Separate Beds (Difford/Tilbrook)
        Intro riff: F#, B, C#, E, F#   (single notes over an F# chord)

        F#  (riff)                                               
        Tonight I take her from her parents    I came along to her rescue

        F#  (riff)

        Without a word about arrangements   She came along without a clue

        B                                                               B

        So I said my love I want to take you   A place I have inside my head

                                                                   F#  (riff)
        And so it seemed it seemed I had to love you

                 C#                       B

        With some cards and separate beds

               F   (no guitar chords--but if you want to, I suggest the
        Her mother didn't like me    she thought I was on drugs

               (F)                                          (Am)

        My mother didn't like her    she'd never peel the spuds

             (F)                                        (Am)

        So we took off together      And stayed at Mrs. Smith's

        (F)                        (C)                    (Am)
(Eb)         GGG  BBB  DDD  F#

        Breakfast at half seven    where you can view the cliffs

        (Same chords for remainder of song, except riff at end is C#-F#, B,
C#, E, F#).

Transcribed by Dan Weddle (