When the Hangover Strikes (Difford/Tilbrook)
/Ab G               /C7                              /F                               /C7              /C7

          When the hangover strikes and I open my post and the coffee is on
            /F7                                   /Fm
and I'm burning my toast, I let the battle commence
           /C                               Dm
I see a sun in the trees and a draught at the door
             /Em                                 Bb / Dm .  .  G7
with my head in my lap there's a day    to explore
/Ab          Gsus          /C7  F7/ C7 G7(b9) /
    but I'm left without sense.

           /C7                               /F7                             /C7                     /C7

As the hangover strikes, and I turn on the tap but the water's too loud.
              /F7                                  /Bb7         B7
And I'm caged by the fact that the battle's not lost
            /C                               Dm
Is it the hair of the dog or the Baa of the lamb
       /Em                             Bb
In a sheepish attempt to be half
/Dm      .                .            G7/ Ab   Gsus/ C7  F7 / C7
   of the man that I might be             or         was

/F               /Bb ..G7    /C               Dm/ Em F#m/
Poor, poor, poor, poor shaken one

/Fm            /Bb7                  /Ebmaj7              /Dm   G7/
Pour, pour, pour, pour me another one, another one.

                /C7                                /F7                                /C7                   /C7
When the hangover strikes and the mirror reveals that it's midnight or bust
          /F7                                      /Fm
And a drink does appeal, now the battle is won
           /C                                   Dm
So the cure of the can pours it's heart out to me
                   /Em                              Bb /Dm   .    .      G7
Though I'm feeling locked up and I       can't find the key
/Ab         Gsus            /C7 F7/ C7/
Well, no damage was done.

BRIDGE again


Cmaj7  Dm/Em Dm/Caug Dm/ Em F#m/Fm/Bb7/Eb aug./Dm G7/
Cmaj7 Dm/Em Dm/Caug Dm/Em Bb7/ Dm..G7/Ab7 G7/ C7 F7 /C//

Put together by Sophie Delorme with the help of Louise Denson MAJOR contributors : Jay Alosa and Geordan Rosario