I Won't Ever Go Drinking Again (?) (Difford/Tilbrook)
Intro:  Gm    C

When daylight appears Through a crack in the curtain
I'm laying in bed     Staring up at the skirting

I'm alone in my room
But someone is turning the key in the door

And I wake up to find       It's still daylight outside
There's a taste in my mouth Like the thoughts in my mind

And I wake up to find
That I left on the light the world can take a jump

    G7                       F
I'm feeling like a lump when daylight appears

                C     G      F7
Through a crack in my mind

I won't ever go drinking again

When daylight appears     It's the third time around
And I swear I won't drink Ever again with that crowd
What on earth did I say
Did I let the side down I've been guilty before

      (wonderful rhythm shift :-)
And I wake up to see    The old wonderful me
All naked and wrinkled  From knots in the sheets
And I get up to see
My hair like a tree  The world can shut the door
Because I'm feeling so sore when daylight appears
with my eyes full of sleep
I won't ever go drinking again

C7                           F7
Aaaaah how my head's like an anvil

C7                        F7
Aaaaah go the sparks as I angle

C7                             F7
Aaaaah goes the spray from the shower

C7                       F7
How could I smell like a flower

       Am                    Em
When I feel like weed in the rain

I won't ever go drinking again

C7                  F7
            I won't ever go drinking again     (repeat to end)

Transcribed by Victor Ducedre