Wrong Way (Difford/Tilbrook)

The Journalist writes down the things he remembers


The things he forgets are the things that you feel.


Get's off on his own quotes & breaks into fashion.


I don't understand who's buying the meal.

        G                 Em

Chorus: Let's face it I'm wrong again

        C                   Bm

        Let's face it it's still Sunday

        G                   B

        Let's face it were wrong again

        C                      A

        Let's face it it don't worry me.

You feel in the first set, that this is a nightmare.

I can't hear a word & I don't feel a thing

The manager looks on ignoring the problem

But sees the solution so what's in it for him.


Instrumental guitar solo Verse & Chorus

You get so excited & then you are let down

An idea that you had is pushed to one side.

And then in the the next set it's perfectly magic

And all of your problems are suddenly blind.


Instrumental keyboard verse & chorus

From Smash Hits Flexi Disc.
A version by Rockpile also exists on the Album "Seconds Of Pleasure"

The Rockpile version is in the same key but much slower. The intro also involves some playing around with sus4 & sus2 chords. The guitar solo is slower & also a lot easier.

This is one of my personal favourite Difford & Tilbrook songs although I must admit that I prefer the Rockpile version.

Transcribed by Neil David Kearsley. Corrections & comments welcome.