(Left, the original album cover. Right, the US IRS album cover)
Track Listing: 
1. Electric Trains (Glenn) (4:03) 
2. Heaven Knows (Chris & Glenn) (4:34) 
3. Grouch of the Day (Glenn) (3:27) 
4. Walk Away (Glenn) (4:43) 
5. This Summer (Glenn) (3:39) 
6. Got To Me (Glenn) (3:45) 
7. Long Face (Chris) (4:31) 
8. I Want You (Glenn) (4:03) 
9. Daphne (Glenn) (3:44) 
10. Lost For Words (Glenn) (1:59) 
11. Great Escape (Glenn) (3:27) 
12. Temptation For Love (Glenn) (3:37) 
13. Sound Asleep (Glenn) (4:38) 
14. Fingertips (Chris) (5:40) 
All songs by Difford/Tilbrook, except Got To Me by Keith Wilkinson. 
Published by EMI Virgin except Got To Me by Bugle Songs. 

This Summer (August 1995) 
Electric Trains (November 6, 1995) 
Heaven Knows (edit) (May 27, 1996) 
This Summer (remix) (August 1996)

Produced by Peter Smith & Glenn Tilbrook. 
Chris Difford (guitar/vocals) 
Glenn Tilbrook (guitars/keyboards/vocals) 
Keith Wilkinson (bass/back vocals) 
Kevin Wilkinson (drums) 

With: Chris Braide (extra back vocals); Martin Byrne (synth loop on Long Face); Cathy Dennis (vocals on Temptation For Love, extra back vocals); Georgy Dennis (extra back vocals); Hector Peretor (guitar on Temptation For Love); John Savannah (keyboards on Walk Away, extra back vocals).  
Strings on Electric Trains arranged by Glenn Tilbrook & Caroline Dale. 
Strings on I Want You arranged by Caroline Dale. 
Mixed by Mark Stent. 
Backing tracks recorded at Chippin Norton Studios. 
Engineered by Barry Hammond. 
Overdubbing at 45 RPM Studios, Blackheath, London  
and then at Nomis Studios in London. 
Assisted by Ben Darlow. 
Mixed at Olympic Studios, London. 
Assisted by Alan Douglas and Jegs. 
Released by A&M, November 13th 1995 (UK). Released by IRS, June 1996 (US).