Labelled With Love (Difford/Tilbrook)
Intro: B7  E


She unscrews the top of a new whiskey bottle


And shuffles about in her candlelit hovel

Like some kind of witch with blue fingers in mittens


She smells like the cat and the neighbours she sickens

The black and white TV has long seen a picture

    E7                       A

The cross on the wall is a permanent fixture


The postman delivers the final reminders

                             A  G#m  F#m  E

She sells off her silver and poodles in   China.

E                      F#m

Drinks to remember I, me and myself


And winds up the clock


And knocks dust from the shelf


Home is a love that I miss very much

       B7                        A G#m    F#m  E

So the past has been bottled and labelled with love.

During the war time an American pilot

Made every air raid a time of excitement,

She moved to his prairie and married the Texan

She learnt from a distance how love was a lesson,

He became drinker and she became mother

She knew that one day she'd be one or the other,

He ate himself older, drunk himself dizzy

Proud of her features, she kept herself pretty.

He like a cowboy died drunk in his slumber

Out on the porch in the middle of summer,

She crossed the ocean back home to her family

But they had retired to roads that were sandy,

She moved home alone without friends or relations

Lived in a world full of age reservation,

On moth eaten armchairs she'd say that she'd sod all

The friends who had left her to drink from the bottle.

Transcribed by Victor Ducedre []