live at the royal albert hall
Track Listing: 
1. Annie Get Your Gun (4:04) 
2. Slap & Tickle (4:20) 
3. Walk Away (4:45) 
4. Take Me I'm Yours (3:43) 
5. Tempted (4:27) 
6. Is That Love? (2:33) 
7. Goodbye Girl (3:46) 
8. Some Fantastic Place (5:32) 
9. Labelled With Love (4:51) 

All songs written by Difford/Tilbrook.

Recorded on The Manor Mobile. 
Engineered and Mixed by Dave Porter. 

Chris Difford (rhythm guitar/back vocals) 
John Savannah (keyboards/back vocals) 
Glenn Tilbrook (lead guitar/vocals) 
Keith Wilkinson (bass/back vocals) 
Kevin Wilkinson (drums) 

Art Work: Chiharu Tsukada. 
Design: STYN-G 
Obi Photo: Masahiro Fujita. 

Released by A&M Japan, March 1997.

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