Striking Matches  
      Striking matches and I'm smoking cigarettes  
      Putting on the kettle, playing a cassette 
      Folding up the papers rubbing my eyes  
      Thinking of all that had happened last night 
      The passion, the feelings that soaked in her love  
      And the pools of silence when kisses were sprung 
      Her love levitates me, I'm walking on air  
      Two feet from the carpet, I'll always be there 

      Oooh I'm striking matches it's morning again  
      I look in the mirror I still look the same 
      I'm striking matches it's morning again  
      I look in the mirror I go up in flames 

      Striking matches getting a flame on the stove  
      There's some of her in the teeth of my comb 
      Dirty clothes piled up on the bathroom floor  
      She's silently sleeping, I half close the door  
      I see her beauty laying on my bed  
      I'm warm from within me with what she has said 
      Her love is my balloon, I won't let it down  
      For ever and ever I'll always be proud.  

      I'm a director casting for a part  
      (Turn on the light) 
      It's for a soap set here right in my heart.  
      (Leave her alone) 
      Shuffle to the window shuffle to the door  
      (Don't wake her up) 
      She gets the part I don't want to see anymore  
      (Unplug the phone)

      (c) 1987 Virgin Music Inc. (ASCAP)

  • Chords
  • FROM THE ALBUM: Babylon and On. A remix of the song was released as the B-side to "Footprints". 
  • COMPILATIONS: Classics (LP version), Excess Moderation (remix).
  • From the Excess Moderation sleevenotes. Glenn: The demo for this song was very "When Doves Cry" - just drum machine and vocals. Eric Thorngren and Chris worked long and hard on this to turn it into something useable and Monique Dyan came up with the other vocal part that propelled it from a possible to a definite. Chris: More cigarettes and kettles. "Hourglass" was on this album (Babylon and On) too, a big hit for us in America. It made the top twenty and we were back in Madison Square Gardens again, we were in smart suits and looking great for the first time in our career. We were top twenty USA.