When the Hangover Strikes 
      When the hangover strikes 
      And I open my post 
      And the coffee is on 
      And I'm burning my toast 
      I let the battle commence 
      I see a sun in the trees 
      And a draught at the door 
      With my head in my lap 
      There's a day to explore 
      But I'm left without sense 

      As the hangover strikes 
      And I turn on the tap 
      But the water's too loud 
      And I'm caged by the fact 
      That the battle's not lost 
      Is it the hair of the dog 
      Or the Baa of a Lamb 
      In a sheepish attempt 
      To be half of the man 
      That I might be or was 

      When the hangover strikes 
      And a mirror reveals 
      That it's Midnight or bust 
      And a drink does appeal 
      Now the battle is won 
      So the cure of the can 
      Pours its heart out on me 
      Though I'm feeling locked up 
      But I can't find the key 
      Well no damage was done 

      Poor poor poor, poor shaken one 
      Pour pour pour, pour me another one

      (c) 1982 Illegal Songs (BMI)

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Sweets From a Stranger. It was released as the second single from that LP.
  • COMPILATIONS: Classics, Excess Moderation.
  • "Glenn came up with the melody before retiring to bed after a hard night's clubbing" (6 of 1).
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: My favourite track from the Sweets From a Stranger album. This parody of a torch song falls on the right side of acceptability. The guitar solo is a tip of the hat to Amos Garrett, who inspired me to a rare level of understatement. Chris: Alcohol runs like a river through a lot of my lyrics, but none quite as crystal clear as these. Helped along lovingly by the powerful gliding tension of Glenn's music. The saving grace from Sweets From a Stranger. Tony Bennett, this one's for you.