Temptation for Love (Difford/Tilbrook)
            Em               B/D#

What have I done, what did I say,

          Bdim/D              A/C#

Am I the one you can not face

             Em/C#          Bm

When I need love, I look to you

            Abdim   G       Em

But when I search I can not trace


                B/D#            Bdim/D

A beat of your heart, shadow or shape

             A/C#    Eb          Cm        D/A   G

Could it be me that, learns to mistake temptation

C/A  C         G/B    C/A  C         G/B   D/F#  Em

Temptation for love,  Temptation for love

             Em             B/D#

Why don't we try to talk it through

           Bdim/D           A/C#

And we may find some common ground

      Em/C#           Bm

I realize that once again

             Abdim    G      Em

I search for what can not be found

(repeat chorus)

D/A        C         E          Am/G

Is there a bond that we haven't found

                A/C#      B/D#   Em

Now that you're gone  I   lie   awake


Now I've mistaken

              Em                   B/D#

Words fail me now, I fear the worst

          Bdim/D          A/C#

I let you down and cannot take

            Em/C#              Bm

What I have done to you this time

            Abdim   G        Em

I called on you but couldn't trace

(repeat chorus)

Transcribed by Greg Hoffman (Webling@worldnet.att.net)