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Greatest Hits

Q Magazine, May 1992
Rating: **** (out of 5)
Review by Barry Mcllheney

Always at their best as a singles outfit, this Squeeze collection duplicates much of 1982's Singles-45s And Under. It illustrates yet again the sheer class of Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook as a quality songwriting outfit. Take Me I'm Yours, for example, the opening gem here, still provides a warm glow nearly 15 years on from its original release, while the purple patch of Up The Junction, Another Nail In My Heart and Cool For Cats -the latter recently re- released in its own right- hark back to that period when comparisons with a certain Lennon and McCartney did not seem quite so far-fetched as they do today. The more recent inclusions-Footprints, If It's Love and Love Circles-suggest, however, that the well did indeed dry up around the 10-year mark and that this collection, as well as being some sort of celebration, will also act as an official wake.

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