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Side One (all lead vocals by Glenn): 
1. Big Beng (4:02) 
2. By Your Side (4:24) 
3. King George Street (3:48) 
4. I Learnt How To Pray (4:47) 
5. Last Time Forever (6:24) 
Side Two: 
6. No Place Like Home (Glenn) (4:26) 
7. Heartbreaking World (Julian) (5:09) 
8. Hits of the Year (Glenn) (3:03) 
9. Break My Heart (Chris) (4:51) 
10. I Won't Ever Go Drinking Again (?) (Glenn & Chris) (5:05) 
Bonus Tracks (on 1997 UK re-release): 
11. Love's a Four Letter Word (Glenn) (3:40) 
12. The Fortnight Saga (Glenn) (2:39) 
All songs written by Difford/Tilbrook except Heartbreaking World by Difford/Holland. 
(c) 1985 Virgin Music (Publishers) Ltd. 

Last Time Forever (June 1985) 
Hits of the Year (US single) 
No Place Like Home (September 1985) 
Heartbreaking World (October 1985) 
By Your Side (German/Spanish single) 
King George Street (April 1986)

Produced by Laurie Latham for LOL Productions. Except Love's a Four Letter Word and The Fortnight Saga by Glenn Tilbrook & Chris Difford. 

Chris Difford (guitar/tambourines/ vocals) 
Julian Holland (keyboards/vocals) 
Gilson Lavis (drums/percussion/back vocals) 
Glenn Tilbrook (guitars/keyboards/ vocals) 
Keith Wilkinson (bass/back vocals) 
With: Hearts Of Soul (back vocals on I Learnt How To Pray), Christopher Holland (organ on Heartbreaking World), Ian Kewley (EMU on Heartbreaking World). 
Recorded at ICP Studios, Brussels; The Power Plant, North London; The Workhouse, South London. 
Art Direction: Michael Ross & Rob O'Connor. 
Design: Rob O'Connor. 
Illustrations: Simon Fell. 
Squeeze Photography: Nick Knight. 
Lyric Sheet Photography: Trevor Rogers. 
Released by A & M, August 1985.

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