Side One: 
1. Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) (Glenn) (3:57) 
2. Another Nail For My Heart (Glenn) (2:56) 
3. Separate Beds (Glenn) (3:20) 
4. Misadventure (Glenn) (2:54) 
5. I Think I'm Go Go (Glenn & Chris) (4:16) 
Side Two: 
6. Farfisa Beat (Glenn) (2:56)  
7. Here Comes That Feeling (Chris) (2:11) 
8. Vicky Verky (Glenn) (3:11) 
9. If I Didn't Love You (Glenn & Chris) (4:11) 
10. Wrong Side of the Moon (Jools) (2:23) 
11. There at the Top (Glenn) (3:45) 
Side Two (North American release): 
6. If I Didn't Love You
7. Farfisa Beat
8. Here Comes That Feeling
9. Vicky Verky 
10. Wrong Side of the Moon
11. There at the Top 
Bonus Tracks (on 1997 UK re-release): 
12. Funny How It Goes (3:49) 
13. Go (4:12) 
All songs written by Difford/Tilbrook except Wrong Side Of The Moon by Difford/Holland. Published by Javeberry Ltd. (PRS) (Trading as Deptford Songs) 

Another Nail For My Heart (UK: February 8, 1980) 
If I Didn't Love You (US: March 11, 1980) 
Pulling Mussels (From the Shell) (UK: May 9, 1980) 
Farfisa Beat (Europe: September 1980)

Produced by John Wood & Squeeze. 
John Bentley (bass/back vocals) 
Chris Difford (rhythm guitar/vocals) 
Jools Holland (keyboards/vocals) 
Gilson Lavis (drums) 
Glenn Tilbrook (lead guitar/keyboards/ vocals) 
String Arrangements: Del Newman. 
Record at Chelsea Olympic, London, England. 
Mixed by John Wood and Squeeze. 
Engineer: Andy Lumm. 
Design & Art Direction: Michael Ross. 
Front Cover Photography: Mike Laye. 
Back Cover: Self-Portraits. 
Released by A & M, February 1980. The North American version of the album contained a lyric sheet inner sleeve.
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