It is with great sadness that we announce the terrible news that Kevin Wilkinson died on Saturday, 17th of July 1999.

Glenn Tilbrook, Chris Difford and Keith Wilkinson, members of the Squeeze lineup that featured drummer Kevin Wilkinson, have released this statement:

"The news of Kevin's tragic death has come as a great shock to us. In slipping the surly bonds of this Earth Kevin will always be remembered with love, laughter and affection by us all. Our thoughts are now for the family that he leaves behind and our hope is that everybody respects their privacy."

Kevin was Squeeze's drummer on their 1995 release Ridiculous, as well as its subsequent tours and then went on to play on the 1996 Excess Moderation tour.

Our deepest sympathies are with Kevin's family and friends.

We'll leave Kevin himself to have the final words, his "self-portrait" from the Ridiculous tourbook:

Born in the summer of 1958, a breach birth by all accounts, very traumatic for everyone involved, but explains why I can still touch my feet with my head.

‘Bony Moronie’ and ‘He’s got the whole world in his hands’ would have been coming right at us via the ‘wireless’.  Back then a video rental was about 2/-6 for 47 nights and the average cost of a mobile phone was still 9.99, but there were no hidden costs and they were far too heavy to carry on your own.

Story has it I was even winded by Sir Stanley Mathews (famous footballer & occasional homehelp, Stoke-on-Trent circa late fifties) – in fact I taught him to dribble, he never quite got the hang of wetting his own pants through… which brings us more or less up to date, having perfected both by my late teens, it became obvious my future lay in the music business. 

My professional career has now spanned 16 years, during which I’ve played drums with almost everyone you’ve ever heard of, and some that you’d certainly know, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you ‘cause it’s a secret’, one thing’s for sure, though, I’ve never had to play ‘Little Arrows’ by Leapy Lea, which has always led me to believe I’ve somehow been very lucky….. which, explains the way I feel about playing with Squeeze!………..

Oh!  ….alright then!…..
Robert Fripp, China Crisis, Joey Ramone, The Waterboys, Whodini, Bonnie Raitt, Fish and The Proclaimers.