I bought a toothbrush, some toothpaste 
      A flannel for my face 
      Pyjamas, a hairbrush 
      New shoes and a case 
      I said to my reflection 
      Let's get out of this place 

      Past the church and the steeple 
      The laundry on the hill 
      Billboards and the buildings 
      Memories of it still 
      Keep calling and calling 
      But forget it all 
      I know I will 

      Tempted by the fruit of another 
      Tempted but the truth is discovered 
      What's been going on 
      Now that you have gone 
      There's no other 
      Tempted by the fruit of another 
      Tempted but the truth is discovered 

      I'm at the car park, the airport 
      The baggage carousel 
      The people keep on crowding 
      I'm wishing I was well 
      I said it's no occasion 
      It's no story I could tell 

      At my bedside empty pocket 
      A foot without a sock 
      Your body gets much closer 
      I fumble for the clock 
      Alarmed by the seduction 
      I wish that it would stop 

      I bought a novel, some perfume 
      A fortune all for you 
      But it's not my conscience 
      That hates to be untrue 
      I asked of my reflection 
      Tell me what is there to do

  • Chords
  • FROM THE ALBUM: East Side Story. The second single release from that album in the UK and the lead single in the US. 
  • COMPILATIONS: Singles - 45's and Under, Classics, Greatest Hits, Piccadilly Collection, Master Series.
  • LIVE VERSIONS: 1) The "Heartbreaking World" 10-inch. 2) A Round and a Bout. 3) "Heaven Knows" CD singles/Live at Royal Albert Hall. 4) The CD single for "Loving You Tonight" features a slower live studio take recorded for Virgin Radio with Carrack singing lead on all verses.
  • OTHER VERSIONS: 1) The song was recorded by the band with producer Dave Edmunds before Elvis Costello and Roger Bechirian took over production duties and the version we've known all these years came into being. This earlier Edmunds-produced version (with Glenn on lead vocal instead of Paul Carrack) eventually saw the light of day on Excess Moderation. 2) In late 1993, Paul and Glenn recorded new vocals for the song, the production was beefed up with session men on guitar and keyboards and a new beast called "Tempted 94" was born, featured prominently on the soundtrack to the film Reality Bites. 
  • It is far and away Squeeze' best-known song worldwide.
  • The voice in the second verse which doesn't belong to Glenn is that of Elvis Costello.
  • The song peaked at #41 in the UK.
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes (about the Edmunds version). Glenn: This version, done and dusted by Dave Edmunds, just goes to show how lucky we were when Elvis got Paul to sing our revised backing track. ELO on a bad day. Chris: "Tempted" was written in a cab on the way to Heathrow, I just wrote down what I saw and how I felt as we wormed our way through the traffic. I also must have anticipated a good time on tour as the chorus suggests.
  • Scott Rodas informs us that the live version of the song from the "Heartbreaking World" 10-inch "was featured on an IRS compilation called LIVE FOR LIFE also featured live tracks from the Go-Go's, REM, & General Public (and others). The album is now out of print- but can be found in many cut-out bins."
  • The song has been covered by many, including Joe Cocker, Mark Johnson (on his 1996 LP Deep Focus).
  • Squeeze fan Liz Samuels writes: "I can't believe that no mention was made in the Tempted synopsis of my close, personalfriend, Larry Toothbrush. For those of you who don't know, Larry was the first fan to ever launch a toothbrush in the bands direction during the opening line of the song. This has since become standard at any (New York-area) Squeeze show. Invariably at least one or two toothbrushes still make it on stage at every NY performance. I remember a performance at the Pier in New York in the mid-eighties where Glenn's shoes were almost covered in toothbrushes."