sweets from
a stranger
Side One (all lead vocals by Glenn): 
1. Out of Touch (3:50) 
2. I Can't Hold On (3:34) 
3. Points of View (4:12) 
4. Stranger Than the Stranger On the Shore (3:19) 
5. Onto the Dance Floor (3:37) 
6. When the Hangover Strikes (4:29) 
Side Two: 
7. Black Coffee In Bed (6:12) (Glenn) 
8. I've Returned (2:34) (Glenn) 
9. Tongue Like a Knife (4:10) (Glenn) 
10. His House, Her Home (3:23) (Chris) 
11. The Very First Dance (3:17) (Glenn & Chris) 
12. The Elephant Ride (3:22) (Glenn) 
Bonus Tracks (on 1997 UK re-release): 
13. I Can't Get Up Anymore (3:55) 
14. When Love Goes To Sleep (3:44) 
All songs written by Difford/Tilbrook. 
Published by Illegal Songs, Inc. (BMI) 

Black Coffee In Bed (April 9, 1982) 
When the Hangover Strikes (July 1982)

Produced by Squeeze & Phil McDonald. 
Except When Love Goes To Sleep by Glenn Tilbrook. 
John Bentley (bass/back vocals) 
Chris Difford (rhythm guitar/vocals) 
Gilson Lavis (drums) 
Don Snow (keyboards/back vocals) 
Glenn Tilbrook (lead guitar/vocals) 
With: Elvis Costello (back vocals on Black Coffee In Bed), Paul Young (same). 
Assistant Engineer: Butch Yates. 
Orchestral Arrangements: Del Newman. 
Released by A & M, May 1982. A promotional double-cassette version of this album was released, the second tape featuring a D & T interview.
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