Mood Swings (Difford/Tilbrook)
INTRO: a a c# e g f# e d c# b e (intro riff) (2X)

A G D E(2x)

A         G         D         E          *A G D E 
I can't explain why it should be this way

A       G        D      E      * A G D E
I don't know who I will be today

C                         D                            G   E
Sometimes I sink onto the pit where happy faces do not fit

*A        G      D E
 Oh, mood swings

*A    G      D  E
 Mood swings

A          G      D            E      *A G D E 
I can't pretend I know how I'm feeling

A       G        D                 E   *A D G E 
I don't know the floor from the ceiling

C                               D
Sometimes my thoughts blow everywhere, 

                      G    E
And everyone has to beware

*A        G      D   E 
 Oh, mood swings

*A    G     D  E
 Mood Swings

D                   E              F#m               A
I was in such a bad mood, even the wind changed direction

D               E                  F#m                B
I was off of my foot(?), and I was seeking some attention

Like a begging dog, whose sorry face,

Needed a happy home or an unhappy place

*A        G     D    E 
 Oh, mood swings

*A    G     D   E
 Mood swings

A         G         D               E      *A G D E     
I can't explain why my chin's on my chest

A       G        D       E         *A G D E 
I don't know why I could care less

C                           D
Sometimes I'm in a world of jokes,

                          G      E
But if a stick gets in my spokes

*A        G       D   E 
 Oh, mood swings

*A    G       D   E
 Mood swings

Like a begging dog, whose sorry face,

Needed a happy home or an unhappy place

*A    G      D    E
 Mood swings (4x)

*A          G         D        E           *A G D E 
 I can't pretend that I'm a newly born man

*A           G         D             E     * A G D E 
 When at the most I'm stuck out of a plan(?)

*A    G      D   E
 Mood swings

*A    G      D   E(hold)
 Mood swings

Notes: * indicates to play the intro riff w/chords 
       ? indicates possible incorrect lyric
       Changes and corrections are always welcome

Transcribed by John P. Goushian