Pinocchio (Difford/Tilbrook)
Intro: G  D  Am    G  D

G       D        G     D

Swallow me say swallow me

                              Am   Asus4

Take me to your nest of china dolls


Call me up your closest friend

Bm                      F#m       F#m7

Join me in my neighbourhood patrol.

G     D       G    D

Happy me say happy me

                                    Am  Asus4

Chinese whispers bounce from ear to ear,


The night is young I feel so old

Bm                        F#m           F#m7

See the stars above the night's so clear.

E                G       D                  G   D

 I used to come home late and lie, lie, lie

                A            E                  A   E

She used to see through that but still I tried

                 G  D                   G   D

I couldn't cover up the tracks I'd made

                   A     E

That's how it used to be but not today.

G  D  Am   G  D

Race around I race around

Focused on the here and now with you

Every smile's a valentine

What harm can a little loving do

Fall about then fall about

Drunk on love I can't stand on my feet

Before I try please take my hand

I've so many words left I should eat

I used to come home late...

...but not today.

G  D  Am   G  D

(Instr. same as chorus)

Tickle me please tickle me

Laughter climbs the walls above our bed

This night we have is build on love

Help me so I do not lose the thread

I used to come home late...

G       D         G       D        Am7

Swallow me say    swallow me

Happy   me say    happy   me

Race   around I   race   around

Fall   about then fall   about

Tickle  me say    tickle  me

Love me do sing   love me do.

Transcribed by Victor Ducedre []