Man for All Seasons (Difford/Tilbrook)
INTRO: G  Note: G chord adds the D (320033)

G       C               G      CGC       F               C       FC

Now the woman wears the trousers, but my shirts remain uncreased.

G       C              G         CGC     F            C     FC

Now the shoe is on the other foot, maybe I can feel released.

Em                  Bb           F                  B

All the pleasure of pleasing you, all the powers of needing you

F#                C          G C G C G C G C

Now I'm no longer keeping you.

G            C             G     CGC           F             C  FC

So now she's working at an office, and I don't have a job at all.

G    C          G     CGC            F             C    FC

She keeps me in cigarettes -- once a bat and now a ball.

Em                  Bb           F                  B

All the dinners are burning dear, all the while I'm learning dear

F#                C            G      C     G C    G  F#  F Ab

Now I'm no longer earning dear  A man for all seasons.

G    C    G      C   G F# F Ab

A man for all seasons.

E            C#m             A

Not now, I'm feeling so tired, I've got so much on my plate.

E               C#m                F#m              C

Not now was the distant cry as the latch fell on the gate.

C+2 (X30010) C       G   C  G   C G F# F Ab

A            man for all seasons.

G       C               G      CGC       F             C   FC

Now the house is like a garage, parts of me around the room.

G   C             G        CGC          F              C    FC

I'm building up another me -- one that takes a nap at noon.

Em                  Bb              F                  B

All the parties are thrown for you, all the people are known by you

F#                    C               G   C     G     C   G  F# F Ab

Now I'm building this home for you   A man for all seasons.

  G   C   G    C G  F# F Ab

A man for all seasons.

 [repeat line to end, slowly ending on last line on A+6 chord (X02222).

Transcribed by Dan Weddle