squeeze lineup history 
      The original Squeeze full-band lineup: Chris Difford (guitar/vocals); Paul Gunn (drums); Jools Holland (keyboards/vocals); Harry Kakoulli (bass); Glenn Tilbrook (guitar/vocals)
      Accounts vary as to what happened, but Gunn departs, either because he quit, was fired, or was incapacitated prior to a gig and his replacement just happened to be on hand with a solid knowledge of the band's repertoire. In any case, Gilson Lavis takes over the seat behind the drum kit. This is the lineup that will record the Packet of Three EP (1977) as well as the albums (U.K.) Squeeze (1978) and Cool For Cats (1979). 

      Kakoulli is let go to pursue his disco muse. His replacement is John Bentley. This Bentley/Difford/Holland/Lavis/Tilbrook lineup records the Argybargy LP (1980). 

      Holland leaves the band and forms his own, the Millionaires. His position is filled by Paul Carrack, formerly of Ace and much session work. This new band records the LP East Side Story (1981). 

      After only one album, Carrack leaves by the end of the year to continue his solo career and various projects with Nick Lowe. But don't despair, he returns later. For the time being, his replacement is former Sincero Don Snow. This line-up records the Sweets From a Stranger LP (1982), after which Difford and Tilbrook decide to break the band up. 

      Squeeze re-forms. The new lineup is of Difford, Holland, Lavis, Tilbrook, and Keith Wilkinson on bass. They record the album Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (1985), a record whose arrangements are so elaborate that they require a second keyboard player on tour. Jools' 19-year-old brother Christopher Holland fills the keyboard gap for initial gigs, but when it comes time to get down to the serious business of touring, Ex-Egyptian (as in Robyn Hitchcock and the) Andy Metcalfe takes on this role. Metcalfe also plays on four tracks of 1987's Babylon and On, the second recording by the reformed Squeeze. 

      Metcalfe leaves and Squeeze adopt Matt Irving to fill his shoes as the band's supplementary tour keyboard player. Irving also plays accordion on two tracks on 1989's Frank LP. 

      Jools leaves the band to pursue solo projects and his TV career. He is not replaced immediately. Irving continues to play with the band at live dates. 

      The album Play is released, and features a variety of people on keyboards, including Glenn, former Attraction Steve Nieve, and Irving. On tour the quartet of Difford/Lavis/Tilbrook/Wilkinson is supplemented by keyboard players Carol Isaacs and the returning Don Snow. 

      Lavis is let go from the band. His replacement is Elvis Costello's favourite drummer, Pete Thomas. Thomas' fellow Attraction Steve Nieve (keyboards) joins the band for '92's live shows. 

      Paul Carrack returns to the fold on keyboards and with the Difford/Thomas/ Tilbrook/Wilkinson foundation, records the LP Some Fantastic Place (1993). 

      Thomas leaves for the much-ballyhooed Elvis Costello & the Attractions reunion. He is not replaced immediately and the band plays some live shows with Paul Carrack playing snare drum in addition to his keyboard duties. Eventually Carrack's friend, session drummer Andy Newmark hops on board for the live shows. This lineup of  Squeeze tours with singer/songwriter Aimee Mann on vocals and guitar. Another new/old face to show up behind the keyboards at live gigs this year is Andy Metcalfe. By the end of the year, Carrack has left for the second time. 

      The LP Ridiculous is recorded by the lineup of Difford/Tilbrook/Keith Wilkinson and new drummer Kevin Wilkinson (no relation). Tilbrook plays keyboards on most of the album, but one track features John Savannah, formerly known as Don Snow. When it comes time to tour, he is the band's keyboard player. 

      Both Wilkinsons depart from the band. Squeeze release the "Down in the Valley" single, with only Chris and Glenn appearing on the track.  When it comes time to form a new lineup, Christopher Holland returns to the fold,  in his sibling's old role, keyboards and vocals. The new rhythm section is made up of Hilaire Penda (bass) and former Del Amitri member Ashley (Ash) Soan (drums). This lineup records the album Domino.

      Chris Difford announces he is taking time off from the band.  Soon after that, Ash departs. His touring replacement for June gigs opening for Blondie is Jim Kimberley.

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