Gone to the Dogs (Difford/Tilbrook)
Intro:   Em     D     G     C        B
         Em     D     G     C        B

Em                   D        G
Down at the dogs the bets are placed

  C                   B
A wad of notes rolled in a hand,

    Em                D      G
The floodlit track is centre stage

    C                 B
For winning hounds to take the stand.

         Em                    D
In old covert coats and trilby hats

    G      C               B
The owners swan around the place,

            Em                 D
The tic tac man throws out his arms

    G        C                      B
His thin moustache stretched on his face.

Gone to the dogs, the man and his life,

He stands by the rail and looks at the sky,

Confused by the thoughts that stew on his mind

Alone by the track on a Saturday night.

C             A
  Gone to the dogs

G    B
  He stands and reflects,

C             A
  Gone to the dogs

G     B
  And has no regrets.

C             A      Em     D  G  C     B
  Gone to the dogs

The restaurant's full and table bets
Are taken by the girls who serve,
The basket meals and German wine
Excitement mounts the buzz is heard
The stadium is full of screams
And cigar smoke is in the air,
The dogs race around on their last lap
And down the straight they chase the hare.

Transcribed by Victor Ducedre