some fantastic place
Side One:  

1. Everything in the World (Glenn) (4:30)  
2. Some Fantastic Place (Glenn) (4:32)  
3. Third Rail (Glenn) (3:39)  
4. Loving You Tonight (Paul) (4:49)  
5. It's Over (Glenn) (3:45)  
6. Cold Shoulder (Glenn) (5:48)  

Side Two:  

7. Talk To Him (Glenn) (3:46)  
8. Jolly Comes Home (Glenn) (5:00)  
9. Images of Loving (Glenn) (4:10)  
10. True Colours (The Storm) (Keith) (3:39)  
11. Pinocchio (Glenn) (4:42)  

All songs by Difford/Tilbrook, except True Colours (The Storm) by Keith Wilkinson.  
(c) 1993 EMI Virgin Music Ltd. All rights for the U.S. & Canada controlled and administered by EMI Virgin Music Inc. (ASCAP). Except True Colours (c) 1993 Firstars Music (ASCAP).  

Third Rail (July 1993)  
Some Fantastic Place (August 30, 1993)  
Loving You Tonight (October 18, 1993)  
It's Over (February 1994)  
Everything in the World (US only)

Produced by Squeeze & Pete Smith.  

Paul Carrack (keyboards/vocals)  
Chris Difford (guitar/back vocals)  
Pete Thomas (drums)  
Glenn Tilbrook (guitars/keyboards/vocals)  
Keith Wilkinson (bass/back vocals)  

With: Chris Braide (back vocals on Everything in the World, Some Fantastic Place, Third Rail, It's Over, Talk To Him, Images of Loving); Tanera Dawkins (strings on Jolly Comes Home); Martin Drover (horns on Loving You Tonight); Lucy Griffith (strings on Jolly Comes Home); Rebecca Jones (same); Marilyn McFarlane (back vocals on Everything In The World); Catherine Martin (strings on Jolly Comes Home); Frank Meade (horns on Loving You Tonight); Nick Pentelow (same); Neil Sidwell (same); Pete Smith (back vocals on True Colours).   

Horns arranged by Frank Mead & Nick Pentelow.  
Strings arranged by Tanera Dawkins.  

Mixed by Bob Clearmountain at Real World.  
Assisted by Stephen Bray in Studio One.  
Recorded at 45 R.P.M., Blackheath, London.  
Additional Recording at Real World.  
Assited by Chris Lawson in the Production Room.  

Photography by Jill Furmanovsky.  
Designed by Stylorouge.  

Released by A&M, September 13th 1993.

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