The Prisoner (Difford/Tilbrook)
Verse 1
                     D G A D
He's taking her away
                           G A D
He's acting like a general
                 D G A D
Generally is game
               Bm A F#m Bm
Is so familiar
                     D G A D
He wants her to play
                           G A D
With a toaster and a kettle
                         D G A D
While he spends his days
                     Bm A F#m Bm
Miles from the prisoner
Bridge 1
G     D   A   E     
She reads the stars, he reads the sun
G    D      G   A 
  No wonder his IQ is below twenty-one
Verse 2
                       D G A D
He's helping her to see
                        G A D
How happy she is looking
                    D G A D
Take it that he'll be
                     Bm A F#m Bm
No icing on her cake
                         D G A D
Oh how happy she would be
                           G A D
If someone did the cooking
                        D G A D
He's helping her to see
                         Bm A F#m Bm
How marriage can be baked
Bridge 2
G            D        A   E
Baked like a cake but without a file
    G             D     G  A
The tool that she needs to make her life worthwhile
            D         C G      C    G    D    C G 
She's not a prisoner___________ alone doing time
    C       G   D     C G           C      G     D  C G
To love and to cherish_________ for all of her life
   C        G  Bm    A  E       G       D      C G 
To have and to hold____________ to lock up inside
C        G     Bm    A  E    G                D   C G  
What can this man______________ know 'bout her heart?
   G          Em          C#m  A
To love, till death do us part
Verse 3
He's looking everywhere
She's nowhere to be found
And suddenly he cares
His dinners looking burnt
There's a smell in the air
There's a prisoner in town
He sit's down in his chair
His face fills with concern
Bridge 3
Concerned that he might not eat tonight
She's broken out of her chair and run for her life
    D    D
She's not a prisoner, alone doing time
D G A D     A D     D G A D     A D     D G A D
           D C          F G
She's not a, she's not a
D G A D     A D     D G A D     A D     D G A D

Transcribed by Lee Georgeson and Keith Sherriff.
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