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(U.K.) Squeeze (1978) A Round and a Bout (1990)
Cool For Cats (1979) Play (1991)
Argybargy (1980) Greatest Hits (1992)
East Side Story (1981) Some Fantastic Place (1993)
Sweets From a Stranger (1982) Ridiculous (1995)
Singles - 45's and Under (1982) Piccadilly Collection (1996)
Difford & Tilbrook (1984) Excess Moderation (1996)
Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti (1985) Live at the Royal Albert Hall (1997)
Babylon and On (1987) Six of One (box set; 1997) 
Classics (1988)
    Master Series (1998)
Frank (1989)
Domino (1998) 

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Also Available:

INTERVIEW PICTURE DISC (Baktabak label distributed by Arabesque) Despite the cover featuring 1979 and 1985 pictures of Squeeze, this contains a 1983 interview with Jools and thus will probably only be of interest to diehard Squeeze or Jools fans. Released 1987. 

Soundtrack Songs Unavailable Elsewhere 

* "What Have They Done?" from the soundtrack to "When the Wind Blows". Released by Virgin, 1986. 

* "Tempted '94" from the soundtrack to "Reality Bites". Released by A&M, 1994. 

* "This Road" from the soundtrack to "The Truth About Cats and Dogs". Released by A&M, 1996.

Songs Used in Movies and TV Unavailable on Any Music Format

* "Fathers Day Blues". Theme to the Channel 4 series "Fathers Day", which ran in the ealry 80s. D&T also composed the incidental music for the program.

* "Girls On Top". From the mid-1980s Central television series of the same name. Season 1's version of the song is sung by the stars of the show (Tracey Ullman, Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French, Ruby Wax); Season 2's version sung by Glenn.


* The Amazoon (3:38) / The Amazoon (U Rap It) (4:39) (from the "Labelled with Love" musical, credited to The Long Honeymoon- members of the play's cast, but Chris & Glenn do backing vocals in addition to production. Released 1983) 

*The Amazoon (extended version) (8:15) / The Amazoon (3:38), The Amazoon (U Rap It) (4:39) (see above, released 1983) 

*Love's Crashing Waves / Within These Walls of Without You (released Jun 1984) 

*Love's Crashing Waves (extended remix) / Within These Walls of Without You, Love's Crashing Waves (12" single released Jun 1984) 

*Hope Fell Down (edit) (3:??) / Action Speaks Faster (4:50) (released Sep 1984) 

*Hope Fell Down (4:22) / Hope Fell Down (edit) (3:??), Action Speaks Faster (extended version) (6:02) (12" single released Sep 1984)

*Hope Fell Down (4:22), Action Speaks Faster (extended version) (6:02) / Hope Fell Down (edit) (3:??), Introvert (2:??) (12" single released Sep 1984)

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