Without You Here (Difford/Tilbrook)
Intro:          guitar: D chord
bass or 2nd guitar notes:  A, D-C#-D-C#-D, A, D-C#-D, A, D-C#-D-C#-D, A,
D, C#, B, A

D                      Dm                 Am             B          
I feel so empty as the plane takes off  I see the ground below

D                      Bm                 G/D           C
I know that one day it won't be long that you will also know

             F                 Am            Dm              A      
Just how it feels to leave you now, a hollow shell, a broken bow

Bb        C             F      Dm7       Bb       C        F    Dm 
I feel so empty high up in the air where heaven's meant to be

Bb           C                F     Dm7  Bb         Gm        A
The distance gets me when I'm on my own without you here with me

D                            Dm              Am             B
My world is turning but it's upside down now you're so far away

D                               Bm                    G/D           C
While you are learning how this world spins round I'm in some other day

           F              Am             Dm              A
What can I do but give my heart from far away a distant spark

Bb       C                  F       Dm7      Bb     C      F   Dm
I feel a challenge for both you and I that's how it has to be

Bb               C             F         Dm7  Bb         Gm        A
In life there's balance I hope time will fly without you here with me

Solo:  D  Dm  Am  B  D  Bm  G/D  C  F  Am  Dm  A  Bb  C  F  Dm7  B  Gm  A

D                       Dm                Am              B
What I am hoping for as life moves on and we reach finer years

D                           Bm                  G/D                C
We won't be thinking of the time that's gone or wading through our tears

               F                  Am                 Dm                A
We'll smile as one and speak with pride how life has swung back on our side

Bb     C                   F      Dm7     Bb        C       F     Dm
I feel tomorrow can't come by too soon to bring you back to see

Bb             C               F   Dm7         Bb          Gm      A
That love will follow like the red balloon and you'll come home to me

  Bb       C         F
I want you here with me

Transcribed by Dan Weddle <lawclerk@jdknet.net> Corrections/comments always welcome