misadventure (Difford/Tilbrook)

(Note: Play the hyphenated figures F-A-C-G as notes, not chords.  But then

       you've probably heard the song and know what I mean...)

Intro: A (build up to) A7

F-A-C-G    G   F   C   (x3)

F-A-C-G    G   F   C   F


Hitched a hicker up above the border

She'd spent some time in Morocco and Gibraltar


And stole my wallet with a picture of my misses


With fond remembrance of everything and kisses

         C       F            C

From the Isle of Dogs to the Egyptian sands

          F             G

Where the Arabs chew on dates

      Am                  Am           Am

And I haven't forgot what it's like to be

          Dm              G

With misadventure and her mates

                     A             A7

Misadventure and her mates.

F-A-C-G    G   F   C

F-A-C-G    G   F   C   F

I miss the East End high up on the Khyber

And I'm the target for a dozen rebel snipers

It's not so bad though with some beers in the freezer

And something fancy in the air-conditioned sleeper

From the Isle of Dogs...

....Misadventure and her mates.

Instr:  B  D  G  E  B  D  G G G

        C  F  C  F  C  F  A A A

        B  D  G  E  B  D  G G G

        C  F  C  F  C  F  A A A

F-A-C-G    G   F   C      F

I'm moving carpets through the customs at Dover

Thinking my journey was going to be over

Then they discovered a shipment of Moroccan

And said excuse me sir there's something you've forgotten

From the Isle of Dogs...

             Dm                G

....With misadventures and her mates

                        A        A7

Behind prison walls and gates.

F-A-C-G   (NC through bass solo, gradually back to)

F-A-C-G   G   F   C

F-A-C-G   G   F   C

G  Bb  F  C  G

Transcribed by Victor Ducedre [victord@netrover.com]