This Summer (Difford/Tilbrook)
INTRO NOTES: G F E D Bb  Bb G Bb (Bb-C slide) C

             G F E D Bb  G Bb G  (E-F-E hammer-on, pull-off)


Cm            C      Cm              C

Brain engages mouth, mouth expresses thoughts,

   Fm                           Am: (x02210)(x02110)(x02010)

Of how we shared those fun fair rides,

Fm                            C: (descend on notes G,F#,F then E,Eb,D)

Beneath the brightness of the night.

Cm                 C     Cm             C

Time can crowd the head, like a sardine can,

Fm                       Am:      Fm                C:(C,Cdim,Csus2) C

The summer that began to blur has put us on the calendar.

                          F          G            C

CHORUS: This summer there won't be a cloud in the sky

             F            G            C

So made up I feel I could take off and fly.

                  Gm             F              C

This summer we've pulled all the sheets off the bed,

           Gm            F         C

So happy I can't get you out of my head

                 Eb    Bb        C

This summer I am so in love with you.

Cm               C     Cm                C

Mornings pass us by as curtains hide the sun

Fm                        Am:

Nights we spent out of control

     Fm                         C: (C,Cdim,Csus2)  C

Like two flags wrapped around a pole.

CHORUS: (same)

     Eb    Bb    Ab                Ab/G    Fm in love...I see the helter skelter lights


And hear the music in the breeze.

Ab                      Ab/G   Fm

And when we're skimming stones tonight


It feels so good that you're with me.

SOLO NOTES:  G (C-D slide) C G   (repeat)

                    Ab CBC (C-D slide) CC  Ab CBC (C-D) (D-E) E

SOLO CHORDS:  Cm C Cm C Fm Am: Fm C: (C,Cdim,Csus2) C

                                             Gm        F         C

CHORUS: add extra line "there's no reason to ever feel lonely again."

                 Eb    Ab        Gm7  F    C

This summer I am so in love with you ---   ----

Gm                  C     Gm  C  Gm  C

I'm so in love with you.

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