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    This site was created by Christopher and Jennifer Beckett.  We edit and update the page from our home in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, 2 hours northwest of Niagara Falls, one hour west of Toronto.  The squeezefan.com server is housed many miles south of us in New York City.

The keepers of the website - Jenn (left), and Chris a.k.a. Jiminy Cricket (right).

    The original reason for creating the site was so Chris could justify the many hours he decided to spend transcribing Squeeze articles into his PC several years before.  Eventually, from that, the site evolved.  The mission statement of squeezefan.com in its current incarnation is to provide Squeeze fans on the net with information, trivia and anything else about Squeeze, a band that for their immense talents, is poorly documented almost everywhere in the world. 

    The important thing for us in putting these pages together is that squeezefan.com remains, at all times, a fan-friendly site.  As fans of the band, we know how frustrating following them can be at times, and we want this site to be a place any admirer of Difford and Tilbrook can turn to in order to find out what's up with the band at any given time.

    We also aim to give a voice to the online Squeeze community, which is sizable, and populated by some terrific people.  We met each other via the Squeeze on-line experience so it is of particular importance and interest to us; in the intervening years, we've come to make some good friends too.  So we encourage any and all contributions from everyone out there.  Not to make the site bigger for the sake of volume, but to highlight the diverse ideas and personalities of online Squeeze fans.  If you ever have anything you would like to add to the site, do not hesitate to write us at squeezefan@home.com.  If you see  a concert by Squeeze or Glenn or anyone related, send in a review, by all means!  Have an interview or piece of writing about the band by yourself or others that you think would enchance the site?  Send it our way!  The same goes for artwork, reviews, ideas, anything. All suggestions and comments help us immeasurably!

    We'd like to take this space to thank several contributors without whom the site would not be what it is today.  If we have forgotten your name, please let us know.

    Jay Alosa
    Steve Altman
    Brian Alvey
    Tony Andrews
    Steven Armstrong
    Stephanie Artavia
    "Avid Woman"
    David Bailey
    Lynn Baker
    Art Balderas
    Steve Ball
    James Barg
    Rob Barron 
    David Bash
    Scott Bassin
    Nigel Benning
    Greg Benson
    Colin Birnie
    Richy Black
    Michelle Booth
    Anna Borg
    Jonathan Bosch
    Elizabeth K. Bowles
    Thomas Boynes
    Tony Brannon
    Kristine Briggs
    Cheryl Brown
    Venice Buhain 
    Brian Bullwinkle
    Helen Burns
    Vicki Capek
    Britt Carr
    Edward Clapprood
    Rachael Clarke
    Paul Colella
    Anthony Craine
    Joe Crapa 
    Yvonne Cubitt
    Paula Cuccurullo 
    Ray Dalessandro
    Marie Dallam
    Kenneth Dancyger
    Andrea D'Aquino 
    Darren DeBono
    Sophie Delorme 
    Marc DeSandre
    Daniel Dewey
    Nick DiBiasio 
    Steve Dibdin
    "Dodgy Shoes"
    Diana Dubois
    Victor Ducedre 
    Tim Dunleavy
    Anjela Duran
    Jon Ecklund
    Melinda Edens
    Robert Edmond
    Kenny Eldredge
    William Evans
    Peter Everett
    Sam Falk 
    Neil Ferguson
    Liz Field
    Tess Fischer
    Peter Fitzpatrick
    George A. Fletcher
    Kate Foley
    Kevin Foucher
    Jo. Freebairn
    Tom Frohlichstein
    Dan Fryman
    Chuck Gabriel
    Nick Garnett
    Erik Gavriluk
    Lee Georgeson
    Becky Gilchrist
    Lily Giordano
    Alex Glanville
    Herwig Glassee
    Helen Glazer 
    Peter Godden
    Debra A. Goetschius
    Josh Gold
    Elise Goldie
    Timothy W. Gordon 
    John P. Goushian
    Richard Green
    Jim Griffiths
    Danny Grizzle
    Marc Grossman
    Steve Guion
    Bernita Hall
    Ben Harper 
    Jennifer Harris
    Jonathan Harris 
    Mike Harris
    Will Harris
    John Hastings
    Leigh Hawke 
    Michelle Heaney
    Mark Heggen
    David Henderson
    Ali Hickman
    Paul Higham
    Rachel Hill
    Martin Hitchcock
    Andrew Hoban
    Paul Hodges
    Greg Hoffman
    Mark Holland
    Dave Howa
    Michelle X.
    Paul Jacobi
    Sarah Jamieson
    Kay Jennings
    Elisa Jensen
    Robin Johnson
    Gordon Johnston
    Michelle Kane
    Neal David Kearsley
    Duncan Kimball
    Michele Kinnamon
    Steve Kistulentz
    Ellen Kleiman
    Greg Klerkx
    Vineet Kochhar
    Sherena Kranat
    Heather Ladue
    Dave Lampel
    John Lasater
    Jon Leatherwood
    Simon Lee
    Gary Leeson
    Roberto Li Volsi
    Randy Lopez
    Larry Lourcey
    Chris Lowe
    Bruce MacQueen
    Gary Maragos
    David Martin
    Mary in Old Bridge
    Amy Mauro
    Gary Maxwell
    Liz McAuslan
    Rick McCall
    Judy Baker McCleery
    Mike McCormick
    Susan McCue
    Christine Melton
    Roy Methley
    Wayne Mitchell
    Tony Monroe
    Craig E. Moore 
    Peter Moreland
    Rick Morrison
    Robert Moss
    Sarah-Jane Mounter
    Alison Munin
    Kristi O'Connell Myers
    J. Nourse
    Erik Novales
    David O'Connell
    Megan O'Connell
    Beth & Kevin O'Hara
    Joe Ohman
    John Ohman
    Jeff Partyka
    Aidan Pedreschi
    Arthur Pennington
    Jason Peverett
    David Pirmann
    Stephen Polly
    Fred Pratt III
    Scott Ragland
    Fran Redman
    Nicole Redo
    Nigel Richards
    Dan Rivkin
    Scott Rodas
    Frank Rog
    Andrew Rogers
    Geordan Rosario
    Avril Russell
    Chris S.
    Heidi Sackerson
    Joy Santos
    Anthony Scardino
    Ben Scott
    Laurie Sevano
    Steven Sharp
    Keith Sherriff
    John Shimkonis
    Adrian Simpson
    Paul Slingbaum
    Vikki Smart
    Gary Snegaroff
    Mark Spencer
    Zaena Spray
    Lee Steel
    Ed Stevenson
    Steve Strange
    Patrick Sullivan
    Jon T.
    Marcy Tanter
    Alan Tapp
    Sara Tekula
    Mat Terry
    Mark Thacker
    Anne Thomas
    Craig Thomas
    Stephen R. Thompson
    Sue Threader
    John Tondeur
    Stephen Towler 
    Jon Trask
    William Urban
    Bob Valleau
    Rodney VanAusdal
    Mikey Velcheck
    Martha Vickery
    Dave Vogt
    Debbie Walter
    Drew Washburn 
    Clive Webb
    Dan Weddle
    Edward A. Weinstein
    K. Whalen
    Jeff White
    Paul White
    Steve Wieprecht
    Paul Williams
    Dave Winthrop
    Andy Woods
    Peter Young
    One or two who chose to remain anonymous... 

    And a special big thank you to all who have made a guestbook entry, or took the poll! 

    A MAJOR thank you to Brian Alvey. 

    Special thanks to Jon Birge at Valley Entertainment, and Nicole Redo for her hard work on the mailing list.

    And substantial thanks to Suzanne Hunt, Sukie Green, Zaena Spray, Glenn Tilbrook, Chris Difford, and all members of Squeeze past and present. 

    Finally, thanks for your time and for visiting the site.  Please come back soon and often!

    Chris & Jenn

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