Up the Junction
      I never thought it would happen
      With me and the girl from Clapham
      Out on a windy common
      That night I ain't forgotten
      When she dealt out the rations
      With some or other passions
      I said you are a lady
      Perhaps she said I may be

      We moved into a basement
      With thoughts of our engagement
      We stayed in by the telly
      Although the room was smelly
      We spent our time just kissing
      The Railway Arms we're missing
      But love had got us hooked up
      And all our time it took up 

      I got a job with Stanley
      He said I'd come in handy
      And started me on Monday
      So I had a bath on Sunday
      I worked eleven hours
      And bought the girl some flowers
      She said she'd seen a doctor
      And nothing now could stop her 

      I worked all through the winter
      The weather brass and bitter
      I put away a tenner
      Each week to make her better
      And when the time was ready
      We had to sell the telly
      Late evenings by the fire
      With little kicks inside her 

      This morning at 4:50
      I took her rather nifty
      Down to an incubator
      Where thirty minutes later
      She gave birth to a daughter
      Within a year a walker
      She looked just like her mother
      If there could be another 

      And now she's two years older
      Her mother's with a soldier
      She left me when my drinking
      Became a proper stinging
      The devil came and took me
      From bar to street to bookie
      No more nights by the telly
      No more nights nappies smelling 

      Alone here in the kitchen
      I feel there's something missing
      I'd beg for some forgiveness
      But begging's not my business
      And she won't write a letter
      Although I always tell her
      And so it's my assumption
      I'm really up the junction 

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  • FROM THE ALBUM: Cool For Cats, and released as the third single from that album.
  • COMPILATIONS: Singles - 45's and Under, A&M Classics, Greatest Hits, Up the Junction. 
  • LIVE VERSIONS: 1) The "King George Street" 12-inch. 2) A Round and a Bout.
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Chris: "Up the Junction" is my favourite lyric from the Cool For Cats album.
  • The title is a pun, referring to both the slang expression "up the junction" and the Clapham Junction, located near Squeeze's residences at the time.
  • Clapham, London is famous for Clapham Common ("out on the windy common"), a large grassy area frequented by young lovers and Clapham Junction Railway station. (Anonymous)
  • Chris has admitted to lifting song titles from film titles around this time and there were two films called Up the Junction. The first was made for British TV in 1965 by the acclaimed director Ken Loach, and features lives and situations not unlike what one encounters regularly in Squeeze songs. The second, made in 1967, is a theatrical remake of the TV drama and is by far the better-known of the two. A plot summary of the '67 film.
  • Glenn: "Interestingly enough, 'Up the Junction' was very Dylan-influenced musically, although it didn't sound at all like it. I sort of had in mind, when we were recording it, I was saying that we should try to sound like The Band, and it should be seamless and flowing, and not particularly making any differential between the verses and middle bits. Just try to create an atmosphere, which I think The Band did excellently." (from a 1992 Song Talk interview by Paul Zollo)