Walk a Straight Line 
      I need some help 
      Help to decide 
      Whether itís our love 
      That steps out of time 
      You say you need 
      Time on your own 
      Time to accept how 
      Our love has grown 

      And when you think about 
      All of the bad in me 
      Think about this too 
      How me and you could forever be 

      In need of help 
      Help to expand 
      With each others minds 
      Together to plan 
      Time in our lives 
      Time on our own 
      So one day weíll see 
      Our love has grown 

      And when that day arrives 
      I donít know where weíll be 
      But I hope that trust 
      Can be for us 
      And youíll still love me 

      I need some help 
      Help to be found 
      When you are alone 
      I won't let you down 
      We all need time 
      Time on our own 
      So we can step back 
      And see how loveís grown 

      And when Iím stepping back 
      I hope that I will see 
      That faith can play a part today 
      For both you and me 

      And if love needs help 
      And if love needs time 
      Give love the strength 
      To walk a straight line

      (c) 1991 Virgin Music Inc.

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  • LIVE VERSION: "Third Rail" CD single #2.
  • Initial live performances of this song (c. 1990) had a radically different, fast-paced country/polka arrangement.
  • Chris: "It was a story about somebody who is crippled by alcohol and the kind of abuses that come with that. It's really about a character trying to find some reformation in himself. Looking for a reason to believe, I suppose. Tony Berg, our producer, brought up a good point. He thought the two characters were trying to get sober, to walk a straight line together to get married in a church. So they could walk a straight line to the altar to get married. I think that's really a good observation." (from a 1992 Song Talk interview with Paul Zollo)