The Truth  
      I lied to you, I've cheated too  
      So what friend can I be 
      But still you stick through thick and thin  
      Hoping that you'll change me  
      I towed the line then fell behind  
      Our love began to wane 
      The pressure grew and then I knew  
      That things were not the same 

      The truth 
      It's the toughest thing to explain 
      The truth 
      Playing tricks with me again  
      When the truth has to be told  
      My blood runs hot and cold 
      The truth is not my middle name 

      You threw a rope attached with hope  
      Way down into the sea 
      Where lovers swim so deep within 
      The tides of mystery 
      For what it's worth I don't deserve  
      A girl as strong as you 
      You're worth much more than me I'm sure  
      Accept this as the truth 

      (c) 1991 Virgin Music Inc.

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  • COMPILATIONS: Excess Moderation.
  • LIVE VERSIONS: "Third Rail" CD single #2.
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: A top guitar line from producer Tony Berg cemented this into my all time top ten. This was a song that went all around the house from hard rockin' "Band on the Run"-period Wings before finding its natural home. One of our best. Chris: I cried when I heard the final mix of this song, it blew me away. "The Truth" is a warm and honest lyric coming from the heart of a mixed-up chap.
  • Chris: "It's very autobiographical. For a long time I had a lot of trouble with the truth. I think most men do. It's very easy to paint yourself into a corner sometimes and the only way out of it is to lie. It's an awful sin, but everybody does it. I was very clever for a long time juggling the truth with lies. And then I got to a point where I didn't know which was real. So this song is about me turning round to all the men in the world and saying, "Face up to it. We're all liars. This is the truth." Lots of men come up to me and say, "I understand 'The Truth.' It makes perfect sense." It's the most masculine of lyrics on the album." (from a 1992 Song Talk interview with Paul Zollo)