Some Fantastic Songwriter :
A 1994 interview with Glenn about
his creative process.

The Squeeze Story... :
A 1988 interview with Chris and Glenn,
giving a nice career overview up to that point.

    Putting On The (UK) Squeeze
    The boys talk about the early early days, of being mistaken for a progressive rock band, bad punk habits and obscene phone calls. Trouser Press, 1978. 

    Squeeze: Fun City Sweethearts :
    A 1979 NME interview with Chris and Glenn about sexism and popularity.

    Bang Bang, Squeeze
    Canadian music rag piece from 1979. Discusses the origin of "Cool For Cats" and plans for the album that would become Argybargy.

    Greenwich Fun City
    Sounds magazine interview from 1979.  Chris and Glenn wax philosopic and defend their Hare Krishna phase at a pub with Garry Bushell. 

    Whingeing Poms Go Bronze
    A Melody Maker interview from the 1980 Australia tour, following Squeeze through the outback. Extra-lengthy, even after judicious pruning.

    The Dicemen of Pop Throw Again
    A 1980 NME interview while on tour in Australia.

    Squeeze's New Wave Circus
    Rolling Stone magazine article from 1980 in which Chris gives his recipes for a great gig and a disastrous final tour. 

    Sparking Out Squeeze :
    Glenn and Jools discuss the band's working methods circa Argybargy.

    Squeeze in America :
    Chris and Jools on the band breaking in America, also circa Argybargy.

    Turning Transatlantic
    A 1981 article from Creem magazine. 

    Squeezonal Greetings
    Flexipop! interview from 1981. Glenn provides details of some of Squeeze's more memorable early gigs. 

    Squeeze's Next: A New Sound
    In a 1982 interview with The Record, Chris provides plans (many of which never came to fruition) for the album that would become Sweets From a Stranger

    The Fine Art of Pop Songwriting
    An extensive Musician magazine article from 1982, giving a career overview with particular focus on D&T's songwriting. 

    Squeeze Struggles To Get To The Top
    A Rolling Stone magazine interview from the 1982 US tour. 

    Life After Squeeze
    In this Musician magazine interview from 1983, Chris and Glenn discuss a collaboration with Grandmaster Flash as well as other post-breakup plans. 

    Difford & Tilbrook: Squeezed Out
    Chris and Glenn discuss the differences between Difford & Tilbrook and Squeeze. A Rockbill interview, 1984. 

    The Seven Trials of Squeeze
    A Musician magazine article from 1987 in which the band relate how they screwed everything up and then managed to set things right. 

    Squeeze Get Grip On Pure Pop Power
    A Toronto Star feature from 1988 that  contains many interesting band quotes. 

    Chris Difford Interview
    A terrific 1988 interview with Chris by Craig Moore, about Babylon and On and future plans. 

    Squeeze Play
    A 1991 interview in which Chris and Glenn reveal what makes them fight and how they do it. 

    Squeeze: Naked!
    A Music Express Interview from 1991. D&T talk about their songwriting. 

    Squeeze: Talkin' about their generation
    A 1991 Boston Globe Interview with Chris in which he discusses how Squeeze fit into the 1990s marketplace. 

    Record Collector Interview with Glenn Tilbrook
    Glenn discusses the marketing of singles, the band, and John Cale. 

    Up the Junction with Difford & Tilbrook of Squeeze
    An interview from 1992 focusing on Chris and Glenn's songcraft and the inspirations for some of their best-loved tracks. 

    Squeeze Songwriters Still Have Juice
    Chris talks about the SFP lineup and the musical strategy for that LP in this Toronto Star interview from 1993. 

    Music, Not Musicians
    A 1993 Baltimore Sun interview with Glenn in which he reconciles himself with the live audience's insatiable desire to hear old favourites over strong new material. 

    Squeeze Out?
    A Pulse! magazine interview about SFP and the need to re-educate people about Squeeze. From December 1993. 

    Chris Difford/Aimee Mann Interview
    Craig Moore's exceptional interview with two great wordsmiths during the 1994 Squeeze-Aimee joint tour.

    Fresh Squeeze
    A 1995 interview with Glenn discussing Ridiculous and celebrity producers. 

    Still Happily Up the Junction
    A 1995 interview with Chris and Glenn considering the Englishness of their songwriting and its influence on the young pups. 

    A Quiet Evening In... Just a Few Close Friends
    An epic article from Mojo magazine, January 1996. Covers the ups and downs of the band's career with a frankness quite rare for the band. 

    Gilson Lavis: A Speckled Career
    Mojo's interview with the long-time Squeeze drummer and his take on his years with the band. From the January 1996 Mojo Squeeze extravaganza. 

    Screw Loose / Pineapple Juice
    The final helping from Mojo's January 1996 orgy of Squeeze. One critic's choice of the best of Squeeze. Review, contemplate, discuss. 

    Chris Difford: Squeeze Play
    In this Independent Online interview from 1996 Chris elaborates on the prospects of touring the US after their label has collapsed. 

    20th Century Guitar Interview
    Chris and Glenn on the 1996 acoustic tour, especially, unsurprisingly, their guitars. 

    Britpop Powered
    Still more thoughts from Chris on the aftermath of IRS' demise. MetroActive article, August 1996. 

    Cool Cats :
    A 1996 Hamilton Spectator article, incorporating bits of an interview with Chris in which he elaborates upon Squeeze's status as neighbourhood cat.

    Mojo Interview
    A brief interview coinciding with the release of Six of One. Chris and Glenn think back on the first six LPs. From Mojo Magazine, November, 1997. 

    The Career of Glenn Tilbrook
    A dissertation by Joe Sullivan, 1998. 

    The Domino Effect
    Chris on the title track of Domino and the chemistry of the new band.

    Acoustic Stage :
    A recent interview with Glenn, talking about the new developments, 
    Glastonbury, and virginity.

    BBC Glenn Tilbrook Interview, 11/1999
    Glenn on touring as Squeeze without Chris and future plans.

    Various News Items
    Selected clippings, ranging from 1982-98, covering events in the band's career. 


    nick's corner
    A fairly regular feature in which our correspondent Nick DiBiasio relates Squeeze stories, discusses Squeeze music, or whatever else it pleases him to write about.

    A Conversation with Chris Difford
    The first in a series of Squeeze-related articles by Nick DiBiasio. Nick and Chris sit down to a cup of coffee before the band's recent Boston gig to discuss the band's past, present and future. 

    Squeeze, the Monkees and Me
    The second column from Nick's corner, detailing a night out with Chris and Glenn, who got to meet some musical heroes.

    fan articles

    Young Squeeze Fans :
    The inaugural article in our "Fan Writings" section, this piece is by Vikki Smart (reprinted from the Mumbo Jumbo Squeeze fanzine).

    9 Reasons to Love Chris Difford :
    The title says it all, really.

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