If It's Love (Difford/Tilbrook)
INTRO:  chords:  D    A    D    A

        alternate basic riffs:  ADED GF#ED   = over the D chord

                                AC#EC# GF#ED = over the A chord

**a suggested position: play intro riffs with base notes in 7th fret

        D (with D riff)

If it's love that would really explain it

      A (with A riff)

How I feel like I'm covered in wool


If it's love then it's really exciting


My diary's become very full

        G            F#m           G           F#m

If it's love does it matter if I'm thin or I'm fatter

        E            C                       G

If it's love then it feels like I've won the pools

**Note: some suggested riffs under or in place of the chords above:

   G:       F#m:             E:         C:               G:

 GB EED   F#A DDC# (2X)  EG# F#F#E  GCDC FEDC (once) GBDB FEDC (twice)

[verse 2 -- same chords as first]


        C            Eb              Bb             Dm

If it's love then my teeth are clean for a change  (oh!)

        C         Eb             Bb            D -- hold

If it's love then that's why I'm feeling so strange!

[instrumental only] D  A  D  A

[verse 3 -- same as first]            D

[refrain -- same as before]  ... so strange!

        D                   A

If it's love love love love love!

[repeat until end, alternating chords with ad libs on basic riffs]

Transcribed by Dan Weddle (dmw001@acad.drake.edu)