Mailing Lists

    We have started two Squeeze mailing lists, each for different kinds of Internet Squeeze fans...

    1) The Squeezefan Mailing List

    This mailing list is a discussion group that is conducted via e-mail. You sign
    up and start receiving all messages from the group directly to your e-mail
    box. If you want to contribute, all you have to do is send an e-mail to the
    specified e-mail address and your mail will be distributed to all list
    members immediately!

    There has been some concern in the past about the quantity of mail mailing
    list subscribers get, but Squeeze online discussion has never been
    voluminous in any of its forums. If you feel that you are receiving too much
    mail, unsubscribing is just as easy as subscribing.  You can also choose to get postings in digest format, as opposed to one mail at a time, or join the Squeezefan News List (see below).

    If you are interested in joining, simply send a blank e-mail to - you'll soon receive a mail with instructions on what to do from there.

    Send your mail to

    2) The Squeezefan News Mailing List (Makelist)

    It has now been several months since the Squeezefan Mailing List was started and it has been a remarkable success, bringing together Squeeze fans from around the world for a regular discussion of this fabulous band.

    However, the list members have been extremely prolific and some have found it difficult to keep up with the volumes of messages that come to their mailbox.  It is for this reason that we have started the Squeezefan-News mailing list.

    The Squeezefan-News list will bring you the latest news to your mailbox: release dates, tour dates, interesting projects and anything relating to Squeeze that can be considered newsworthy.  The list will also be notified of updates made to the site. Squeezefan-News is a read-only list, which means you cannot write in and have your messages distributed to the list. Any questions pertaining to content of the Squeezefan-News list should be addressed to us.

    If you are a member of the regular Squeezefan list and plan to remain so, there's no reason to join this new list. All of the news will be passed on to the regular list at the same time. Squeezefan-News has been created for the purpose of keeping those who don't want the mail list traffic up to date with the band.

    How You Can Join

    Send a blank e-mail to

    How to unsubscribe from this list.

    Send an e-mail to

    If you have any further questions about either list, feel free to direct them to us!

    Take care
    Christopher & Jennifer