He also did Take Me I'm Yours (With our pal Willie joining him on guitar, couldn't get Glenn's plectrum off him!) Sunny Afternoon and another old one that I can't remember but a lot of people seemed  to know it. 

I have no idea what time it was but must've been after midnight when he came back on for an encore. Then much to Suzanne's disgust he suggested that we all go into the Gents for a song. Well we didn't take much encouragement and we piled into this very unusual setting with wonderful acoustics for a very intimate rendition of Labelled with Love. We were allowed to sing the chorus only which was ideal since it meant  we could hear his fine voice in all it's glory. What a beautiful moment to behold. If only we could have stopped the clocks.  So, back to the stage again for Randy Newman, but there was no Perfect Day and there was I already to get up there , having said I wouldn't !  Instead for his finale he had us all up on stage and he sang Black Coffee to us from down below. As he finished he backed off out the door waving goodbye. 

So what started out to be quite a challenge for Glenn ended up an absolutely amazing combination of great music and a huge amount of fun. I bought the CD afterwards and although Glenn didn't seem to be around  I asked if it was possible to have it signed and we were allowed into the back room to chat with Glenn and David who were relaxing after their hard night. He was so friendly and it was just like meeting an old mate. When I try to remember what was said I can only remember me gibbering on. The bouncers came to chuck us out and with a very warm handshake and the most heartfelt thanks to Glenn for coming down to our neck of the woods I added yet another Best Gig Ever to my long list. 

Such a treat just down our street!  We walked home in under 10 minutes and me a jibbering idiot...whoever will believe we were in the Gents with Glenn! 

The new CD sounds fabulous and I look forward to the new album very much. 
Sorry this has been so long and detailed but what a night!! 

Thanks again, Glenn. 

Fyfe, October 12th, Lochgelly Centre
From Chris Middleton:

Well, no mens loos in lochgelly, but all the fab favourite songs and a few  equally fab new ones.

I was dissappointed at the turn out, but it didn't seem to upset Glenn, and  he gave all the songs his best. A debate came half-way through whether we should move into the bar where we could all participate of a small libation while Glenn continued to sing to us. Alas, the bar was shut(!!), and the suggestion by Glenn to storm the bar was not taken seriously (unfortunately!). The songs and banter continued, and then for the final encore we all followed Glenn into the foyer, where he climbed onto the nearest table and ended a brill' night with us all singing around his trouser hems. FAB!

Widnes, October 14th, Queens Hall
From Maggie Hornby:

Another great night with a difference was had at Queens Hall, Widnes last night. Sarah & I met up wih Alan in "Kelly's" pub just across from the venue and had a good chat.  Realised we had both been @ L2, Liverpool, last year. 

The Hall had a high ceiling, tremendous acoustics, tables and chairs (again).

3 support acts, first was "Pulse" a local very talented duo, 2nd - sorry didn't get  the details and finally David Poe. 

Glenn came on about 9.15 wearing trainers, a taupe coloured shirt and some really cool and trendy grey combats, nice and baggy.

The set list was much the same as Sheffield with the additions of ;

Electric Trains
It's not unusual
Suspicious minds
and a quick crack at Xanadu.

No "Perfect Day" this time and no audience on that vast stage.

After sitting down politely for the first 20 minutes or so, as soon as Glenn gave the word there was a bit of a rugby scrum for pole position at the front of the stage.

Also present was the chap who won the talent show "Stars In Their Eyes" doing Glenn a couple of years ago.

It was great to meet up with more familiar faces from the Sheffield gig, thanks for coming to say Hello.

Ashton Under Lyne, October 15th, The Witchwood:
From Maggie Hornby:

David Poe was excellent tonight, I think my sister enjoyed the set almost as much as Glenns'.

Glenn opened with "Piccadilly" (Hooray), wearing a checked shirt and beige combats (with even more pockets).

Slightly different set which included:

The Truth, Is that Love?, I saw the Light, You're so Square, Alison (done @ Widnes too)

He also played God Save The Queen with his teeth on the strings and a lovely song I'd never heard before called "Introvert", lyrics specially typed up for him by one of the regular faces.

The crowd was in full voice tonight, because of Sunday regulations, at about 10.30, Glenn had to unplug the guitar and he carried on standing on the side benches. There he did "Labelled with love" and "Black Coffee", orchestrating the harmonies from all sides of the Hall.

It was all absolutely fantastic, we had a dozen or so friends with us tonight (hubbies included) this being our "local" venue and saw lots of familiar faces.

I really will have to calm down now.

Bristol, October 19th, Fiddlers
From Kay Jennings:

Oh wow, AWESOME! I've still not come down to Earth, he was absolutely AMAZING! I've seen Glenn many times, but this was one of the best. Don't ask me for a setlist, I was far too busy having fun, but I do remember he started with Tough Love and ended with Pulling mussels - the almost two hours in between are something of a blur! New stuff - Parallel World of course, during which some ignorant oiks conducted a loud conversation oblivious of the fact Glenn was obviously not impressed; Interviewing Randy Newman; By The Light Of The Cash Machine; and Observatory. Old stuff - lots of it, interspersed with some covers, though not as many as usual. Fashion review - light cargo-type pants (how does he get so many creases in them?) and a rather nice grey shirt, trainers that had seen better days. He was in such good form, exuding joie de vivre, so obviously having such a great time. I bought the single of course, and chatted to Suzanne after (unlikelihood of making the ferry from Fishguard in two hours, coincidence of being in the same Paul Carrack audience at Glastonbury)  - couldn't get near the Man - and that's a funny thing too, the audience was an odd mix, I reckon the blokes outnumbered the girls by at least 4 to 1. Oh, and I found myself standing next to a very nice chap who'd come over from Chicago especially to see Glenn - there's dedication for you!

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