Side One: 
1. Satisfied (5:10) 
2. Crying In My Sleep (5:03) 
3. Letting Go (5:01) 
4. The Day I Get Home (4:50) 
5. The Truth (4:12) 
6. House of Love (3:23) 
Side Two: 
7. Cupid's Toy (4:31) 
8. Gone to the Dogs (3:54) 
9. Walk a Straight Line (3:50) 
10. Sunday Street (4:16) 
11. Wicked and Cruel (4:14) 
12. There is a Voice (4:01) 
All songs by Difford/Tilbrook. 
Published by Virgin Music Inc. 

Sunday Street (UK: July 1991) 
Satisfied (edit) (US: July 1991; UK: November 1991) 
Crying In My Sleep (edit) (US: November 1991)

Produced by Tony Berg. 

Chris Difford (guitar/back vocals) 
Gilson Lavis (drums) 
Glenn Tilbrook (guitars/keyboards/lead & back vocals) 
Keith Wilkinson (bass/back vocals) 
With: John Acevedo (strings); Bob Becker (same); Tony Berg (additional keyboards and guitars); Blanche Black (in choir on The Day I Get Home); Mary Jo Braun (same); Wendie Colter (same); Larry Corbet (strings); Joel Derouin (same); Claudia Fontaine (back vocals on Sunday Street); Armen Garabedian (strings); Berj Garabedian (same); Gary Grant (horns); Christopher Guest (in choir on The Day I Get Home); Jerry Hey (horns); Dan Higgins (same); Bruce Hornsby (accordion); Matt Irving (keyboards & accordion); Laurence Johnson (back vocals on Cupid's Toy); Suzie Katayama (strings); Paul Lee (back vocals on Cupid's Toy); Michael McKean (in choir on The Day I Get Home); Gabriele Morgan (same); Steve Nieve (keyboards); Sid Page (strings); Michael Penn (in choir on The Day I Get Home); Betsy Petrie (same); Bill Reichenbach (horns); Beverly Skeete (back vocals on Sunday Street); Steven Soles (in choir on The Day I Get Home); Larry Williams (horns). 

Rehearsed at WoodWharf Studios, Greenwich, London. 
Backing tracks recorded by Chris Lord-Alge, assisted by Chris Lawson, at Real World Studios, Bath. 
Underdubbing recorded by Ken Jordan at Zeitgeist Studio, Los Angeles, also at Ocean Way with Steve Reincoff. Then Ron Box and Terry Medhurst assisted at Helicon Mountain Studio, Greenwich, London. 
Mixed back at Real World in Bath by Bob Clearmountain. 
Photography: Enrique Badulescu. 
Art Direction: Jeff Gold and Kim Champagne. 
Dramatist: Tim Carr (with apologies to Thornton Beckett and Samuel Wilder). 
Released by Reprise, July 1991.

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