(This Could Be) The Last Time (Difford/Tilbrook)
(NB Chords marked with >  slide up from chord a half-tone lower.

    eg., >A  plays as  Ab->A.  Totally optional, of course :-)

Intro: (fade in on) C#  F#m

       Am    E     Am    E

E          D   >A         >A

I've been totally re-strung

E          D    >A         >A

I'm in tune and I'm in love

       F#          B           E

I'm a piano that's made out of fruit

            D    >A           >A

I'm the frog she chose to kiss

E          D  >A              >A

Perhaps not a handsome prince

         F#         B               E

There is nothing I feel I've got to prove

C#                                 F#m

  If I fall in love again it could be the last time

C#                             F#m

  If I fall in love again will I repeat

    D               >A     >A     >A

The mistakes that I made

         D    A     >E   >E   E  NC

And then make them again      like a creep

           D      >A        >A      >A

This could be the last time

           D  A   >E      >E  E   A

This could be the last time   for me.

If it's happiness you crave

Won't you look at me today

I'm smiling like the cat with all the cream

There's a swagger in my walk

A grade A in my report

I'm the salmon who made it back upstream

Instr:A   F#m7   A   F#m7

      A          D

      >A   >A   >A   D  A

      >E   >E   >E   >E

I'm a slightly chipped antique

In a market going cheap

That someday will be worth a thousand pounds

I've shed the walls of my cocoon

Normal service has resumed

There's no need to paint a face on this clown.

Transcribed by Victor Ducedre [victord@netrover.com]