To the fans who attended Glenn's recent US Pub Entertainer Tour:

      Dear all,

      Just a short note to say thank you ever so much to everyone who has
      showed so much support over Glenn's solo tour in the US. We very
      much enjoyed ourselves and can't wait to be back in the US as soon as
      possible. As Glenn's shows are a lot more intimate than Squeeze, it was
      a fantastic opportunity to meet a lot of new people. It was amazing to
      see how far some people had travelled, to name but a few: Jennifer
      and Chris Beckett, Ken Sharp, Tom Boynes, Michele Kinnamon, Anna
      Borg, Dianne Ketler, Dan Rivkin, Ed Weinstein, Amy Yankowitz and
      friends, Stephanie and Debra, and the 21 year olds. The rest of you
      know who you are and thanks again.

      Thanks for your ongoing support for all things Squeeze and keep
      watching this space for any future info.