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The following are letters written by Chris to the Squeeze online community in the past. They appear in reverse-chronological order.


May 2, 1996
Dear Net pals,

 At last a release for Ridiculous in America and a sigh of relief from all in the camp here in London. The CD has a new sleeve for the States but no change of running order and no new mixes, unfortunately there was not enough time to change anything other than the sleeve. 

Glenn is home from his acoustic shows and I'm writing as much as I can before we tour this summer in the UK. American dates will begin in September, something to look forward to for us all. 

We have a single out in the UK this month, a remix of "Heaven Knows." Glenn sings this new version, and three different CD packages come with more live recordings taken from the Albert Hall shows last year. 

Life is moving slowly like a crab along a beach, but at least it's moving. 

You can mail me direct at diffordc@aol.com

Back to the note pad. 
Many regards, Chris. 

December 12, 1995
Dear Web Friends,

We are on our way from Dublin to Leeds on our Christmas tour, the Irish Sea is fairly calm for this time of year and most of the band are sleeping off another long night in another great city.

We would all like to thank you for your messages, we do get to read them and would like to get back to you all individually but time is not on our side.

 It has been another mammoth year of recording and touring, and our plans for next year are still to be confirmed. Hopefully Ridiculous will be released in America very soon in the New Year with a tour to follow. We also hope to tour Europe for the first time in ten years.

 If you would like to see us play in your town please let us know where you would like to see us, just drop us some mail stating the club/theatre/college that you favour most in your town (New York/ACADEMY). And, if you have the time, let us know what you would like to hear us play most. We will collect all the information in 12 weeks time when we plan we get to plan our next tour. 

Thanks for your loving support and time, it means the World to us to read what you the fans have to say. Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year from Squeeze.

 Chris...mid Irish Sea. 

October 7, 1995
Dear Net Pals,

 Squeeze are on tour in the UK and the shows are going very well, our two hour show is full of new and old. Should I post a set list?

 The new album is due for release here in the UK on November 13. Ridiculous has fourteen new songs, seven of these we are playing live. We are coming to America in November for five shows, to be announced shortly, two of which will be in New York, one in Boston and one in Vermont, and then some more dates in the new year when the album comes out.

 A&M have decided not to release a greatest hits package afterall, so 'The Piccadilly Collection' remains in the can for the time being. But top spirits are found in the Squeeze camp right now-- things feel very positive for us at the moment.

All the best

July 31, 1995
Dear Net pals,

 The lyrics to the new single out on August 21 here in the UK, This Summer.

 Squeeze are taking a short break for two weeks to be with their families before taking off on 9 months of work to promote their new album. Ridiculous will be released in the UK this November. 

Look out for the new single "This Summer" on UK radio. If there is anything you would like to hear from the band let me know and I'll see what we can do.

 In America we are rereleasing the first five albums in four weeks time, they will sound much better than the originals as they have been remastered by A&M.

 In October the new hits compilation will be released with added B-sides, The Piccadilly Collection.

 Have a great summer, more news in a few weeks time....

 best of love Chris

July 12, 1995
Dear Net pals,

 On tour here in England things are just fine, one day it's 90 degrees on stage then the next a grey mist rolls in cooling things down. Today we are in Whitley Bay up in the North East of England--it's sad here, at the weekend kids fill the bars, drink too much and trash cars in the street. During the week old people watch the sea roll in and out. There's not much to do, and it's a day off so we must make a trip into Newcastle just down the road for a bit of a curry, yum yum.

 The gigs are going very well, we are playing four new songs in the set and they all sound great. Our new single "This Summer" is out here in a few weeks. 

Mixing on the rest of the album takes place at the end of the month and we are looking at a release date over here in November and in the US of January 96, a date the record company feels happy about, so that makes us happy too even if we have to wait a little longer.

 Sadly Glenn and I won't be playing on the East Coast in America this August as planned, we have painted ourselves into a corner with time and feel like we have to get this record right. So we must spend more time on mixing and finishing off the artwork, generally getting all the nuts and bolts in place so we can come and tour later on.

 We are so pleased with this new record and we can't wait to bring it to your door sometime soon. Until then my very best regards.

 Chris on tour, this summer. 

June 29, 1995
Here we are, it's almost July and we're still working on the album and it sounds great.

 13 new tracks that I'm very excited about. The plan is now to tour for a few weeks then mix what we have; it should all be wrapped up by early August. After a short break we then go out on tour from early September onwards....dates to follow soon.

 The new album is being called Ridiculous at the moment, a title we all seem to like, so it may stick.

 Glenn and I played at Glastonbury last week in the acoustic tent and had a fantastic reception; Glenn camped out all weekend, me I drove home for the comfort of a wide bed.

 As well as working on the album we are putting together a CD Plus version for release later in the year, Apple Computer has been kind enough to help us out with this development and it is going to look just fab.

 If we meet on tour mention the web and collect a prize...nothing too special like a car but perhaps a stick of rock..

 best regards Chris in Glenn's studio. 

May 10, 1995

 The album is picking up pace and the tracks sound great. It's like building a house--you only get to see what it all looks like when the thing is finished. For now it looks like a building site but sounds like Eden. 

Thanks for all the mail, I will get to reply in person sometime soon, but it's great to read and I have tons of repect for those who bother to leave messsages. 

There will be some acoustic shows in June, dates to follow...........
that's all folks

 Regards Chris.

April 25, 1995
Hello Web friends, 

Squeeze are still in the studio, this time here in London where Glenn has his own studio. The new songs are coming on well, we have decided to concentrate on 13 songs for our new record, due for release sometime soon. Also we plan a new compilation singles album, this will include some B Sides, due out in September in America only. 

Glenn and I have some shows coming up here in June, dates to follow when confirmed, we also have a few dates planned for early August in the States. Hope you are all well...

 From a grey London town, bye.

April 4, 1995
Dear Net friends, 

Squeeze have just completed the backing tracks for their 13th album due for release this September on A&M.

 As well as Keith, Glenn and myself we are joined by new boy Kevin Wilkinson, our new drummer. Kevin has played with China Crisis, The Waterboys and Bonnie Raitt, last year he toured with The Proclaimers.

 So far we have recorded 14 new songs all written by myself and Glenn with the exception of one written by the other Wilkinson, Keith.

 For the next six weeks we will be finishing off the record at Glenn's studio. Glenn and I are then doing some duo shows in and around London as we run up to a night at the Glastonbury Festival in June. These dates will follow shortly.

 Squeeze will then tour in July around the coast of England for a couple of weeks.

 September and October see us touring more around the British Isles and then over to America. Japan follows in the new year of 1996.

 Watch this space for regular news clips, and thanks very much for being Squeeze friends, we appreciate it very much.

 Regards Chris. 

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