True Colors (The Storm) (Wilkinson)
Intro: Ab


   To be running so far away

Eb                        Db

To rely on the perfect stranger


True colours they suffer with age


   One look at the storm and fly

Eb                               Db

Straight on in to the rain and thunder

     Eb                       Fm     Ebsus4  Eb

Fool lover swept under the tide.

Fm                           Ebsus4    Eb

    The storm was gathering around   them

Fm                             Ebsus4  Eb

    He cast her off and put to sea

           Fm                     Ebsus4  Eb

Well, he'd found somebody new to steer    him


Through his dream.

Fm                                 Ebsus4   Eb

    She sailed him all around her coast  - line

Fm                  Ebsus4   Eb

    Every inlet every    bay

Fm                                    Ebsus4        Eb

    And though he knew it then he was too afraid to say.


    To be running so far away...

        Eb                       Fm

....Fool lover swept under the tide.

Ebsus4     Eb        Fm     Ebsus4  Eb

    swept  under the tide.

Fm                       Ebsus4  Eb

    One day all alone he waited

Fm                            Ebsus4    Eb

    The silence crept beneath his door

Fm                            Ebsus4   Eb

    And as the room grew dark he knew     she'd come no


more.  To be running so far away...


....Fool lover swept under the tide.

Ab       Eb     Db            Eb

Drifting in the dead of night

Ab      Eb       Db            Eb

Show me landfall give me light.

Transcribed by Victor Ducedre []