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EXCESS MODERATION is Squeeze's latest release in the United Kingdom, now available to North American fans through your local import shop.
A 40 track compilation of lesser-known album cuts, B-sides, and alternate versions, it provides a wonderful alternative view of the band's career to the "official version" presented ad nauseam by A&M's need to release a Squeeze hits package on a regular basis and recycle the same old songs on CD singles.

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1. Take Me I'm Yours (single edit of a song from the LP "UK Squeeze")
2. Model (alternate version of a track from "UK Squeeze". Originally released as the B-side to the single "Cool For Cats")
3. Revue (from the LP "Cool For Cats")
4. Christmas Day (single-only release)
5. Blood and Guts (previously unissued track from the "Cool For Cats" sessions)
6. Going Crazy (B-side to "Christmas Day")
7. The Knack (from the LP "Cool For Cats")
8. If I Didn't Love You (from the LP "Argybargy")
9. Separate Beds (from "Argybargy")
10. I Think I'm Go Go (from "Argybargy")
11. What the Butler Saw (B-side to "Pulling Mussels From the Shell")
12. Piccadilly (from the LP "East Side Story")
13. Trust (B-side to "Is That Love?")
14. Tempted (previously unreleased alternate version, produced by Dave Edmunds)
15. Woman's World (from the LP "East Side Story")
16. Squabs On Forty Fab (B-side to "Labelled with Love")
17. The Elephant Ride (from the LP "Sweets From a Stranger")
18. Tongue Like a Knife (from "Sweets From a Stranger")
19. His House Her Home (from "Sweets From a Stranger")
20. When the Hangover Strikes (from "Sweets From a Stranger")
21. The Apple Tree (from the LP "Difford & Tilbrook")

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1. Within These Walls of Without You (B-side to "Love's Crashing Waves")
2. On My Mind Tonight (from the LP "Difford & Tilbrook")
3. Hope Fell Down (from "Difford & Tilbrook")
4. No Place Like Home (from the LP "Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti")
5. What Have They Done? (from the soundtrack to the film "When the Wind Blows")
6. Tough Love (from the LP "Babylon and On")
7. Striking Matches (radically remixed version of a track from "Babylon and On")
8. Peyton Place (from the LP "Frank")
9. Dr. Jazz (from "Frank")
10. Melody Motel (from "Frank")
11. Slaughtered, Gutted and Heartbroken (from "Frank")
12. Maidstone (B-side to "Sunday Street")
13. House of Love (from the LP "Play")
14. The Truth (from "Play")
15. Letting Go (from "Play")
16. It's Over (from the LP "Some Fantastic Place")
17. Loving You Tonight (from "Some Fantastic Place")
18. Cold Shoulder (from "Some Fantastic Place")
19. Some Fantastic Place (from the LP of the same name)

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The music of Excess Moderation is supplemented by sleevenotes by Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook themselves, giving their thoughts on each track in the collection and revealing their inspirations.

Click Here To Read Chris and Glenn's Sleevenotes

Take my word for it, you want to go out and buy EXCESS MODERATION right now....

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